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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cozy Jammies

We had two cold, rainy days this week in Texas.  It wasn't so bad because we really needed it and  it gave me a chance to stay in my jammies all day and peruse my beloved  Pinterest.  Ssshhh... don't tell the Mister.  Five minutes before he got home, I pulled out the vacuum and set it in the living room and told him I was exhausted from vacuuming all day.  He nodded and whispered something under his breath which I couldn't hear but I think  he said something about how incredibly lucky he is to be married to a gorgeous woman who does it all.  Or at least something like that.
Anyway, I don't think anybody  loves their jammies more than me.  The thought of a day without spanx is a day filled with sunshine no matter how rainy and cold it is outside.
So here are a few cute warm jammies that I found to read a book in on a cold rainy day.   


Sista and I grew up in these thick, soft flannel nightgowns by Lanz.  I just loved all of mine.  The older they got, the softer they became.  I was so disappointed when I bought a couple for my girls when they were little.  The flannel was not nearly as thick and soft.

Pajama Gram
One year, the Mister sent PJ's to me while he was travelling and I was sick with a cold and two boisterous toddlers ruling the roost.  Loved them and they came in an adorable box.  Great gift for someone who is ailing.

Lands End
Love the plaid.
If I had to stay in bed with a cold, I would want to be in these adorable jams.

Love the little poodles.

Betsy Johnson
Betsy Johnson's clothes and jewelry always make me smile.

Gotta love these adorable polka dots.

This is how I feel every neighborhood bunco night.  Love the ladies, always have a great time when I get there.  But the thought of watching TV in front of my fireplace with the Mister adoring me is just something that is hard to give up for an evening. 

Post Grad Grays

Everybody's got to have some comfy jammies!

Hope you're enjoying a warm, comfy Thursday night and a fabulous Friday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I take my pjs VERY seriously. I get very attached and normally buy them in small batches, when I find some that I love. They must be all cotton and super soft, ditto robes. I love my robes. My cashmere is my favorite but only in the winter. Robert Roller makes my favorite light cotton blue and white robe. One line of pjs that are amazingly wonderful are Kiyomi. Super soft, light and hold up beautifully!
    Happy pj wearing.

  2. Haven't thought of these since college days, but must revisit now that I've seen them - thanks for the reminder!

  3. I must get some PJs....must. I love them all so much. Being coordinated while you lounge does help the feeling of almost productivity........

  4. I love the eiffel tower and, of course, black poodle PJ's! Whenever Markus gets home I am usually on the sofa (pinning away) and haul buns into the kitchen to make it look like I was hard at work on something. I kind of wonder if he's figured me out but just finds it entertaining.

  5. I grew up wearing Lanz, too. They were my absolute favorites. My favorite part of the day is when I can get in my jammies, climb into bed and read :)

  6. Is it wrong that I dream about my jammies and can't to get into them as soon as I get home from school?! Now that it gets dark at 4:30 I find that I'm spending more and more time lounging in them ~ I try to hold off until at least after dinner but I promise nothing! :)


  7. Ha! Love your Bunco comment.. I have such a hard time going on a work night. Pajamas, a warm cup of tea, a glass of wine, my computer, or a good book or movie... what could be better? My pajamas have to be a soft cotton. Can't do anything too warm if I'm going to sleep in them;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. You are too funny, love your style of writing!! I don't wear jammies, I am a night gown gal, but when I get up I put on a t-shirt and my yoga pants so it might as well be jammies, so comfy!!


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