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Monday, January 14, 2013

And the Winner is...

At last it's here... the Golden Globes!  My favorite part of the show actually happens before the show on the E Network on where else?  None other than the Red Carpet.    My fellow critics are at college so it's just the Mister and me on style watch.  I do, however, have a couple of reporters, Sista and Dude, who are out in the field phoning in and texting critiques.

Julianna and Ryan
Looks like Julianna and Ryan used the same hair dresser.  Every time I looked at Ryan interviewing someone I couldn't help thinking he felt his hair made him look taller.  It didn't. 

Julianne Hough
A little too foo-foo for my tastes.

Guiliana Rancic
Hello Peacock Lady!

Amy Adams
Very pretty dress and the hairstyle fits it perfectly.

Tina and Amy
Not crazy about their Red Carpet attire.

Tina and Amy
I give them an A+ for their hosting talents.

Emily Blunt
Beautiful dress.  The arm candy ain't bad either!

Eva Longoria
Not my favorite.

Kate Hudson
Great dress and the hair looks beautiful.

George and his date du jour Stacey somebody
Great dress and another delicious bite of arm candy.  I remember the last time I looked good in horizontal stripes.  I was seven.

Hayden Panetierri
So pretty and young!  One of my favorites.

Jennifer Lawrence
Great color but the top bra part looks weird to me.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Chastain
Guess she took the "globes" part a little too seriously.  Great actress, not crazy about the dress. 

Lea Michele
Elegant.  She's really coming into her own.

Lisa Liu
Sista's fave.  And the best part is... after the Globes, you could use it as a table cloth!

Nicole Kidman
Not sure what I think about this one.  Kind of reminds me of Star Trek.

Salma Hayak
Very sexy without exposing her "globes."

Sienna Miller
Odd dress.  She looks different to me - a lot younger.  Hmmm.

Taylor Swift

Zooey Deschanel
 LOVE the color.  One of my favorites.  Sista loved it too. 

Anne Hathaway
Elegant.  One of Dude's faves.

Olivia Munn
Exquisite.  One of my favorites.  Just love her looks.

Julianne Moore
Not sold on the long sleeves but I loved her hair and the rest of the dress.

Michelle Dockery
Such a pretty girl and the perfect dress for Lady Mary.

And what were the Mister and I wearing, you ask?

The Mister and his hot wife... featuring casual elegance.

Happy Monday, Everybody!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. You are hilarious,:o)
    That last picture had me cracking up!
    Love your blog...I always seem to chuckle at some of your comments.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Funny! I watched it with tepid enthusiasm..overall was kind of disappointed. Jodie F.'s speech...ugh what the heck was that?
    Some of the fashions...Alyssa M. ill fitting hideously colored dress, Lisa Lees drapes, I mean gown, Jessica C. poorly fitting gown (she could have done SO much better) Siennas odd choice, Jennifer L. second skin....these were not the winners. On the bright side, Zoey, Kate Hudson, Anne H. and a few others helped redeem my confidence in Hollywood. I just always think with all those resources and they are endless...can't they do just a wee bit better?
    Wow I am coming off mighty opinionated aren't I? I guess I took the place of your girls:) AND THEN SOME!

  3. Anne Hathaway is just stunning. Love your blog background! Thanks for stopping by my blog...Ann

  4. Fun post Katie! thanks for your visit to my blog today, so nice to meet you!! Let me know if you try the face cream from Paris, I think you will love it and the price for the quality of the product!
    Happy Monday,

  5. I didn't watch it so this recap was fun. Love Zooey and Anne. Got a good chuckle at the last photo - too funny. xo

  6. I don't watch so thanks for the updates. It never fails to amaze me how "BAD" some of them look and you have to wonder if they actually looked in the mirror before leaving home. You and the mister are looking fabulous dahling!

  7. LOVED the Golden Globes. Always watch E! Loved Lucy's dress


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