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Monday, January 21, 2013

Attention: All Bachelorettes!!

Calling all bachelorettes!  Especially my two!  Town and Country published an article this month naming the Top 40 Richest Sexiest Bachelors.  I picked out my favorites for your consideration. Are you listening #1 and #2??  It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

Prince Hotness Harry
Age:  28 
*The Ultimate Grand Supreme
*A royal title is included with the Prize.
My advice:  Let him finish sowing his wild oats...then you can begin stalking him.  

Adam Scott
Age: 32 
* Hails from Australia.
*One of the best golfers in the world.
*Recently ended a relationship.
My take: Let him date someone before you move in on him.  You don't want to be his rebound girl.

Andrew Lauren
Age: 43  
*Ralph's kid
My take:  If you marry him, you would have the best wardrobe and furniture in the world. And #1 and 2 - so would your mother.

Jon Favreau
Age:  31
*President's speech writer.
*Dated Rashida Jones.
My take:  Must like arsty-smartsy types.  Tell him you went to Smith and wear a cute bohemian caftan.

Prince Phillipos of Greece & Denmark
Age: 26  
*Prince of two countries but you can never be queen.
*He gave up the chance to appear in a reality show.
My take: He must have some degree of morals. Two countries ain't bad either.  

Prince Amedeo of Belgium
Age:  26
*Works for Deloitte and runs in marathons.
My take:  Looks like the type that would always be suspicious of you.

Stavros Niarchos
*Greek shipping heir
*Possesses no taste in women - dated Lindsay and Paris.
My take:  Sounds like the type that's looking for fame in all the wrong places.

Matteo Marzotto
Age: 46
* Italian textile tycoon
*Another one with questionable taste in ladies - dated Naomi Campbell.
My Take:  It appears that he's attracted to tall girls with hot tempers.

Tim Tebow
Age:  25
*Football player
My Take:  Since he likes to pray in public, he's no stranger to getting down on one knee.  Added bonus:  bedroom eyes.

Patrick Schwarzenegger
Age:  19
*Maria and Arnold's kid
My advice:  Too young - can't even comb his own hair. If you do snag him....don't leave him alone with the help.

Charles Rockefeller
Age:  39
Comment:  Charles... have we got a girl for you!  We've been calling our #1 "Mrs. Rockefeller" since she's was 12 years old!
The word "budget" does not exist in her vocabulary.

Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss
Age:  31
*Those facebook guys ...
My take:  These two are cutest set of bookends (with the exception of Jonathon & Michael) I have ever seen!  Are they available individually or just sold as a set?

And last but certainly not least...

George Clooney
Comment:  Hands off ladies.  He's secretly married.  Have you forgotten that my last name is Clooney?

Happy Tuesday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  2. Oops!

    HA! Well done Ms. C. Perfect commentary. My daughter is 21 and dealing with university FRAT boys .. enough said.

  3. When I was growing up (back in the Jurassic Period) my mother used to say that I.... WAS ALLOWED.... to marry the Bonnie Prince Charles(this was even before Diana), or whoever was the current quarterback of Notre Dame!!!

  4. Ahh but Matteo Marzotto is not single laddies.... =)


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