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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Books, TV, & Movies

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  The Mister took Friday off so we had a longer one than usual.  We spent the day at the outlets yesterday and caught a lousy movie on Friday.  I'm happy to report that I got a great deal on a winter coat at the Brooks Brothers outlet. A bargain always makes my day.

My spirits needed raising.  For the third week in a row, a nasty Nor'easter is on its way.  I thought Spring was 9 days away! I am putting my no complaining resolution on the shelf until further notice.

Enough with the moaning, here are the books, TV, and movies that are on my radar.


The Silent Wife came up on my Audible Daily Deals.  This is the story of two women who marry brothers.  One of the brothers, as well as the extended family, is dysfunctional.  

This book moved quickly and kept my interest. 
I'm glad I didn't marry into that clan.


Jojo Moyes is one of my favorite authors.  She did not disappoint with her latest novel chronicling Louisa's adventures in NYC.  I positively loved this book.  Jojo Moyes' writing just keeps getting better.

This is another book that I bought off the Daily Deals.  This novel is about a woman whose child is abducted in a park.  What She Knew is chock full of suspense and I was not sure of the outcome until the bitter end.


This cat and mouse thriller is next on my reading list.

Here is a list of March releases that have caught my eye.

Do I judge a book by its cover?
You bet I do.
This one is on my list. 


A bride-to-be meets a lovely elderly woman the evening before her wedding.  The woman gives the bride-to-be courage to make a very difficult decision.  I bet that you can put the pieces together and guess.
Great reviews on this one.

An ailing patriarch summons his large family to celebrate to celebrate his birthday.  Let the games begin.

Lisa Genova's latest novel looks a little sad for me.  
A concert pianist fights the ravages of ALS. 

Speaking of sad... a widower receives news that he has a terminal disease.  He worries about who will take care of his beloved son who has Down Syndrome.  He accepts a job as a census taker and begins a journey across the country with his son. 

I haven't read one of Bohjalian's novels in a while.  This one opens with a binge-drinking flight attendant waking up in the wrong hotel with a dead man. 

And I thought turbulence was bad!

A woman wakes up from a coma but can't move, speak, or open her eyes.  But she can hear everything.  She has a sneaking suspicion that her husband has something to do with her present state.
This one is described as a true-or-false thriller.
I would call it my worst nightmare.

This debut novel is described as tender and witty.  It centers around a single mother bringing up her daughter in the upper crust of NYC.  It sounds good to me.

A middle-aged couple apparently commits suicide.  
The daughter thinks that it's murder.
Let the investigation begin.


A group of neighborhood women gather together, drink too much, and end up telling each other their secrets.  Days later one of the women goes missing.
I bet the husband did it.

RHBH fans... have I got a book for you!


I am sure that This Is Us fans will be delighted with This Is Me. 

A riches-to-rags story of a woman who was a bridesmaid at Princess Grace's wedding written by her daughter.

This sounds like the perfect gift for the crafter in your life.

The author is a millennial Instagram star.  
My #2 can't wait for this one to come out. 
I bookmarked this one for grad gifts.

The Mister and I are now watching and enjoying every minute of Mozart In The Jungle.  

I've listened to a few of Alec Baldwin's podcasts and think he is a thoughtful interviewer.  I look forward to his new show.

We really like this show and glad it is back.

I'm a sucker for these shows.

The Mister likes American Idol.
I kind of lost my taste for it.

One of my all-time favorites, Call The Midwife is coming back on March 25th!

I am sorry to say the final season begins on March 28th.
This underrated show is one of my faves.

We saw Red Sparrow this weekend.  
If you enjoy watching gory murders, torture, and raunchy sex for two hours, you're going to love this one.
Needless to say, the Mister liked it.

I hope this flick is better than Charlize's last one. 


I hope this one is as good as the trailer!

Until next time...

Nathan Lindahl
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. I'm just about finished with The Wife Between Us...can't put it down. I think you'll enjoy it Katie!

  2. Thanks always for the great reviews! Congrats on the great deal at Brooks Bros! We love Midwives. Looking forward to seeing it come back in a couple of weeks! Stay warm up there!

  3. Impressed by how many books you read. While I enjoy reading I can seem to read as often as I would like.
    I’ve never tried audio books. Maybe that would allow me to read more.

  4. Sounds like maybe Red Sparrow was the movie you didn't like. So glad to read your review as I had no interest in it, but might've gone with the hubby. Now I know to let it wait for Redbox as I've seen too many that I've suffered through lately. Thanks for being honest with your reviews. It is appreciated!

  5. Our two weekend watches were 5 episodes of this new season of Sneaky Pete and Idol last night, with great! Luke Bryan bright a lot of cuteness to Idol. I also finished Need to Know, soooo good, so from now on you are my go to for recommendations, cannot wait to hear what you think about he Wife Between us. Yay for a Friday day date with your Mr. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Well I have a few more books to add to my To Be Read list on Goodreads!! I am looking forward to Call the Midwife as well. One of my favorites as it reminds me of my nursing school days. The friendship of the nurses at Nonnatus House is so much like my salad days as a nurse.

  7. I like Jojo Moyes too.
    The barrage of Red Sparrow commercials made me suspicious that it's worth seeing.
    I've regretted not watching The Midwives when it started.
    Darn these nor-easters!!!

  8. I have What She Knew on my TBR pile and read a great review of "I'll be Your Blue Sky" on Ricki Jill's The Sketchy Reader. Adore Midwife. Oh, and must read the Bridesmaid's book. Lots of good things here. How do we find the time?

  9. I was feeling pretty smug about our spring weather until I woke up this morning to 10 inches of snow. UGH!!

  10. You aways find so many great books! I cannot wait to add them to my kindle. As for the cold and rain and snow and cold and the rest of winter, I am over it as well. I feel like crawling into a hole and coming out when its warm again.

  11. I always enjoy your book and movie reviews and suggestions. Several caught my eye today. Hope the next storm is not as devastating as they have been! Think and dream spring dear Katie..........

  12. My pal just gave me a flash drive with the Call the Midwife Christmas episode. I'm thrilled. Not sure how I missed it but can't wait to watch. I shan't tell you that we are in the high 60's here, warm enough for my M to wash Poppy outside. The latter is NOT fond of baths of any kind and is currently sulking in the kitchen. Sending Spring warmth your way, Sis.

  13. Katie, thanks for your movie and book reviews! I always find something new to read or a movie to see! Hopefully this storm won’t be as bad!

  14. I've read a lot of blog reviews of Still Me and everyone loved it!
    My sister is currently watching Call the Midwife and she really likes it. I want to watch it too, but I want to read the books first.

  15. Thank you for the great reviews Katie! Hope the current storm doesn't impact you too much, Spring is almost here, I promise!

  16. I can't believe you have gotten another storm! Seriously! I think the only answer is for you and my kids to move to Chicago where the weather is SO MUCH better! ;-)

  17. I am going to bookmark this page as there seems to be a good list of books to read. My mother saw the Red sparrow and told me about all the nudity. I think I will pass. it is hard to find good movies this day. the last couple I have watched have been bombs.


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