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Monday, March 5, 2018

Beauty Edition/TBB Asks

Hello, dear friends.   If you viewed any news coverage on the Nor'easter, there is a good chance my town was featured.  Take it from me, it was the Mother of All Storms.  

The good news is that the Mister and I made it through our 3-day power outage without any divorce papers filed. The bad news?  Another storm is on its way at the end of the week.

Today I am linking up with The Blended Blog for their beauty edition.  As I wrote this, it made me realize that I am a creature of habit.  I have been using most of these products for many years.

I look forward to visiting my fellow participating bloggers to find out the scoop on all of their beauty secrets.

Eyelash curler?


Yes!  I use a heated one that I love.

Favorite Nail Shade?


I wear Cajun Shrimp in the Winter months.


And Strawberry Margarita in the warmer months.

Favorite lipstick shade?


I have worn the color Coral in the Lip Ink line for over ten years.  It stays on forever and doesn't bleed into my bothersome lip wrinkles. Also, Coral seems to go with everything including pink.

Blow dry or air dry hair?


Blow dry!!


Throw in a can of Aqua Net, and I'm rarin' to go.

Artificial Nails?


Foundation - yes or no!


I am a foundation junkie.  I like to try them all.
But I always come back to my fave, Jane Iredale Mineral Powder Foundation.

It makes my pores look like they have left the building and it camouflages my cheeks which look like road maps of broken capillaries.

Hair up or down?

Russia's Rapunzel
I'm trying to grow it out.

Bar Soap or Body Wash?

If it's good enough for Jen, it's good enough for me.

Bath or shower?

Fox News

And door must be locked.

Favorite body lotion?


Hands down, Genes is the best darn body cream I have ever used.  
It is so rich and does wonders for my sandpaper skin.

Do you wear perfume?
Your favorite scent?


I've worn White Linen for about 40 years.  
I can't even smell it anymore.

Do you shave your legs every day?

Every day?
Are we supposed to shave every day?

Favorite lip balm?


When I have chapped lips, I turn to my Eos Vanilla Mint.

How old were you when you began wearing makeup?

Brain Child Mag.

I've been wearing makeup since I was about 5 years old.

Until next time...


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This was so great! Rapunzel was my favorite fairy tale, I did have hair past my butt but chopped it into a bob in 8th grade. You reminded me of how much I love white linen!! So fresh! Have a GREAT start to your week you beautiful babe!

  2. Oh my goodness, the pictures you find!! That Rapunzel hair just grosses me out! Why would anyone want to have hair like that? Things would live in it!!

    I need the nail polishes you suggested and heaven help me...I need that foundation too. Will it go into my wrinkles? Face sleeper here and it ain't a good thing.

  3. Hi Katie C., Sorry to see that beautiful tree lying on its side. I hope the basement waters have receded and the weather people are wrong about this next storm. Now, having met you and seen all your gorgeousness in person I think I should be taking any and all beauty advice from you! I'm definitely ordering a jar of your collagen cream before I start bleeding from scratching the dead, dry winter skin off of my arms! My nail colors are Essie Need a Vacation or their gel Matter of Fiction (their gel really does last longer for me!). I've worn Clinique and Guerlain foundations for my entire life and love them both. And actually my biggest problem with being lost on a deserted island, even in paradise, would be having to air dry my hair! Have a wonderful, dry, sunny week! Linda

  4. White Linen and Cajun Shrimp are just the best, Katie. I will have tottery some of the other brands you recommended...thanks.

  5. LOL Love this!! A heated eyelash curler??? I totally need that!!

  6. I see I’m not the only one new to the heated eye lash curler! Heading straight to So glad you and The Mr survived the storm with sense of humor intact. Maybe the next one will take a turn in the other direction. xo

  7. I need to give that Strawberry Margarita shade a's gorgeous! I'm also off to check out that foundation powder. I use one from Cover Girl but could use just a little more coverage. Thanks for the tips - have a great week. Hopefully no more power outages with the next storm!!

  8. I thought about you in the storm. Glad you are okay. I want to try your foundation. It looks magic.

  9. Sad about your tree. I hope you didn't lose more. Did you have a generator? Lots of backup batteries? Glad you are back in power mode. Make-up....I'm not a good one to ask. 😊

  10. Oh, my, I thought about you every time I heard about the storm on TV. Goodness, 3 days without electricity. Ugh! I wear Cajun Shrimp all the time as well, all time favorite color. And, a heated eyelash curler, never heard of such. My SIL wears Jane Iredale and loves it, maybe I should check it out. Hoping the next storm misses you.

  11. Oh my...
    Your tree!
    But glad your beautiful home didn't sustain damage, and that you survived without power.
    I enjoyed your beauty answers.
    I am a shower person too.
    Something about baths just makes me shudder!

  12. Katie, I am so sorry for your downed tree and the terrible weather with the prediction of more. Cajun Shrimp is probably one of the best selling nail colors of all time. I have worn Lancôme forevah and still love it. My precious Mom always wore White Linen, I wear Jo Malone and mix fragrances for my signature. The pic of the hairy legs made me almost spit out of my coffee.

  13. Three days without power? Yikes!!! I sure hope that the next storm isn't as bad! I'm a big fan of OPI Dutch Tulips but next time I'm in the salon I'm going to check out one of your colors - they are lovely! Have a fabulous and power-filled week!

  14. I have never heard of a heated eye lash curler! How neat! Glad you are safe from the storm and there was no divorce! Happy Monday!

  15. Sooooooo sorry about your tree...I have to admit that I have cried many a tears over lost trees. Sounds weird?? We have a lot of acreage and the trees on our property are all so sentimental to me. I hand picked the ones to remove when we built our house and the ones left are like my babies. I've watched them grow tall and stronger and provide shade for our picnics and now more shade for my grandchildren. Once when one fell, we had it planed down and made into our cocktail bar at the lakehouse!!!
    I feel your mr's pain!!
    Sorry about your awful weather. We have a whole house generator that runs everything from top to bottom....I would KILL anyone who messed with it!!!!
    We are still flooded at lake house. And the rains just keep on coming....

  16. Oh....and I've been buying ALL of your collagen recommendations so mr amazon, here I come again!!

  17. Is that your big huge tree, Katie? Oh, I hope not but I have a bad feeling. Just kills me to lose trees that way. Or any way, for that matter. Three days without electric is bloody awful. Glad you are still married!

  18. I cannot IMAGINE NO POWER for 3 days!!!!!!!!What happened to the food in the FRIDGE?
    Fun make up list maybe I shall try some of these PRODUCTS as YOU ARE A BEAUTY to ASPIRE TOO!!!!!!!!I TRUST YOU TOO!
    STAY WARM........AND SAFE!

  19. I imagine your frozen food would've survived on a back porch? We lost our power here in NE Texas for 30 mins and we thought we were suffering! I'm ashamed of myself now for complaining.

  20. Wow! That uprooted tree looks like the ones in nearly everyone's yard here after Hurricane Irma. Nasty stuff. Glad your power came back on and no one had to call 911 (wink). I quit wearing make-up when I retired. I haven't even put mascara or lipstick on once since July 31st. I shave my legs every three or four days in the winter and every other day in the summer. I am fair-skinned and blonde so my legs do not look like those in your post, even when I let them go for a week! LOL

  21. The last couple of pics were very cute! And it's fun to read what beauty products you use. I love Mineral powder makeup and see some things I would like to try that you mentioned! Hope the weather improves soon! Hugs!

  22. So funny! I never heard of this blog or link party but I need to check this out. So happy you survived the nor-easter, and I hope the impending one will not be so bad. About some of those beauty products: I have never liked an eyelash curler but many do. I used to work for a major cosmetics company and the namesake lady did not want us to use one because she said it cut the eyelashes, although I understand they now actually sell one. I thought she was right, so I never did it anymore. She taught us the "fingerpress" method, and it seems to work for me. I also think Latisse is a miracle.

    I might try that foundation. I do like the Jane Iredale BB Creme which is almost like a foundation and sunscreen in one. I also like Bare Minerals BarePro which looks like the same type of product.

    White Linen is always a great fragrance in summer for me. Lately, I have been loving Scent of a Dream by Charlotte Tilbury. Speaking of which, I love most of her stuff, especially the mascaras, the night creme and my new favorite lipstick: Opium Noir.

    I love some of these photos you come up with!

  23. Glad you survived the wind storm and power outage. We get big wind storms where I live and they can be so scary! I really need to check out that body lotion - my skin is so dry these days.

  24. Crazy weather here too! Glad you are OK. Thankfully Joe has a chainsaw and was very helpful in our neighborhood. The Strawberry Margarita nail color will go on my summer list. I have my Essie favorites, Vanity Fairest and Watermelon. Hope your week gets better.

  25. What a fun diversion from the weather. So sorry you have to live through that, yikes the tree toppling had to be frightful. And knowing another one is coming would just add another layer of anxiety to this girl's mind.
    I wear OPI cajun shrimp or YSL coral too (toes) - all year, and I agree how it goes with just about everything. I try to let my nails rest in winter without color, they get so dried out. I never have worn foundation (just on stage), and that Aveeno is a godsend for sensitive skin. Have never seen a heated eyelash curler!
    Well, I hope your week turns out to be a surprise for the better with the weather. One thing's for certain, if anything can find humor in dire circumstances, it's you!

  26. I was thinking of you all weekend Katie, knowing how much you love cold winter weather 😂 At least you have your sense of humor and great beauty products to see you through!!

  27. What a fetching picture of your blow dry, Sis. No need to grow out your hair, I reckon. My M pretty much bathes in Jen's Aveeno. Good thing our Costco sells them in the jumbo two-packs. As for that storm that's heading your way? Golly. I take comfort knowing that you've got two coolers of Chardonnay on hand.

  28. Nor'easters are the price we pay for enjoyable summers near Cape Cod and the Islands and glorious New England falls.
    I could read about makeup testimonials for hours - they make me want to purchase everything. I like nail polishes with cool undertones. Benefit's Precisely My Brow pencil is my new favorite product.

  29. So sorry to hear about your tree.... :-( that is so sad. I hope your electric comes back on and stays on and you all stay nice and warm! Have a great week!


  30. Katie, thank goodness the tree did not land on your beautiful house. So sorry for the loss of your beautiful tree. Three days without electricity is a loooooong time. I understand another storm is headed to your neck of the woods. Be safe. Be warm...Maxine

  31. What fun this was! And the last two pics are my favorites. :-) I'm sorry to see that huge tree down. When you think how long it took to grow that big and that the storm takes it down in less than a sad. We've had that happen here too, some years ago. Several huge pine trees taken out of our wind break, accompanied by three days of power outage. Congratulations that your marriage survived that! A good old power outage really points out how reliant we are on electricity. Yikes! AT least I sure am. Have a great rest of your week!

  32. Love your beauty post! I must order one of those heated eyelash curlers!! Putting it in my cart! Hope your weather improves and springtime arrives there soon!

  33. I'm in my mid-fifties and still can't find a lipstick I like. I'll have to try Coral!

  34. This is Thursday. I hear you got blasted again!! March goes in like a lion and becomes a monster! Hope you survive this fickle month. It's sunny here today but 2F. I'm very ready for spring, green and warm!

  35. So sorry about your tree! Great beauty post....I'm deflating going to try the Jane Iredale Mineral Powder Foundation. I need my pores to disappear and my current powder foundation seems to be magnifying them. My current go-to shades of nail color are essie Ballet Slipper if I'm going neutral and Mod Squad if I'm going bright. I blow dry and just started getting body waves because my hair turned totally limp once I hit my 40's and no amount of styling product would give me the big hair I wanted. So it's me and the 80 year old ladies getting our perms when I get one!

  36. *definitely going to try.....hazzards of posting without reading glasses on.

  37. I love all of your tips! I am definitely going to check out the lipstick, if it doesn't go into the cracks it is a winner in my book. I hope the second storm has not affected you to badly and that you did not loose power. Have a great weekend.

  38. I'm cracking up at your pictures! :) I've never heard of a heated eyelash curler before. I hope the second storm wasn't as bad for you!


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