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Sunday, April 30, 2017

More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hello, dear friends.  Did you have a good weekend?  The weather was gorgeous here, and we managed to check a few things off our Spring list. 

Our boss told us that Friday was the day to hit the nurseries.
She may be cute, but she is tough.  

We managed to fill some pots.

And window boxes.

And even a few hanging baskets.


Here are a few more Mother's Day gift ideas for the Mom who likes to cook and entertain.  This is my third post on Mother's Day gifts.  You can find the other two here and here.

Aerin Lauder's new line of dishware is great looking.  If your Mom is a self-confessed plate addict and adores blue and white like moi, I'm sure she would appreciate some pieces from this line.


Or maybe she's dreaming of some new table accessories.

Williams Sonoma

I just ordered these darling placemats.

These are great because they go with everything.


I love these products.  
I just bought the lemon candle for my kitchen. 


You could use my old trick and give her a pitcher filled with some spring flowers.


I have two of these and always have them on each end of the table filled with lemons and ice water when we have guests.

When we don't have guests, the Mister has to get up from the table and help himself at the sink.

If you missed it, my last post covered the beautiful luncheon over at Tina's from The Enchanted Home.  Many of the accessories seen on this table including those gorgeous monogrammed napkins are for sale in her shop.  If your Mom (or you) enjoy entertaining, stop over and browse.  Prepare to drool. 

My #1 owns one of these indoor grills and loves it.

Who wants to waste precious calories walking outside to the grill?

For the Mom who likes to watch her family's calories, this set may be perfect for her.


I have these canisters in my kitchen.  They have survived three moves and have fared better than me.

MC has a few patterns to choose from, all very pretty.

The following books are all new releases.


Cork Dork has been described as the Kitchen Confidential of the wine world.  

The author who wrote this book has been described by Bon Appetit as the Chef who makes the best pizza in America.

I guess they haven't met the Mister.


High marks for Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook that has both healthy and not-so-healthy recipes.

Buy it - she needs the money.

This memoir of a world-renown chef has been described as funny as well as fierce.

If your Mom loves Mary Kay's novels, I have a feeling that her mouth will water over her new cookbook filled with easy breezy recipes.

Is your Mom a vegetarian?  
This cookbook will give her lots of yummy recipes and inspiration.

Meg Braff, a fabulous designer, gives steps in creating a pretty, polished home.

I wonder if she has any steps in creating a home that you never have to clean...

I've had a subscription to Veranda for many years.  If your Mom likes to drool over gorgeous photos and appreciates entertaining tips, this book is for her. 

This is a must-have for any Mom who is a fan of Southern Charm.

By the way, SC fans - did you hear that Cameron is expecting a baby girl?
You heard it here first.
You're welcome.

If your Mom enjoyed Girl On A Train, Paula Hawkins' new page-turner will be released this week.

This Clever Kabob maker will enable your Mom to save time and make 16 kabobs in minutes.  That way, she will have more time for Bravo TV.

Btw... the Clever Kabob video is fascinating.

The health-conscious Mom will be happy to see this spiralizer coming her way.


If your Mom gets irritated when family members forget to clean the microwave after using it, she will be delighted with an Angry Mama. 


Is your Mom a tea drinker?  
This cute little guy, Fred, would love to infuse her tea.  

Don't push him too hard though... he tires easily.  Just like me.


Or maybe she would appreciate a pretty new teapot.
I've had mine forever, although I just started using it lately since I have developed a taste for tea with my bag of Oreos.


Maybe she prefers her tea on ice.  

Or if iced coffee makes her boat float, they even make a machine for that.


If your Mom goes on a diet every other week like me, she will love this new blender to whip up healthy smoothies.

And when she gets bored with her new healthy lifestyle, she can use it for Margaritas.


You can include this book to keep her on track.


This looks like something that my #1 would give me.


I can't wait until I hear them say this phrase.
Still waiting...


Where were these when my girls were little?

Until next time...


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  1. As always, AMAZING ideas!! I wish my kids read your blog! Hugs!!

  2. I LOVE the things you come up with, Katie. It always makes me smile when I come visit you....or cry because of the things in my life that I am missing and know I need to become the perfect trophy wife---like yourself.

    Hope you have a fabulous week! xo Diana

  3. You never fail to make me smile, Katie. I am going to pass these ideas down to my children ASAP!

    Jane x

  4. I love Williams Sonoma's Meyer Lemon line - so refreshing.

  5. Laughed at your Jessica Seinfeld comment! That's such a wonderful kettle. Your suggestions are fantastic, Katie. Do your girls read your blog and follow your advice when picking out gifts for you for Mother's Day? -Jenn

  6. dear Mom, I get it now......my sistas and I were all saying that this past weekend as the last of the grandchildren got married in the church we all grew up in. Great ideas, all, but I wish someone would empty my cart at WS that's full of the Meyer lemon soap and lotion....in the jumbo size.
    Happy May, Katie!

  7. Good morning my dear friend

    I hope you are enjoying a sunny day for the first of May. I just love the plants you have chosen for your garden pots and boxes the colours are gorgeous.
    I'm going to make some notes on your suggestions, so many good books especially ( as always!) I hope your girls are reading and taking notes too
    I also have one of the portable gas grills they are fantastic for picnics. We take ours to the coast of Wales and cook on the beach, it is bliss :)
    Much love to you
    Sally xx

    1. Hello sweet Sally! Thank you so much for your card and most of all the sweet note. Just the though of cooking on the beach on the coast of Wales jumpstarts my daydreaming button. Enjoy your week, dear Sally.

  8. Now the cork dork is going to stick in my head all day and it has absolutely nothing to do with my day job! I will get right on sending Jessica my contribution....you are right she needs a little girl mad money.-Laurel Bledsoe

  9. Thanks for the fun Katie, that tea infuser is just too much!! :)

  10. That teapot looks just perfect for you. I'm assuming you sip your tea with your checked bag close by, right? It's all too cute! I need to read 'A girl on the train' and also watch the movie. Love Emily Blunt. And isn't that little tea infuser the cutest thing! Hope you have a good week. Hi to the fur kids. xo

  11. Oh Dear Katie, I need to copy and paste this post and send it to my son! So many wonderful gift ideas for mom and all of them are fabulous. Love those MC canisters! I always love visiting here, know I will be smiling or laughing out loud after your posts. Just back from a much needed vacation after trashing the house to do updates. You've kept me smiling through it all! Happy week dear girl, lucky too getting to see Tina's home.....

  12. Fabulous gift ideas AND a Souther Charm scoop. You truly are a full-service blogger!

  13. I want every single thing!!! You are amazing.

  14. Hi Katie! I forwarded this to my kids with a little note that I really need the Margarita mixer!! I can see that I need to find out about this Southern Charm series as I am now intrigued and wondering who in the world Cameron might be! My SIL actually gave me that little tea man but now I need the angry mama. I'm sure I was the model for her as everyone in my house KNOWS they must clean the microwave after every use! Or else. Have a great day and thanks for the list! Linda

  15. YOU were on a ROLL the DAY you MADE this POST!!!!!!!!!!
    I want an old mattress pulled down from THE LOFT in the SONS room wrapped in plastic so I can put it on the OLD FRENCH DAY BED in the GARDEN with a GORGEOUS cover.........probably a TJMAXX BUY so BANKSY AND I can NAP in the afternoon!

  16. I want every single thing in this post! (Especially your blue hydrangeas!) And you cannot have too many carafes for wine, water or whatever! Everything looks lovely -- lots of good ones here, Katie!

  17. So many wonderful things for Mother's day. I better get on this! Love your sweet fur baby's face. Have a happy week.

  18. Wow -- so many wonderful ideas! I'll have to print this and highlight my faves for my family! Thanks for the scoop on Cameron from Southern Charm -- had not heard that and am a bit surprised!

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  20. Thanks so much for including my cakes & Pakistan gift online, you've some wonderful gift ideas!


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