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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Political Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  Is everyone having a good week?  All is well here.  Tomorrow I am off to another Breakfast With The Authors.  I always enjoy these events.

I'm glad to be back to Hodgepodge.  Last week I was at Tina's breathtaking home for the fabulous blogger luncheon.  If you want to learn more about what went on behind the scenes in Tina's words, stop over to The Enchanted Home for the inside scoop. 

1.  Can you tell I'm embracing a Cinco de Mayo theme here this week?  Do you like Mexican food?  What's your favorite dish?  How about one the side - black beans, refried beans, rice?  What about heat - mild, medium, hot?  Will you celebrate with Mexican food and drink on May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo?

cook's diary

My favorite Mexican dish is chicken fajitas.  I probably will not celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend because the Mexican food in Boston is not nearly as good as it is in Texas. 

However, I wouldn't turn my nose up at indulging in a frosty Margarita.

2.  Ever been to Mexico?  For work or holiday?  Love it or no?  If you haven't been,  is this a place you'd like to visit?  Can you speak Spanish?

We went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta when the girls were tweens.  
It was a good time had by all when they weren't tearing each other's hair out.

On our next trip to Mexico, I would love to visit San Miguel de Allende.  Sista and her family rented a house there and raved about it.

3.  What's one thing you may accomplish this month?

Although it is not my accomplishment, I look forward to my #2's graduation.

... and moving her into her new bachelorette pad in Atlanta.

4.  If you were Mayor of your village, city, or town, what's one thing you'd like to see changed, done away with, revamped, or accomplished?  Is serving in public office something you've every seriously considered?

If I were Mayor of my town, I would pass the following laws.

There would be a designated parking spot for me at all public buildings, shopping malls, strip plazas, and especially Homegoods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx stores not only in my town but every town in the whole world.

This would be called the DETAPITS bill, otherwise known as
Don't Even Think About Parking In This Spot Law.

As Mayor, I would pass a bill that states that I will automatically get a 50% discount on all my retail purchases.  On items over $100.00, I would receive a 100% discount.

I would call it the 100/100 Law.

As Mayor, I would pass a law that says that as Mayor, I am exempt from paying sales tax as well as income tax for the rest of my life.

It would be known as the NTFC law, otherwise known as 
 No Tax For Clooney Law.

As Mayor, I would pass a law that all dermatologists and plastic surgeons must offer their services to me free of charge.

It would be known as CNAL law, also known as
Clooney Needs A Lift Law. 

I never thought about running for public office before, but now that I look back and read about all the good I can do for me the world, I may consider throwing my hat in the ring, after all.

5.  What's something that may be popular, but that you just don't get?

I don't get wearing leggings with a short shirt.
There are only a few that can get away with it.

Not everyone can look as good as me.

6.  Can't let this week slip by without mentioning Thursday, May 4th is National Star Wars Day.  As in 'May the 4th be with you.'  Are you a fan of the Star Wars series?  Exactly how much of a fan are you?  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being "I've seen every film, own action figures, might have dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween one year,'and 1 being 'what's a Vader?' - where do you land?

7.  Scroll back through your blog posts and in three sentences or less tell us the general theme of your fourth blog post.  Does it still ring true today?  Is it a topic you re-visit on your blog from time to time?

My fourth post is boring, but my seventh post is the re-telling of a true story and one of my all-time favorite posts.   After almost 5 years of blogging, my family continues to be my favorite subject to write about.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I was delighted on Monday when Kelly Ripa chose Ryan Seacrest as her new permanent co-host.  I love Ryan - I listen to his radio show in the car.

But I have a question.
How many jobs can a guy have?

Until next time...

My new Campaign Manager. 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. I'll vote for you...however, there are a few of your "promises" you will need to share with your TT friends! Your new campaign manager's photo actually made me laugh out loud!

  2. That seventh post was hilarious! Both my girls were on the 5 year plan, life got in the way.

  3. You should be mayor! But, can I be your campaign manager instead, LOL! I was happy about Ryan too, thank goodness she picked somebody classy. I've met Kelly and she's a sweetheart but some of the hosts I wasn't rooting for. Have a wonderful time at your authors breakfast!

  4. You sound like the kind of mayor we have a few of in my state. The only problem is, they are in jail. HA! Love your levity and can't wait to read about your author's luncheon this week.

  5. LOL- Hysterical as always. I like Ryan Seacrest, too. At least he has a little class. After reading the laws you would enact I just might run for mayor myself. I have actually been asked over the years if I might consider running for public office. The answer is always a resounding NO. How could I continue to "act up" and make fun of everything as I do now (if I ran and won).

    Have a wonderful Wednesday...now go shop or something- xo Diana

  6. Can I be your vice-mayor? With the same privileges of course!

  7. Never saw any of the Star Wars and at my age I admit I just don't have the gene required. And look what happened to Carrie who was a women obsessed with it! As far as Ryan, he is only practicing juggling jobs for when he becomes a blogger> Whew!-Laurel Bledsoe

  8. Sounds as if being the mayor would not be a bad idea!! congrats on your daughter's move to Atlanta. I saw that Mrs Erica here in Blogland also has a daughter graduating and moving to ATL. They do not call it HOTlanta for nuthin!! As my sweet Audrey lives in metro Atlanta, it is one of my favorite cities.

  9. Love your hodgepodge each and every time. I think you'd be a great Mayor! (I saw one or two Star Wars. That's all I need to see. Ever.)

  10. Star Wars is getting too confusing with them all looking the same, but I'm in a family of men who love them, so I'll probably go along. The little robot was cute, but I think he - dead.
    Craving a fajita now, and just found out the fourth best Mexican restaurant in the country is just an hour away in Pensacola! Hmm. Time for a little run across the (Florida) border!
    Thanks for the deep thoughts and giggles!

  11. Though I like Ryan Seacrest, I don't know that he's a good fit for Live With Kelly. He seems so out-of-place to me. I still miss the days of Regis and I loved Michael Strahan. Will have to see how it goes. Huge congrats on the upcoming graduation and move to ATL for your girl...so awesome!

  12. YOU are such a joy! Loved your seventh post--delightfully witty as usual! Can't thank you enough for the smiles you bring from your posts!

  13. Even when life is super busy, I've gotta make time for your hodgepodges, Katie. You never cease to make me smile. Although I've never sat through a Star Wars movie from start to finish, I have a house full of Star Wars fans. I can quote lines from those movies without ever having watched them. I can't even count how many light sabers and storm trooper Lego heads are rolling around upstairs right now. I actually forgot about Cinco de Mayo, but I think I'll celebrate by having a coconut margarita!

  14. It seems like your daughter just started at Duke. Happy graduation festivities and new move!

  15. I would definitely vote for you for mayor but I need you to be mayor of the world because I live in Oklahoma and you don't. I have been to Mexico many times but I do not speak Spanish, however my daughter does because it was her minor in college. I loved your favorite blog post and can certainly relate. Our daughter had to go an extra semester because a semester internship was required for her degree. I am not going to lie - we did not enjoying paying for her to work for someone else for free. My husband and his boys are huge Star Wars fans. I am not but I do know who most of the characters are. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation and new job. I hope she enjoys Atlanta. We are moving our daughter to Kansas City in a next few weeks for her job. I feel like I need to move too now that everyone else is moving. My husband does not agree. Drink a margarita for me! Thanks for another wonderful blog post!

  16. You will always get my vote Katie! Happy Wednesday and Hodgepodge day.

  17. I think my eyes are permanently scarred by that picture of the leggings...some things you just can't un-see! I was also happy about Kelly's new cohost! have a wonderful Wednesday!

  18. Well, if I lived in Boston, I'd definitely vote for YOU! I wonder where they stashed the bicycle pump they used on the girl with the red dress and lips. I guess I missed the skirt part. Why on why do people think that leggings make them look slim? It's just plain scary. Wish that fajita were on my table about 6 PM tonight (along with half a dozen more). Congrats to your daughter! And I suspect that there's only a tiny percentage of Star Wars fans who have seen Jeeves & Wooster too.

  19. Congratulations to your daughter! And you, because of course they couldn't do it without us : ) I like Ryan too. I read a FB post that said even if you only had half as many jobs as Ryan Seacrest you'd still have eleven jobs. Truth! He's everywhere!

  20. Congratulations to your daughter. Quite an accomplishment and an exciting time of life, for sure.

    I've seen quite a few people wearing leggings who should've thought twice before going out in public. That's one of the things I don't get, too, now that I think about it...

  21. Couldn't agree more with you about #5! Congrats to your daughter too!

  22. Ok you can be Mayor if you pass those laws to include me. lol

  23. I had the same question about Ryan... This cracked me up!! DETAPITS bill, otherwise known as Don't Even Think About Parking In This Spot Law. Loved your Hodgepodge!

  24. I'm sitting in my office - laughing out loud at the mayor's laws!!!! You are so witty and creative. I agree also with your #5 and listed it as one of my answers!! Just because they make something in "your" size . . .does not mean you should wear it.

  25. I'm with you on Star Wars. I may have sat in the LR with the first movie on the TV, but I know I fell asleep. Can't even begin to tell the story line or pretend to know anything about it.

  26. After the first Star Wars I abstained. But we are definitely on board with Cinco de Mayo! And the Derby is Saturday! How can one not love these two holidays -- each of which has its own drink? We like CdeM so much that I made Margaritas yesterday just to get tuned up! I must remember to get mint today for the Juleps. And, of course, make sure the silver cups are polished.

    You would be my kind of mayor! I think the first law you should make is that all women everywhere get guaranteed parking and bigger discounts at our Holy Trinity of stores.

  27. Sis! I spent ten days in San Miguel de Allende this past February. Am prepared to move there. Let's do it.

  28. I'll definitely vote for you! Congrats on #2's graduation!

  29. With your new campaign manager, you are most certain to win! Loved San Miguel de Allende. Took Spanish in high school, but can't say I speak Spanish. ;-)
    I'm off to read the earlier post.....Have a great day!

  30. I love your ideas for mayor. I think I will start running now too. I feel sure this platform is a winner LOL


  31. SI, hablo espaƱol.
    I think I stay at the same hotel in PV as you!!!!!

  32. I love Mexican food, but I'm a heat wimp, so mild please! My son got married in San Miguel de Allende and we stayed in a magnificent private casa, but it was scary getting there and back. Lots of federalies with machine guns, and this was 10 years ago, I wouldn't go back now. As for your mayoral laws, I think a lot of politicians have already passed some of these for themselves...

  33. I am disappointed that Ryan Seacrest is Kelly's new co-host - not into him at all. I am into you though - fun Hodgepodge post!

  34. Hello. Dear Katie. Love Mexican food and drinks:) Yes, been to Acapulco and loved it, staying at the Acapulco Princess, tagging along with hubs for business. I think you would be a great mayor, you have my vote. Have a great weekend............


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