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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Hamptons Show House - Take 1

Hello dear friends!  I know I say this every week, but I can't believe it's Friday all ready.  I am separating the show house tour into three separate posts.  I have so many pics that I want to share with you and it would take forever to download my blog if I put it all into one post.  If you missed my first post about my day of shopping and dining, you can find it here.

I was so excited to go to this, I had butterflies in my tummy when we drove up to the house.  I played it cool in front of the other ladies, though.


If you like what you see, it is for sale for $5,795,000.  Tell them I sent you - maybe they'll give me commission.

Miss M told me that her daughter bought a sailboat just like this one at the Christmas Tree Shop.

From the moment you enter... you sense the beach side theme.

A large light and bright front hall.

The wall covering was grasscloth.  Being the show house nut aficionado that I am, grasscloth has become very popular.  My parents used to have it in their guest room a hundred years ago.

I know someone that would love that princess bed.

This is the living room off of the kitchen.  I didn't get a lot of pics of this room because the lady in charge kept giving me stern looks, even though photos were allowed.  She reminded me of Sister Sheehan on a bad day.

Dude enjoying the comfort of the den. 

The ladies debating whether they like a large sectional or not.

A man cave den off the other den.  

Next time the Mister runs to town, I'm going to tell him to pick up a kayak. I won't tell him what it's for...

I loved the mud room.  The jury was still out with the ladies.

"When you pick up the kayak, Mister, bring home a couple of beach chairs too."

Stay tuned for Take 2 on the show house.  Have a wonderful weekend.  So, what do you think of the house so far? 

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. All so wonderful to see. I have always loved grass cloth, but since I'm still removing wallpaper I swore to myself I will never use it again - but never say never right?

  2. Nice "investigative research"! I went a few days ago and though I can't say it held tons of curb appeal (can you imagine being in that forest at night)! There were many bright spots inside.....I thought there was a lot of really creative hands at work and I overall really enjoyed was fresh and welcoming. Look forward to part 2 (you reminded me that I need to start watermarking my pictures) You are one step ahead.......enjoy your weekend!!

  3. I really like all the color and pattern in the mud room. Thanks for all your hard work. Really enjoy the show house posts.

    1. Hi Kelly, Love that cute little profile pic! Between you and me, the mud room was my favorite. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. What a house! I checked with the Hubster he says no go on the price...I say what's 5 million plus to please your wife?
    I have to be honest I don't think I am going to win. Beatiful, can't wait to see the rest.

  5. I pulled out my piggy bank, but I'm afraid the $12.57 cents I have in there won't quite cover it. Love all of the beachey things. xo Laura

  6. Love it so far! That princess bed would be put to good use On Pinehurst Place also!

  7. Finally a show house where you were allowed to take photos - yay! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow - a fabulous house - but kind of chaotic decorating! I understand that it is a "show" house but it think it could use a little editing. I laughed out loud at the Wellies on the TOP shelf in the mud room...not the most practical place for them. BUT....Love your commentary as usual - keep up the good work Katie!

    1. Thanks kmafz! Chaotic decorating? You ain't seen nothin' yet! Wait til you see the rest of the house!

  9. The dusting??? Ewww! Too much chatsky!
    Love the beach vibe tho

  10. Oh, my, how interesting! Lots of fabric mixes for sure. I'd say, to each his own. Happy week!

  11. The house is beautiful! I'm so glad that they let you take pictures! I'm a big fan of the nautical theme and all the lovely blues. This isn't one of the homes Fredrik was selling on Million Dollar Listing NY, is it?


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