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Sunday, August 9, 2015

#2's Hidden Agenda

Good morning, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  The weather here in the Northeast is beautiful.  

I am delighted to tell you that my #2 has prepared today's post.


My family has made fun of me for years for my “codes.” These are comments that I make that come accompanied by a double meaning.

For example: “Mom, I can do a blog for you on planners. It’s the perfect time of year with school starting in a few weeks, and there are a ton of new ones that are debuting around this time.”

Translation: “Mom, if I do a blog on planners for you, will you buy me one for school?”

My codes are a *wink wink, nudge nudge* kind of thing.  Although, on occasion I run across a language barrier.

The first agenda I really fell for this year was the Day Designer.

The Day Designer has a spot for your daily top 3 to-dos, a longer to-do list, a scheduling area, and even a place to jot down something you are grateful for.  The pages span 12 months; August 2015 to July 2016.

The Day Designer is 9” wide x 9.75” tall. Think a little wider than a piece of printer paper and a near perfect square.  I’ve personally always gravitated towards the larger planners – not because I have a lot to do, but because I like to write in big letters that even the Empty Nester could read without her glasses.

Also, if you aren't ready to commit, and want to test it out, the Day Designers have a free planner download where you can test out the system and see if it works with your scheduling style. 


Then there’s the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.  Let me forewarn you, these planners sell out faster than Taylor Swift tickets.  Kid you not.

The Simplified Planner 2016 weekly and daily editions are being released in early September and won't last long.  When I say that, I mean September 8th at 11:59 p.m. have your computer open and your credit card ready.

This Daily Agenda begins in January 2016 and spans 12 months. At least when you order in September you have something to look forward to… Early Christmas present (to yourself)?

The Weekly is actually the same price but runs from August 2015 to December 2016.

Both the Daily and Weekly are a bit smaller, coming in at 7.75” wide x 9” tall. There’s a spot on every page of the Daily edition for an hourly schedule, to-do list, some notes, and even a spot to plan dinner.  In the Weekly, there’s room for scheduling, a daily to-do list and notes.


One more planner that I’ve been admiring lately is the myAgenda from the makers of the momAgenda.

The myAgenda also runs from August 2015 to December 2016.

Sidenote: I love reading planner product descriptions because they always make me feel important. They always tell me I’m a “busy woman” and that I need tools like this to keep myself straight when I just have so much going on.

Back to the myAgenda. This planner has a main scheduling area and is set up in a weekly format where one week spans two pages. In addition to the scheduling spot, there are four more places to designate as you wish, and a spot to label them for consistency. 

I’m starting to think I could be a really motivated and efficient person with one of these. 

Hey momma, what do you think? *code*

Great job, #2.  
I would be happy to pick up the cost of a new planner, if it keeps you organized and helps you to achieve straight A's. *code*

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Both of my girls got Day Designers this year and love them!!! We look at Simplified Planner as well. They had always loved Lilly but need time slots.

  2. Too cute and just perfect for organizing!!

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  3. Oh, this was so cute! I love my planner and not even sure which brand I have but it's almost like my Bible. I use it everyday and it keeps me on track. Will check a couple of these out. Good job #2!

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  5. wink wink I was just hoodwinked into buying the day designer for daughter! She loves it! I think it is so interesting how for a while we were supposed to convert to the digital planner and now I am seeing these great paper planners everywhere again. I always loved my daytimer and gave it up for the digital calendar a couple of years ago. I am thinking that it would be ok for me to regress to one of these pretty planners wink wink!

  6. I cannot live without my two-year monthly planner; I've used the same brand for twenty years. These daily and weekly planners are alternatives I will consider for 2016. Thank you for the 'guest contributor' and her fresh ideas.

  7. Very clever blog title. Love it. And I do thank your daughter for doing my agenda homework. Yay!

  8. Love a good planner and totally agree on them making me feel important! Thanks, #2!

  9. Excellent report by #2! I try to stay organized using the calendar on my iPhone but I do love seeing things in black and white right in front of me. I'm going to check out the Day Designer. Maybe it will help me to get my blog schedule better organized... Have a wonderful weekend!


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