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Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Compromising Movies and a Great Book

Hello dear friends.  The Mister and I had a very laid back, relaxing weekend.  It had been awhile since we had been to a movie and there were a few that we wanted to see.  The problem was, they were not the same ones.

So, on Saturday morning, the Mister and I tried to choose a movie that we could mutually agree upon.  Naturally, I wanted to see the new Meryl Streep movie.  The Mister, not so much.  He had his eye on Mission Impossible.  The thing about Mission Impossible films is if you've see one, you've seen them all.  Evidently, my narrow thinking is in the minority because it was number one at the box office this week.   

So, rather than calling on Judge Judy to solve our conundrum, we compromised and went to see The Gift.  I didn't want to tell the Mister that this was my second choice, fearing that he wouldn't have considered it a compromise on my part. 

Before I begin my reviews, let me fill you in on a little background story.  

The first movie that the Mister and I attended together when we began dating was The Silence of the Lambs.  You can find out a lot about a man by how he reacts to a scary movie.  The Mister spent three quarters of the movie, sitting on my lap covering his eyes.  If you ask him about it, he'll deny it.  

I loved every nail biting, white knuckled, suspenseful moment of this flick.  Jason Bateman (still as cute as ever) and Rebecca Hall have great chemistry and play the perfect upwardly mobile young couple.  Joel Edgerton, who also directed the film, nailed it in his role as the creepy Gordo. 

I give this movie a strong A minus.  The Mister gave it a C. 
As a side note... there is very little blood and gore.  That is, except when the Mister dug his finger nails into my hand.

On Sunday, we were planning to head for the Cape, but the weather was grey and overcast.  Not a Cape worthy day. 

So we enjoyed a nice lunch and went back to the movies.  I don't know how I did it, but I dodged Mission Impossible again!  I told the Mister that my friend Marsha, from Pinehurst Place, went to see Mr. Holmes and gave it a wonderful review.  The Mister enthusiastically agreed to see it.  Another compromise.  I didn't want to tell the Mister that this movie was on my top three must-see list of flicks  to see this weekend.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this film.  The cinematography is positively breathtaking.  I highly recommend seeing this one on the big screen so you can inhale the full effect of the exquisite scenery.

Ian McKellen and Laura Linney delivered their usual award-winning performances.  They are two of my favorite actors, and they never disappoint.

But this is the guy who stole my heart along with every scene in this movie.  Milo Parker has the ability to light up the screen with his abundant talent at such a young age.  No question about it ... this kid is going to make a name for himself.  

The Mister and I actually agreed on our grade for this one.  
We both gave it an A+.  

I think that was the first thing we agreed on all weekend! 


Just finished this page turner.  If you missed my post on Beatriz Williams and the literary luncheon, you can find it here.

This novel holds the perfect recipe for a delicious book.  It's got glamour, intrigue, believable characters, love, lust, and a great twist at the conclusion.  I highly recommend this book.

This week I am off to join Dude and her posse at another show house.  My new mantra goes something like this:

A woman can never be too rich, too thin, or attend too many show houses.

Feel free to quote me.

Until next time...

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  1. I'm one of those that love the Mission Impossible movies, but my hubby not so much. I'll be dragging him there this weekend :-)

  2. I'm adding both of those movies to my to-see list. Even if The Gift has some flaws, I can tell from the trailer that I will like the storyline/sets/actors enough to enjoy it. And Mr. Holmes looks perfect!

  3. I'm so afraid the movie industry is going to take a hit because of all the crazies sneaking in and terrorizing people! I find it ironic that so many people blame Hollywood for glorifying shootings, and then it may turn around and hurt their own industry. There's nothing like sitting in a big theater full of people with a bag of popcorn laughing and crying together.

    Wow. That was really heavy. On to better things . . . house tour, house tour!!!

    1. I have to admit that I checked out everyone coming into the theater to see if anyone looked fact before the movie started, there was a new "announcement" on the screen regarding suspicious behavior, people, etc. and how to exit the theater if you see anyone suspicious. It's a sad state of affairs that you can't go anywhere anymore without the crazies showing up.

  4. I have been waiting to hear that someone liked The Gift. Mr. Holmes was not on my radar, thank you for the review.

  5. You and I are on the same page with the M.I. Definitely want to see the two movies you saw...both are part of my top 3 as well...veyr much want to see the Meryl Streep movie. Enjoy the show house.

  6. So forgive my Canadian ignorance. Is a "show house" similar to a "show home?" Here a number of houses are decorated and then you buy tickets and visit each house. Or is it a house that is for sale and you are popping in to visit it?

  7. I can't abide movies like MI and all blood and guts, but I used to go see such with my hubs until I saw the last Batman movie.. that cured me. I cannot let any more of that into my life, so since then when we go to the movies, if we can't decide on ONE to see together, or we both want to see something REALLY bad, we just find out where they are both playing and go there and each sees their own and meet up afterwards for dinner, etc.... works for us!

  8. Have fun at the show house! I am adding that book to my list. :)

  9. The book looks great Katie but I'll have to pass on the SILENCE of the Lambs :\ I saw it years back and it gave me the creeps....... ;} Happy Monday! xxL

  10. We saw The Gift on Saturday afternoon....I liked it pretty well except for the ending. SPOILER ALERT: Do you think that meant the baby was Gordo's?

  11. Our mantra is if you don't go, you won't know and that applies to show houses, too! We're reading The Secret Life of Violet Grant and can't put it down - it's got all the things you need for a page turner. Guess we'll be adding this new one to our list...
    C + C

  12. Oh Katie, I don't do guns, blood or horror on the Screen. And I only do happy endings. So I have no problem with spoilers. I beg for them. So you've sold me on Mr.Holmes!

    1. I think you will love it, Anne! Looking forward to our field trip next week!

  13. Oh my sister just saw Mr. Holmes and highly recommended it as well. The Gift is at the top of my list as well. There have been so few movies to see this summer! Thank you so much Katie!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  14. So happy that you loved Mr. Holmes and thanks for the shout out! I am like The Mister, scary movies scare me! Daughter loves them though and so I have had to compromise on occasion.

  15. I'm with the Mister as far as scary movies go. I read Silence of the Lambs (the whole time thinking "why am I reading this?!?!?!") but NEVER wanted to see the movie. I've heard The Gift described as a modern day Fatal Attraction - a movie that I saw and was terrified! Mr. Holmes is much more my style.


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