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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dinner in Southport & Shopping in the Hamptons

Hello dear friends.  This week is flying by.  I wish the winter months went by as quickly.   I just spent a couple of wonderful days in Maine with my buddy, Anne, and my new friend, Kathy.  Don't worry - and I know you are - I took lots of photos.  

A couple of weeks ago, when I travelled to the Hamptons, I stayed over the night before at my buddy, Dude's beautiful home.  By the way, if you missed my posts on this adventure, you can find them here and here.  We decided to have dinner at a restaurant which was the center of a star sighting of a certain power couple a few weeks prior.

Yup, I kid you not.  JT and his gorgeous better half were spotted enjoying dinner at this very restaurant.  Not while I was there, but all the same.  We were like three ships passing in the night.

The name of the hot spot is The Gray Goose in Southport, Connecticut.  

It is small and cozy restaurant and very popular with the town folk.  Probably a lot more popular a couple of weeks ago! 

The food was great, ambiance delightful, and service less than stellar. 

The Gray Goose is where all the beautiful people hang out.


Switching gears, I want to tell you about my favorite store in the Hamptons.  Dude pointed me towards the threshold and told me that I would love it.  Hate to admit it, but Dude was right.  First time in her whole life.

The shop is called Roberta Roller Rabbit.  It is filled with everything from tunics to bedding to dog beds and everything in between.  The children's clothes are to.die.for.

The minute I walked through this treasure trove of fabulous prints, I fell in love.  

If the Mister ever talks me into going camping sometime, this is my first must-have.  My twelve pound cosmetic bag is next.

I know a couple of doggies that would love to snuggle on one of these pretties.

Pretty, pretty pillows.

They have the cutest tunics evah!!!

Thanks to this lamp, I am suffering from PTSS - post traumatic shopping syndrome.  I have been having dreams about it for weeks.

By the way, I checked the Roberta Roller Rabbit website, and they are having sale.  You're welcome.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a fun time in the Hamptons! We love Roberta Roller Rabbit and they have the most amazing pajamas for kids and adults…heavenly! Happy Thursday ~

  2. I just love all the color and fabrics in that store - great photos!

  3. Roberta Roller Rabbit is wonderful. I love the one in Southampton and this week they had a sample sale, what more can you ask for?

  4. Oh giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!! How can you do this to me when I have 5 grandbabies under 5 and another on the way????? (Reveal Party this weekend hosted by moi....will send cute pics afterward. Gut tells me boy!!)
    I so wanna go to this shop.....Seriously. Like really seriously.

  5. Now I'm really in trouble. I (stupidly) sent the link to my daughter in laws. I've already had texts from two of them that kinda went like this....."YaYa???? did you see those lil teepees??? Those would be SOOOO cute in the kid's room. and the kurtas??? we really should have those......" Oh My. and we're spending whole weekend with them and I'm sure they will come loaded with lists in hand from this site. So......thanks and no thanks!!!!!

  6. Fun fun fun, Southport is so charming and you know I love the Hamptons. Typing this as I am sitting in my Roberta Roller robe...LOVE their things, they just make me happy. Have enjoyed getting to see your fun adventures this summer!

  7. I have long been a fan of Roberta ever since she just did placemats and linens this store look fantastic! Dude is great and I love her style!

  8. Just returned from 5 days in Hamptons with my sister. We visited the Easthampton store and fell in love. Also visited the Monogram shop; what fun.

  9. Love the name of the store - "Roberta Roller Rabbit" very fun to say aloud.
    (did you say it?)

  10. I love RRR -- they have one here in Dallas in the Highland Park Village! Such wonderful, unique and preppy things -- it was made for you, Katie!

  11. You are right about that lamp, Katie! We just purchased a new home and will be moving soon. I may just have to buy one once we get moved. If you are ever in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, let me know and I will show you around. We have some wonderful fabric shops, restaurants and great places to visit and, if you need furniture, High Point is not too far away. I am also thinking about doing a blog on our new house. I look forward to finding Preppy Empty Nester in my in-box - love your sense of humor. By the way, I have 28 year old twin sons (wink, wink)!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. I surely do thank you for the heads up about the sale at the Robert Roller Rabbit site - just not sure my dear "Peter" would share in that sentiment. Gorgeous! I love it all!!

  13. We love Roberta's tunics and spend the summer in them! We hope you snapped up a few since they're perfect for you, Katie. We'll have to keep our eyes out for JT - who knew he was a local. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    C + C


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