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Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Great Day On The Cape with Friends

Hello dear friends.   A couple of weeks ago, I received a lovely note from a reader named Niki.  She told me that she had a home on the North Shore and also had a summer home on the Cape.  Niki mentioned that she was a native of the Cape and even had relatives that came over on the Mayflower.  Niki was sweet enough to offer to give me a tour and meet me for lunch anytime.

So I called my partner in crime, Anne, and we met Niki at her darling home on the Cape.  She and her husband bought the house about five years ago.  They had extensive renovations done during the cold months.  A painting crew even moved into the house the first year that they bought the house.   That's my idea of the way to do it!

Such great curb appeal on the sweetest street.

Love the window boxes and hydrangeas!

These are definitely my colors - blue and yellow.  Love the built-ins and book shelves throughout the house.

Niki shared the "before" pictures with us which was fun to see. 

Love the warm den.  I did not have the pleasure of meeting the rest of Niki's family.  I will tell you, though, after seeing the portrait over the fireplace, they've got to be the best looking family on the Cape! 

I commented on how pretty the Nantucket baskets were, and Niki told me that her mother-in-law made them!  She even made a couple for her granddaughters' American Girl dolls.

In the "before" photos, the kitchen was much smaller.  It is so light and open now.   I asked Niki where she found that adorable rug and she told me The Christmas Tree Shop!  

We hopped into the car and Niki gave us a wonderful tour.

Isn't this a pretty bed and breakfast?

The first stop was this darling store.  I could take pictures of country stores all day long.

This store is chock full of everything from penny candy to darling hostess gifts.  

We then stopped to see this beautiful beach.

The next stop was Harvest of Barnstable.  I knew I was going to love this shop before I even walked in!   I must be psychic although the Mister refers to it as psychotic. 

We were greeted by a lovely lady named Pamela.

Love this whole new spin a terrariums. 

Next stop was lunch on the Hyannis marina.  Tugboats has the best fresh tuna wrap in the world!

The view from Tugboats.  

It was a perfect day and Niki could not have been more hospitable.  The only thing that was missing is the fact that I totally forgot to take a picture of her.  I guess it was because I was having so much fun.  The good thing is that Niki is going to come to our neck of the woods in September.  I'll be sure to take one then. 

On the way home, Anne and I stopped at this cute shop.  They have a great inventory of new and antique lamps, along with a great assortment of shades.  

We couldn't go to the Cape without stopping at our favorite vegetable stand.

Until next time...

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  1. What a gorgeous home she has. So warm and inviting. And, all those lovely shops...I could spend hours in them.

  2. You sure know the right people - I would love to go there myself! lol Just stopping by to say a long needed hello!! Hope all is going good.

  3. I've always wanted to visit the Cape. Wow! What a lovely cottage. I could be right at home here.

  4. You were right down the street from me! The Penny Candy store is my favorite.

    1. Stepford Mommy... I love your name! Enjoy your week.

  5. What a beautiful house and charming area! So many great things to see up your way!

  6. Well this is yet another reason to love blogging. Niki must be a gem. Love her house - I could move in tomorrow, thank you.

  7. You know Katie...there is nothing prettier than New's just a picture postcard everywhere you visit! Her home is lovely! I so appreciate you sharing your visit with us! I love the Christmas Tree never failed to cheer you up..just looking at "stuff!" Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Hugs!

  8. Hi Katie
    I have always, wanted to go to New England and what a lovely tour you have made your day out to the Cape so prett..with all the pictures. Its just as I imagine, if not nicer. I must say that I am with you, always love to be by the water... and you know ... lots of your readers think of you as a special lunch guest :)
    I hope your weekend was warm and sunny
    love to you xx

  9. I LOVE that you have had the chance to meet so many of your fans, like me! Such an adventure for you and Anne! Niki's house is beautiful.

  10. What picture perfect images of this quintessential place. You (and your hostess) have simply captured the Cape Cod essence. What a wonderful escape on the cape!!

  11. Harvest and Barfield's are right around the corner from my parent's house! I've dropped a couple of the old peep's lamps off there, for fancy new shades!


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