Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bow Tie Eye Candy

This post is in honor of my Mister who discovered the bow tie a few months ago, and hasn't been seen without one since.  Whenever we are shopping in a store, I know exactly where to find him - knee deep in bow ties.
Without further adieu, I offer you some photos of some very famous lovers of the almighty bow tie. 

A very distinguished bow tie wearer, Sir Winston Churchill.  Hopefully, the Mister won't follow suit and add the cigar to his repertoire.

Yes, you did Pee Wee, and there are a few other things you are famous for, as well.

Bad boy/good boy image bow tie wearer.

Nobody does it better.

A very scientific way of wearing the bow tie.

An extremely talented bow tie guy.

A very presidential bow tie devotee.

A very temperamental bow tie wearer.

A very Kardashian way of sporting a bow tie.

"Wearing a bow tie is a statement.  Almost an act of defiance."

~Rick Kaplan

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Katie, I love your captions below:) Great photos!

  2. I saw Robert Downey Jr. standing behind a restaurant once (we can only imagine what he was up to) and I have to say he is the best looking man I have ever seen in person :)