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Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

Hello, dear friends.  I finally got around to writing about my wonderful weekend in one of my favorite cities, Dallas to visit two of my favorite people, #1 and #2.  

We left very early on a bone-chilling Wednesday morning.  Surprisingly, there were no crowds at the airport.  We were two of the few crazies who don't mind traveling in the wee hours of the morning.  Our return flight was also early on Saturday morning, and I am happy to report that DFW was practically deserted.

travel and leisure

I know that I have mentioned it a few thousand times on this blog. I have a fear of flying.  My phobia is not lessening, it is broadening its scope into the fear of travel.  I used to be terrified of the possibility of plane malfunctions, drunk pilots, terrorism, germ-filled cabins, and psycho passengers.

My newest fear is four-year-olds tugging roller bags in the terminal.  I almost went flying a couple of times while a cranky kid with a groggy gait cut me off mid-stride.  Meanwhile, the parents are 20 feet ahead totally oblivious to the chaos their kid is causing.

The good part is that terrorism and drunk pilots moved down the list of my fabulous phobias.

The Mister and I arrived in Big D mid-morning.  Our #2 picked us up and then we proceeded to drop the Mister off at the hotel.  He was meeting Adorable Jonathon, his twin, Adorable Michael, and their Adorable Dad for lunch.

Our #1, #2, and Jonathon's Adorable Mom, Janet met at our first bridal salon appointment of the day, Stanley Korshak

 We had one mission in mind.
We needed #1 to say yes to the dress.

Instant Replay! Replay!

Stanley Korshak was the store that we purchased both girls' long white dresses that they wore at graduation.

If you are curious as to why my girl is holding her arm out - she is mid-curtsy.  

After lunch, we had an appointment at Nardos.

Nardos, the owner, custom designs dresses.  She is warm with an easy smile and makes it clear that her main desire is to have the bride fall head-over-heels in love with her dress.

My #1 brought an inspirational photo.  Nardos asked her many questions and took copious notes along the way. 

Nardos then began to sketch and worked together with #1 in designing the dress.  Over the next couple of months, Nardos proceeds with the construction the dress out of muslin.  My #1 will come in for a consultation and alterations are made.  It is then that the making of the actual dress begins.

Here are some of Nardos' designs.  I wish that you could see this dress in real life.  It is the most delicious color of red. 

The back of this dress is just as lovely as the front.

This is Miss Janet, Adorable Jonathon's sweet Mom.
I wrote a post about her darling family here.  

My #1 made the on-the-spot decision.
No more searching.
She said yes to the dress.
Nardos will design her wedding gown. 
When the bride is happy, everybody is happy.

While we in town, we went to see Green Book.
We all loved it.

One day, we had lunch in Highland Village and then stopped for a sweet or four.

Bird Bakery is owned by celebs Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer.  My #1 has worked with Elizabeth and said she is as sweet as one of her cupcakes.

Do either one of these beautiful people look like they have ever consumed a bakery item?

I asked this little girl if I could sit next to her, but she told me those seats were taken.

Lunchroom drama never ends!!

Everything was delicious.
Lucky for me, I hadn't started my sheddin' for the weddin' diet.

Next door sits Reese's place, Draper James.

We were all too full to try anything on.

No question about it...
their things are darlin'.

The highlight of the entire trip happened on Thanksgiving.  We had reservations at the Mansion on Turtle Creek which incidentally, played a big part in #1 and AJ's love story.  We met in the cozy bar for a drink.  Our #1 walked in with a darling straw bag.

The Mister and I were perplexed.
Was she planning on an island getaway?

No, the bag was for her baby Sista.
My #2 read the note which asked her to be her Maid of Honor.

It also held a beautiful, monogrammed robe.

It was at this moment that it hit me.
This was the best Thanksgiving ever!

I can't wait until they come home for Christmas!

Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. It was the best Thanksgiving for your beautiful family! As far as the gown, I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. What a fabulous weekend! I can't wait to follow along with all the wedding planning.

  3. Oh, The Mansion at Turtle Creek is awesome. I've been to a luncheon there and want to go back. I CANNOT wait to see the dress. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be and how lovely your daughter will be in it. So enjoyed hearing about your "perfect" Thanksgiving.

  4. What a beautiful Thanksgiving trip. Now, I am thrilled that we get to experienced all of this merriment along with your darling family!

  5. This sounds like the best Thanksgiving EVER! I love seeing your beautiful #1 & #2. I am sure the dress will be fabulous.

  6. Ah heck... I have tears in my eyes!! What a beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing this journey with us!!

  7. This may very well be my favorite post! Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend!

  8. Yay! Isn't being mother of the bride the best thing ever?! What a fun dress shopping experience and your girls are so sweet together.

  9. So cool!!!! And how lucky that she was able to make such a quick decision and cross that off the list! Are they getting married in Dallas? Would the mansion be a part of the festivities???? So Fun!!!
    I cannot get over how much the groom looks like your mr😜....he better brush up on his cooking skills !!!!

  10. So fun! Congrats on taking care of the dress!

  11. Fabulous Thanksgiving, indeed! Can we please have a weekly count-down-to-the-wedding post until the Big Day?! Please, please, please? I won’t move from the couch until they’ve said ‘I do’ . . . and finished the 3-part post-wedding series!

  12. The photo of your daughters hugging is so sweet, it brought up a little mist in my eyes and memories of my own baby sister who was my maid of honor. Such a precious time for you and your family. I am glad that you enjoyed my hometown so much, and that the weather was great. I have a little no calorie weakness called the nutella pound cake at Bird Bakery. It is embarrassing, but when I go in there every Friday afternoon, they now say do you want the nutella pound cake today?! Of course I do. Hope you will come back soon. The Nardos gown will be gorgeous. xo Sherry

    1. Sherry...Did you say NUTELLA poundcake? Holy Guacamole.. I can't even say it without drooling!! I need to book a trip back to Big D ASAP! Have a great weekend and thanks for the heads up!!

  13. Everything and everyone in your pictures is just beautiful! Did all the girls have to have long white dresses for graduation? (just noticing the girls in the background). I'd like to see Greenbook, too, so thanks for the review. Have you told us the date of the wedding? Very exciting! -Jenn

  14. What pretty daughters...Your Thanksgiving looked wonderful. I am very familiar with all of the places you visited....since I am right over here in Ft Worth. If you come back...I would love to meet you for a cuppa coffee! Janey

  15. Now THAT is the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. A fabulous time with people you love -- the family you are born with and the family you choose! Love the excitement of the dress shopping!

  16. What a most eventful and Happy Thanksgiving for your family. Lovely girls, enjoy this most exciting time in your lives.

  17. So excited to follow along as you plan #1's wedding! Do you follow @being_bridget on Instagram? Her gorgeous wedding dress was designed by Nardos, it was stunning!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I will run over and follow her!! Have a good weekend.

  18. What a great Thanksgiving weekend that must have been! I'm sure her dress will absolutely stunning. You sure do have two beautiful girls!

  19. This is so fun to see you and your daughters so excited over the wedding planning. And yes, that red dress is a delicious shade! Lol, that little brat - umm, I mean little girl - at the bakery! Your Thanksgiving looked great. Have a good weekend!

  20. What a trip! And YES TO THE DRESS - hooray! So fun to get to do this together in a big way. What a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  21. What a marvelous time you had Katie...such beautiful daughters and what a happy time this is for your family! I am so happy Thanksgiving was such a joyous time for you...warm hugs and thank you for sharing such heartwarming moments!

  22. What a fabulous weekend, Katie! Your daughters are gorgeous, just like their mother! Oh my, the red dress is beyond stunning. Enjoy every moment of the planning!

  23. No doubt, best Thanksgiving ever for you and your sweet family. What a fun trip. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  24. Ahhh weddings so much fun! Both of our kids were married here at home one in the garden and one literally in the pasture! Enjoy every minute and good luck finding that mother of the bride dress. Now that is a challenge. Your daughters are adorable!

  25. I love that photo of the 3 of you at Nardos, good prep for the big day. I would have eaten everything at Bird Bakery. I make the Monster Cookies when I am trying to get in shape. You can eat one per month. Annie G

  26. A lovely post - what a fantastic way to spend to the Thanksgiving week-end. The bridal salon you chose looks awfully nice - I do love the cardinal red dress - you are right about the tone being delicious. The bakery looks lovely but I must say I don't like to see children in front of screens when eating. Gorgeous photo of your daughter at graduation - our public schools here don't have anything similar to that - it looks both beautiful and fascinating (at my school we were purposely dressed in a continually hideous fashion). Joanne x


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