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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Gift Guide for the Man In Your Life

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  We spent ours in Dallas with our girls.  The weather was gorgeous.  I took lots of pics and look forward to sharing them with you.

In the meantime, I put together some gifts for the man in your life.  For as long as I have known him, whenever I ask the Mister what he wants for his birthday or Christmas he always tells me the same thing - toys. The Mister is like a little boy when he spots a gift under the tree with his name on it.  If it looks like a clothes box, he always leaves it to the last one to open.  He then looks positively crushed when it turns out to be a sweater.

My Mister's mantra.

For the Handyman


This money clip is for the protective man.


This is the perfect gift for the man who is on the lookout for a hidden treasure.  Or lost change.

My Mister could open a warehouse to house his levelers.
Nothing is hung straight in our house, but he's got a treasure trove of levelers. 

These wristbands are the greatest invention since Spanx.

For the Man who works hard for his $$$

This wallet is perfect for the guy who doesn't like a bulky wallet.   


Credit cards are safe from being copied in this vintage-looking wallet.


For the hunter in your life.

For the Traveling Man

For the guy who drives with one hand and holds his phone in the other.


This vest is perfect for travel.  
It has got 16 pockets!
This way, he can use his two hands to carry your packages.
As my Mister says... she's always thinking!

If you are lucky enough to be planning a winter vacation, I'm sure your man would love to throw this little underwater camera in his bag.

A wide angle lens for his phone is a great stocking stuffer.

A multi-tool watch would make another great stocking stuffer for the adventurer in your life.

My Mister uses a backpack as his carry-on bag. 
This one has plenty of room for a laptop and also comes equipped with a USB charging port.  

Does he need a new Dopp kit?


Great inspiration!

For the Man who needs to work on his organizational skills


For the Man who loves to golf

These watches are made from PGA Tour licensed golf balls plucked from the water surrounding the famed 17th Island green at TPC Sawgrass.
This doesn't mean much to me, but it might to a golfer.

You could give him these knitted golf covers and tell him that you made them.
Your secret is safe with me.

For the chef in your life


A well-prepared chef makes a good chef.

A wireless thermometer for the man who has a tendency to undercook or overcook.



The Mister owns this barbecue set.

His favorite part is that the case looks like something that James Bond would carry.

My #1 gave the Mister a Sous Vide last year and he loves it. 

For the man who likes complicated machines as much as great coffee.


For the trekkie... how about a Star Wars coffee press?

For the man who takes skin care seriously


My future son-in-law loves Kiehl's.
Btw... he's got gorgeous skin.

For the Man who has cold hands & a warm heart 

For the guy who gets off the train and walks to work with some rhythm in his step.

For the poor guy who has lost his rhythm because he has to shovel when he gets home but still appreciates a good tune.

For the guy who has cold hands and is always looking for his charger.

For the Man who has music in his heart

We have a few of these Sonos speakers and love them.

The Mister bought these earphones for me because I can never find any that are comfortable. 
These use a new technology and rest outside the ear.
They are perfect for me.

For the guy that should stay away from karaoke and do all his singing in the shower.

For the Man who loves to read

For the Man who is in training

For the Man who is a good listener

The Mister is in a lot better mood when he gets home if he spent the time in traffic listening to a good book. 

For the man who appreciates a cold brewski


What man doesn't miss his old army men?

For the Man who is a sloppy eater

For the Man who still loves toys

For the guy who likes playing with Legos more than your kids do.


A drone AND a camera.
My Mister's dream gift.

An adult sled for the guy who would rather play in the snow than shovel it.

An electric skateboard would sure be a hit with the guy who is a mover and shaker.

* Don't forget to increase his life insurance if you decide on one of these.

For the man who likes to keep his toys clean

For the Man who needs an addition to his wardrobe


For the man with a big heart and a lousy aim

For the Man who is a multi-tasker


Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie, you must be amazon's favorite blogger! Wow -- what a list!

  2. Love it- We have a couple of things on that list so guess we are slightly "with it"...lol I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Sunday night and can work up some more lists for us! xoDiana

  3. You make our shopping so easy!! :)

  4. Thanks Katie! I just ordered one of those music beanies for my son! Also, have you used the wide angle lens for the phone??? I would love to have that for myself!!
    Dallas for Thanksgiving sounds fun!

  5. So many great gift ideas! Not surprisingly my son has several of these, including the sous vide device that he loves. Have a good week.

  6. I'm BACK!
    MISS ME?

  7. Katie, I think you covered anything and everything that a man could possibly want. My hubby would definitely like a few of these on your list, thanks for the ideas!

  8. LOVE these tips! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. You are spot on with the Kiehls gift set. I bought for my husband last year and now he is hooked. It's my favorite as well.


  10. OH MY WORD - you should write a magazine column. You are a woman who 'knows men well' (although please don't misconstrue that! The apron and the potty golf are right up my husband's street - it totally cracked me up. And the wifi in the hat. You need a blogger award for this, it was a truly brilliant and inspired post. I bet your friends love you. J xx

  11. Thanks for this list, Katie. I may get the remote holder. This has been helpful and has stirred up my imagination (and I need that). Thanks.

  12. Wow that's a whole list you got here well done! But what about fo the man who takes his grooming routine seriously and wants to stay ecoresponsible at the same time?

    1. Hey peri! i was on the hunt for my bf's birthday gift & recently discovered a brand; i think you will love it. It's called Wise's men care and they offer natural as well as eco friendly personal care products for men!

    2. Oh hi Lola! Thanks for the suggestion I appreciate it! Definitely will check them up but I wanna know... I have this biased thought that all natural products lack in quality and they don't perform as well as some other more mainstream brands out there. Is it true with that brand you suggested?

  13. Hey peri! i was on the hunt for my bf's birthday gift & recently discovered a brand; i think you will love it. It's called Wise's men care and they offer natural as well as eco friendly personal care products for men!


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