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Monday, September 7, 2015

Mom Guilt

Hello dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  We lucked out with beautiful weather here in the Northeast.  The Mister and I had friends over dinner on Saturday night.  I took some pics that I will share with you later.

I got a kick out of this video.  Hope you do too.

I am not proud of it, but I am guilty of every one of these scenarios.  I am also guilty of the following:

When the girls were little, I used to make up stories about a semi-fictional character named Barbara Smolinsky, who went to grade school with me.  Every story was meant to teach a lesson.  I referred to these stories as the Barbara Smolinsky Parables.

For instance:

One Christmas Eve, Barbara got up in the middle of the night and snuck down the stairs to take a peak at her gifts.  The next morning when the family went down to open their gifts, the only one who didn't get presents was Barbara Smolinsky.  She never fessed up and her family still wonders why Barbara never got presents that year.

 Barbara's Senior Picture

Another time, Barbara lied to her Mom and didn't brush her teeth for a whole week.  When she bit into her PB&J at lunch, two teeth fell out.  They never grew back.

There are many more BS (no pun intended) stories, but I won't bore you.

#1 and #2
The OJ Years

 Another thing that I am not proud of is having my girls, at ages 22 months and 3 months old, watch every minute of the entire OJ trial with me.  The Mister had no idea I had the trial on all day. One of  my #2's first words was OJ.   Every time she said OJ, the Mister poured her another glass of juice.  I never let on. 

That's enough cleansing of my soul.  
Now it's your turn.  
What Mom guilt do you carry?  

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Guilty of the OJ Trial thing too! My older two children were in school, but the 3 year old watched it with me. BTW, I had a painter here doing some work, and he spent a lot of time in front of the TV (along with me) instead of painting!

  2. Ha! That is priceless. Who wasn't glued to the TV watching that trial????!

  3. I know some people who watched the trial at work! Their names go to the grave though...

  4. Telling my son that I was going to send him to a foster home if he didn't get out there and MOW the grass (which was his ONLY job). He still reminds me of that- 25 years later. lol

  5. I'm laughing so hard, I have a tear in my eye!!!

    My Mom used to tell me stories about her "friend" — she wasn't clever enough to give her a name. Finally, I looked at her one day when she had launched into a story and said, "You had a lot of bad friends!" The stories simmered down after that.

    Happy Labor Day!

  6. You are so funny...a friend had an OJ issue as well...18 month-old who was an early talker snitched on her.
    My older son thought I had eyes in the back of my head because I could see him jumping on the sofa from the reflection in the dining room hutch. One day I jokingly said, "Hey... Let me show you those eyes." I started to pull apart the hair on the back of my head...he ran away crying....I had to confess the lack of eyes in the back of head. Mysteriously a recurring nightmare he had been having stopped.

  7. I feel slightly guilty about the fact that I read my middle-school child's diary. I remember being so shocked and upset by the occasional profanity. If only that was the worst thing I ever caught my kids doing!

    I was in the kitchen watching TV and making lunch for my child and a playmate when the OJ verdict was read on TV. I cried out loudly, "Oh no!!!!" - and the kids came running into the kitchen because they thought I had cut myself badly.

  8. OMG you have me rolling...(as usual).....your commentary was even funnier than the video. I can relate to every one of what you said including having a fictional "friend' if they are going to the beach with a friend its about "my friend" who underestimated the current and had to be rescued:) Or the "person I knew in high school" who ruiined his college days from driving too fast too many times and getting arrested, according to school wanted him. PERIOD. I could go on and on...would this very subject not make the funniest book. I think we are all guilty at some point of "molie" (that code for mom lie:) You have company not to worry! Enjoy the rest of this spectacular day, off to check my food I am preparing for company......

  9. oh how great. Why did't I have an old friend to inspire/frighten my children? You are so clever! Bet it worked better than any old Dr.Spock psychology. ha. did I spell that correctly? I watched the oj stuff too.

  10. You are too funny Katie, I can always count on a laugh from you! Oh my gosh, I'm so guilty of several of those!

  11. If only I had been clever enough to invent my own BS! You are hilarious and oh yes I was glued to the OJ trial too. Have a great week!

  12. I think I know a Barbara Smolinsky here in Chicago (a real one)

  13. of her first words was OJ??!!
    SO, DID HE DO IT?I would trust YOU over the JURY!

  14. Mom guilt.....yes. Let's see.....was it the time I bought the Kid Rock cd thinking it was Kid's Rock until I heard the F-word coming from the kids' play room cd player? Or the time I rented Beverly Hill Cop for my kindergarten age boys thinking it was a PG movie? Too many to count. And I was pregnant with my oldest during the OJ trial so I put myself on self-perscribed bedrest and watched every day! I still say "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit...."

  15. I can hardly wait to start using Barbara Smolinsky for my stories…that's brilliant and the pictures to go with them…hilarious. I can always count on you for a great laugh!!

  16. At what age did you break the news to #1 and #2 that Barbara Smolinsky was, in fact, your imaginary friend and not actually a poor, unlucky, toothless classmate? ;-)

  17. My eldest watched Saturday Nite Live with me when she was around 4. Her dad worked nights and she was company for me. She could do every character. I'm thinking that wasn't the best influence a 4 yr. old could have. It did give her a great sense of humour, though!


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