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Monday, September 21, 2015

Let's Talk Emmy Dresses

Good morning dear friends.  I woke up to a gorgeous, crisp Fall morning.  Last night was the first night in awhile where we did not need the air conditioner.

The Mister and I watched the Emmys last night.  We always bet on who is going to win.  I got the most correct, but the Mister won't tell you that because he's a sore loser.

All in all, I was very impressed with the gowns.  I saw a lot of hot pink and black.  This is my spin on the gowns.  Take it for what it's worth - while watching the Emmys, I donned a 2010 Old Navy t-shirt and 10-year-old Nike shorts that looked like they fit me 5 years ago. 

Big G, you look washed out.  I also felt your interview skills were even more awkward than ever.

The Modern Family girls looked great.

Claire - if you want the world to know how skinny you are, we got it.  Three words:  eat a sandwich. 

Mrs. Draper looked lovely.  
The color was stunning on her.

Waaaay too much going on here.

Elizabeth looked very pretty in pink.

My CSH sista, Gaga, knocked it out of the park with this stunner.

I'm sure there a lot of peeps out there that don't like this one, but I love it.  I think Maggie's got the cutest personality too.

There's only a few who could carry this one off, and January is one of them.  Now all she needs is a smile on her pretty face.  


Julianna.. you'll never get Ryan back by dressing like this.  You look like you were caught in a cat fight. 

Allison - you not only won an Emmy, but you looked great too.  It helps that you're practically 8 feet tall.

It's pretty hard to look bad when you're Kerry Washington.

Adam, there were some floundering moments during your monologue, but even more standing next to your wife.  Is she auditioning for a period piece, or what?

Mindy, you always manage to look great even though you're not painfully thin.  I love the lines of the dress, not so sure about the color.

Three words:  hire Mindy's stylist.

Three words:  hire Mindy's stylist.  
And one question:  did your kid do your hair and makeup?

A winner on the stage and the red carpet.  

Another great dress.

Lookin' good.  
Not afraid of dressing for her age.

Veep may have won, but you looked washed out in this one.

Positively fabulous!  
Another one who knows how to dress for her age. 

Looks more like a nightie to me.


  Tweety Bird called.  He wants to know when you're coming back to the cage.

What were your favorites?

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. hysterical and right on the money as always! I love Julia Louis dreyfus and Christine baranski...flawless and impeccable choice in dresses.

  2. Love your commentary! My favs were the Modern Family Women, Julia D., Christine B., Land and GaGa.

  3. Love your take on the styles and lack of stylists! Mindy's dress color actually appeals to me and most of the black gowns are truly classic and fabulous!! Baransky looks amazing!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  4. First of all, totally jealous of your weather (Now). It is still a million degrees here.
    Heidi Klum is so gorgeous. She had to try hard to look that horrible. I thought the older women like Julia Louis Dryfus looked better than most of the younger ones but the modern family cast (even the kids) looked great. I thought the orange is the new black women all looked terrible and everyone looked so sweaty during the awards which must have just sucked for all of them.

  5. Fashion Police called and said you could take over Kelly's job...permanently! You nailed every dress and bird costume. Thank you for making me laugh this mundane Monday morning.

    1. Maresc ... my bags are packed. Just waiting for the call. Thanks for taking the time to comment. They mean so much. Have a great week!

  6. Hi dear Katie
    How are you ? I enjoyed looking at some of these lovely dresses, I agree with you and love lady G, and Christine Baranski ( maybe because she is in one of my favourite tv shows ) I like a little pink..
    I thought of you last night as we began the final series of Downton Abbey :( but it was really good, and I promise you will enjoy)
    Sending love across the pond to you,

  7. Boy you and I are totally in sync...except though Jualian looked good great did Lady Gaga look? Shes come a long way from donning a meat dress:) And Christine Baranski and Jamie Lee Curtis....blew it!!
    Your comments were right on the mark, Claire Danes pained me to look at her, as did Adam's wifes dress, not to mention Heidi Klums (what was that)? Julia l. Dryfus looked fabulous as did Sofia. Agree that the modern family gang all looked fabulous...always fun:)

  8. I loved that some of the more "seasoned" actresses looked better than the young'uns. Maybe age brings wisdom after all. I would have loved to have heard you on a play-by-play. Crackin' me up!

  9. Love the commentary...especially the tweetie Bird...I needed a good laugh.

  10. Black dresses, hot pink, and Mindy's lovely picks! Of course black and hot pink are the colors I wear. Though not as well as these ladies. Ha! Sheila

  11. Loved all the pink....I agree Christine Baranski looked fabulous as well as Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I love the ball gown styles and Elizabeth's dress was classy. I am a pink person, so I loved all of the color! Agree that Claire needs a sandwich....and a pizza.

  12. Oh my!! Another year, another award show full of travesties. I just cannot like Guiliana; I try, but I just cannot seem to get it done. I will keep trying. Modern Family girls looked wonderful. What happened to Claire Danes? She used to be so pretty, but she needs some help...and a bra. I liked the color on Mrs. Draper, but the knot at the top of her dress is a distraction from the lovely draping in the fabric. Christina H. should fire her stylist; that gown is totally wearing her. I loved the pink on Elizabeth with the black detail at the top, and Lady Gaga looked fabulous. I cannot say I liked Maggie's look. Perhaps if she stood up straight and found a tailor for her gown as it looks like it is about to fall off of her. Love her pretty smile though. January Jones just gets on my nerves. It ticks me off that fabulous jumpsuit is on her and not on someone who knows how to smile and act nicely. Julianna is engaged to anther man, so I don't think she is missing Ryan all that much. She is probably the only one who can pull this look off. Allison Janney looks wonderful as always, and Kerry Washington's gown is fabulous; love the gold detail at the bottom. I cannot come up with anything for Adam's wife other than "shaking my head." Mindy looks great, and while I don't care for the color, it looks good on her. Our two funny ladies need a hairbrush and some makeup. JLD is wonderful as is Jamie Lee Curtis!! Christine Baranski is my hands-down favorite along with Sofia. Ol' girl looks like she rolled out of bed, and Heidi Klum looks just bad. Granted, it does not help that I am not a fan of hers, so I might be jaded.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!

    1. Lori... if you lived near me I would get nothing done because I would have marathon lunches with you comparing notes! Enjoy your week!

  13. We also thought that G looked washed out and awkward to say the least! The two Amy's may be funny ladies but they definitely played a joke on us when they showed up looking like they hadn't had time to consult a stylist. And we loved the diversity of these Emmy's - not only in who was nominated but also in what the star wore. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces!
    C + C

  14. hi i blogger from Indonesia delighted to be in the page you were so amazing I found your blog on google

  15. Love your award show posts! I’m - nearly - in total agreement with your assessment, BUT while Allison’s dress was fabulous, she couldn’t walk in it. Watching her attempt to get from her seat to the stage was painful. Julia’s dress was my favorite, such a classic look BUT she kept tugging at the strapless side of the dress. Ugh, hate that. I know I know, if you don’t have anything nice to say, blah, blah, blah . . . :-)

    1. Heehee... didn't notice Allison walking. I get the biggest kick out of these stars who are all dressed up and can't walk in their get-up. I loved Julia's too. Enjoy your weekend, dear Julie.

  16. My faves were JLD and Christine Beranski, both of whom can do no wrong in my book. Itis amazing that Sarah Hyland who is teeny, tiny and very thin can look beautiful and healthy while Claire Danes looks like a skeleton. It's all in the silhouette. Although I agree about the color of Giuliana's dress, at least the silhouette was flattering for her super skinniness! Have a fabulous week!


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