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Friday, September 25, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hello, dear friends.  First of all, I have heard from a number of my wonderful readers that they are no longer getting my posts in their emails.  I apologize profusely and have tried to figure out what is going on.  The only thing that I can suggest is to sign up with Bloglovin' and they will notify you when there is a new post on the blog.  Bloggers - if you have experienced this problem, I would appreciate it tremendously if you could tell me how to remedy the situation.

This post is a combo of weekend fun and my new favorite things.  Last weekend included two movies because the Mister was recovering from a bad cold and I couldn't stand to be holed up in the house all day listening to him sniffle and moan.

You may be surprised to hear this, but I am a sucker for a good mafia and/or gangsta movie.  I was really excited to see Black Mass which is based the life of Boston's most notorious bad boy, Whitey Bulger.  

There are a couple of things I want to say about the film.  First of all, Johnny Depp is literally unrecognizable in this role.  It must have taken hours for him to be made up every day.  The second thing is that his performance is so chilling that I am sure he will be nominated for an Oscar.  

The screenplay is well written.   Sure, there is plenty of violence and the f-word is every other word, but there is no way that the story could be told without them.

The story is an interesting one, and no question about it, the movie is great entertainment.

The Mister and I had no business going to see Everest.  We both detest cold weather and snow.  We are still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from last winter.  

And yet, we found ourselves in the theater donning the latest style of 3D glasses.

We both felt the movie was a little long but was pretty good.  We still hate snow, though.


Another fun fact about menopause:  the eye brow hair falls out and takes up residence on the upper lip.  This prompts my continuous effort to find the ideal brow pencil and filler.  I didn't have time to run to a cosmetics store, so I picked up Maybelline's Brow Satin up at Walgreens.  It is part pencil and part sponge applicator with powder in it.  I think it does a great job and is easy to use.  It also stays put all day.

Sista told me about this foundation so I had to run out and get some because I don't want Sista looking better than me.  CVS was having a deal on Revlon products - buy one get one half off.  The most difficult part of purchasing drug store cosmetics is getting the color right.  So I bought two colors and hoped for the best.  I have an oily t-zone and I was worried that my face would look like an oil slick after a few hours.  The foundation stays on all day and if you are looking for full coverage like me, it is a great product.  It did not make my face look oily either.  As a warning... when you put this on, you'll think it is too thick, but it's not - it looks natural. 

We picked up these 10 calorie crispy snacks filled with pressed barley, wheat, and brown rice.  Not only are they delicious, but they don't crumble with the first bite.  I eat a couple for breakfast with my low-calorie peanut butter and banana.  They are also great with cottage cheese, beefsteak tomato, and a dash of fennel on top.

With all the calories I am saving, I can eat more Twix ice cream bars!

My mother used to accuse my father of "overselling" things.  It could be anything from a car to a movie - he would say it was the absolute best.  My mother would then explain to him for the umpteenth time that during their 48 years of marriage that people have such a high expectation about that thing, that it never quite reaches it.  I feel that way sometimes when I recommend a book or movie to you.  

At the risk of overselling, I have to tell you that I positively adored A Man Called Ove and every quirky, mismatched character in it.  Basically, it is about a town curmudgeon that lives in a small town in Sweden who lost his beloved wife and decides that he wants to commit suicide to join her.  He sets up many ways to end his life and every time he's ready, he is interrupted and a comedy of errors ensues.   Upon finishing this book, I went through three tissues because I had to say good bye to the characters and especially to Ove.

And to top off a great weekend, my #1 called me last Saturday night and said she had great news.  Now when you are the mother of a twenty-three-year-old who has been dating an adorable young man, your mind always goes to one place.  But it wasn't that.   My #1 told me that she and Adorable Jonathon were at a tailgate at TCU and the loveliest lady came up to her and asked if she was #1.  She introduced herself as Vicky and she explained that she has read my blog ( #1 said "really?")  for awhile.  As Adorable Jonathon walked up, she knew him right away.  Vicky has two boys who are horned frogs,as well.  

Vicky - you made my day, week, and year.  Next time I'm in the great state of Texas, I would love to take you to lunch.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time...

Treat time!
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love that story about your fan approaching your daughter.....you are famous! Laughed about your dad.....could your dad be related to my dad? Who goes to the best gym, has the best library in town (at this rate probably the only library in town, so sad) and the most incredible supermarket known to mankind.....lol. Gotta love them!
    Thnaks for the book/movie recommendations. Used to have a serious obsessions with Everest- have read and seen I think everything on the subject...in my old age the interest has waned but I will still see it and along with the Johnny Depp movie as well. Have a super weekend!

  3. My email program stopped working for many of my readers, and all I could figure out was to ask them to re-register. After months of driving me crazy, it just started working again. Go figure. Now my problem for almost a year is that my feed doesn't update on sidebars of SOME of my friends with Blogger formatted blogs. Sigh. It looks like I haven't written anything in a YEAR!

    And may I just say, you have the cutest kids and dogs in the world! Have a glorious fall weekend. Jealous of your beautiful weather!

  4. Too funny about #1!!! She is being followed like a celebs child. LOL

  5. You are a celebrity Katie!! I must read the book recommendation and I really want to see The Intern, have heard it is really great! Really appreciate your makeup tips as I need eyebrows for sure!!

    Oh and I have you on my Blog Roll so your new posts come up on my site!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. How fun that your daughter was recognized by a reader!!! I had to laugh about what you think when your daughter calls "with great news"....I'm approaching that stage! xo

  7. First of all, While I adore chick flicks, I also love mob films (Watch Narcos or Peaky Blinders on Netflix...both are great). Second of all, what is with the moustache thing...I'm not in menopause yet but the last time I had my brows waxed, the girl was like" you want your upper lip done???" I've never had that issue before. It is like a cruel joke. Seriously.Not. Fair. xoxo

  8. I knew you were famous all along. I can say I knew you when. I checked Ove out of the library and then didn't read it. I'll have to give it another shot. xo Laura

  9. Some of my subscribers are not receiving my posts in their email inbox either, while others are. One of the blogs on my blogroll is not updating, and its new posts are not showing up in my Bloglovin newsfeed. I wonder if this is just affecting those of us who use blogger.

  10. Your daughter is cute as can be, and it just shows what a small world it is that she met one of your blog readers! I feel your pain with the eyebrows. As I pencil them in each morning, I think back fifteen years to when I was plucking and waxing to get them under control. Sigh... Have a great weekend!

  11. Happy Friday! Thanks for the book recommendation - I am adding it to my list! We enjoyed "Black Mass" too. How cool that you have fans!!! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  12. oooooooh.. would love to meet you the next time you are in town to see #1 ; and lunch always works for me too! And cupcakes after from the Bluebonnet Bakery and a visit to Hillary! Go Frogs

    1. Sounds like the perfect day to me!! Have a great weekend, Paula!

  13. Katie, I always look forward to your movie and book reviews. I loved the story about #1. Speaking of #1, I would love her to do a guest post about Fossil handbags, specifically satchels. I'm looking for a camel satchel and was impressed by their website. She has such a great fashion sense (from her mom, of course), I'd love to hear her recommendations.

    1. Susie... great idea. I will talk to her about it today. Have a great weekend!

  14. Luckily, I'm still getting your blog posts in my email - no trouble here. Awesome that someone recognized #1 from your blog and I love your daughter's reaction, typical kids! (maybe Christmas for that other thing - wink)

  15. Can't wait to buy the book rec -- and I use the word buy because you never know when I'll actually read it, but I'll have it here no matter what!

  16. I love your book recommendations! Can't wait to read this one. I may be like your dad, a bit of an over seller. If I love something I share with great enthusiasm and tend to wax poetic about my new favorite whatever to the extreme. I love sharing Good things! Speaking of that, I'm listening to The Martian on audible and it's an interesting and entertaining book. I'm off to buy the makeup. On any given day my eyebrows look like a cross between barely visible feathered lines that disappear within minutes of applying to a heavy touch that looks like tattooed caterpillars above my eyes. I'm not a pro at this eyebrow thing yet.

  17. I have had the same trouble with the emails disappearing from readers in boxes. I cannot figure it out. When I go in on my dashboard and unsubscribe the address and and then resubscribe them it seems to work but how am I to know who is not receiving their email?!?!? So frustrating and I am not on blogger so it must be universal! I'll go see the mafia movie based on your review although the constant use of that word does bother me - you are right though it's part of the story!

  18. YOU ARE A HOOT!There is NO ONE OUT there in BLOGLAND like YOU!
    I am one of those PEEPS who is not getting your POSTS!For me it happened with almost ALL my SUBSCRIPTIONS!
    I Love how your daughter was recognized as number 1.I think I am a WEE bit jealous............
    Speaking of CVS they had buy one get one for HALF off on the REVLON crayon lipsticks which I have to say are FANTASTIC!Try TWO when you go back for more foundation!!!!Then tell me what YOU THINK!
    Tell the MISTER I HAVE IT NOW!!!

  19. Your #1 must have felt like a rock-star beeing noticed by one of your faithful readers...I love all your favorite things and thus far have not felt like you have oversold any of the things you have mentioned in the past. Have a great day.

  20. Funny, as I'm sure you spent years being known as #1's Mom!

    "First of all, Johnny Depp is literally unrecognizable in this role" - a friend of mine has a bit part in Black Mass (true story - in the credits as Dead Mob Guy) and he rode a location bus with Johnny Depp in character and didn't recognize him.

  21. What a hoot for #1 and Adorable Jonathon! Sorry about the email problem! I'm still getting your posts faithfully. I hate when tech glitches get in the way of our tremendous blogging success...

  22. Ha! Yesterday I spent 30 minutes in Sephora listening to an insufferable twenty-something - who knew nothing about thinning brows - explain the merits of various brow pencils. My bad for being a few days behind in blog-land. Walgreens here I come!

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