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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hostess Gifts Under Fifty Bucks

Summer and entertaining go hand-in-hand.  Have you ever been invited to dinner or, even better, the weekend and you want to bring something besides a bottle of vino?  Now don't get me wrong... I'm not knocking vino - it's my favorite food group.

Here are a few ideas for hostess gifts.  The best part... they're all under 50 buckeroos.

William Sonoma

I bought this soap/lotion combo for myself and I love them.  I then bought another set for the guest bath.  One of my guests commented that she loved them.  So I bought them for her the next time I was invited to her home.   

William Sonoma

The packaging is well done and everybody can use some extra mixers and salsa. You will sure to be invited back if you include a bottle of tequila!

 William Sonoma

Set includes 2 types of caramel corn, caramel sauce, and a box of caramels.  YUM!

Pottery Barn

I love to give unique salt and pepper shakers. And everybody can use an extra set.

Pottery Barn

Great accessory with your favorite bottle of wine.

Pottery Barn

Love this graceful decanter.

Crate & Barrell

For the foodie host, a variety of olive oil is always appreciated.  At least in my house it is.

C&B Gatsby Pitcher

Love this pitcher.  Whenever I give a pitcher as a gift, I fill it with fresh flowers.  

C&B Gatsby Ice Cooler

This would be great to fill with bags of snacks or, if you don't have a long drive, some beers on ice.  Just make sure they're all there when you arrive!

Pete the Pizza Cutter
Uncommon Goods

Who doesn't need a cute pizza cutter?  

Pier 1
If you are a weekend guest at a lake house it would be cute to fill one of these with detergent pods. Think of all the beach towels the hostess has to wash!   If not, candy or puppy chow (for people) or dog biscuits for the resident fur baby.

Pier 1

This is darling - recipes written right on the cocktail shaker.
A new barbecue set is always a nice gift.

For a weekend stay, this would be cute filled with beach towels.  They are dirt cheap this time of summer.

And if all else fails:

This next

A nice doormat.  You do, however, take the chance of  your host showing you the door sooner than you thought.

Would love to hear your suggestions for unique hostess gifts!!  I promise to give you all the credit!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Fantastic ideas! I am bookmarking some of these for Christmas presents for girlfriends as well. I love to give a pot of fresh herbs along with a pair of herb scissors from either C&B or WS. Smells fab and they can use the herbs to whip up a fun dish later.

  2. Those are GREAT ideas- all of them. I agree with LKJ...they would make wonderful Christmas presents, too. Blessings- xo Diana

  3. I love the W&S soap and lotion set too! Wonderful ideas....l am always looking for new hostess gift ideas. I normally do a "Virginia" basket if I am visiting someone out of state with a Virginia wine, some Virginia peanuts, and a couple of small Jefferson cups. For around town I like to give the Mariposa cocktail napkin holder with a fun napkin weight or a hydrangea plant in a cachet pot. Happy to have some new ideas!

  4. I bought those baskets from Target and used as Easter baskets for my grown sons last year - wrote their names on the little chalkboard! I also love the soap and lotion combo from Williams Sonoma. Great ideas!

  5. Love your ideas Katie...cute gifts...makes me want to have a dinner party! For those of us waiting for our social security or trust fund check try making some cinnamon rolls or quiche for their next day enjoyment.
    Cheryl Ann

  6. These are all wonderful ideas. I like the way you think! (for me ).

  7. Wonderful recommendations, Kate! I love how you always throw in a little irreverence in your posts...they make me smile!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Such great suggestions - I love Williams Sonoma liquid soap sets and Target basket is so cute!!

  9. All these are so beautiful and thoughtful - I usually take flowers or wine with an ornament of some sort hanging from the bottle, but I need to think outside the box. Have a great weekend Katie :-)

  10. These are great ideas!! Love the little pig shakers:) so cute! WS is a favorite shopping spot of mine (was there yesterday!) and I like everything in there! .. also like PB. Like Vicki, I usually take wine, flowers, or an appetizer of some sort that usually has a server I can leave as a gift. The hand soap/lotion set is always a hit as well.


  11. Great ideas. I always try to fill a reusable item with candy or flowers or, my favorite, fun cocktail napkins that represent the host's colors or hobby or sense of humor. I simply wrap a grouping of these with some raffia and voila!

  12. I too am a fan of WS-found several great items there for Christmas gifts last year. This Gatsby pitcher is beautiful, I can certainly visualize flowers tucked inside.
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!
    Following along on bloglovin!

  13. Love all of your ideas. Lately I head to my favorite shopping experience. MARSHALL'S. I just bought a beautiful black and white cotton neck scarf for the hostess. She wore it through the entire evening.....

  14. So many good ideas. I love bringing fresh flowers or an orchid plant or I really think ahead..something monogrammed always makes a great gift. Many good ideas here!

  15. Love ALL of these ideas ( that pizza cutter is the coolest thing - I've never seen that !!! ) wouldn't that be great with a voucher for pizza?
    I've given a book - bookmarker - and bubble bath in a package -
    Silver plated " nut spoons " with mixed nuts and wine
    Pesto - with assorted crackers and wine
    ( I like wine lol )
    Have a great one!!!


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