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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Movie, a Seat, and My Fear of Flying

Since I was a child I have always had a fear of flying.  It continued until I was in my mid 30's.  It happened so quickly, I did not realize it even occurred for about an hour into the flight.  The cure, you ask?  The remedy did not involve valium, hypnosis, or behavior modification.  It was First Class

The Mister surprised me on a trip to Hawaii and had us upgraded to first class.  I sat my big rear-end in that beautiful over-sized leather chair, with champagne in hand and realized that my fear was not of flying but of coach class!  Bring on the thunderstorms and the turbulence!!  Nothing would scare me now. Believe it or not, this does eventually tie in with my movie review. 


Not me but wish it was.  So does the Mister.

Anyway, the temps in the Dallas area this weekend have been brutal. The Mister took Friday off and for some reason felt it was his turn AGAIN to pick out a movie.  I was not surprised by the one he chose.  But to soften the blow he made reservations at our iPics theatre.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of viewing a movie at iPics, you are missing out on the ultimate cinema experience.  As you enter the theater, you are escorted to your huge lazy boy that is large enough to hold Honey Boo Boo and Mama June in one seat!  You are waited on by a staff that puts the waitstaff at Disney to shame.  And the food...a delectable selection of appetizers, paninis, salads, and so much more.  Oh... and the best part... a full bar.  Yup, you heard me -  a full bar at your disposal.  

Not us... but wish it was.  At least I felt like them in those comfy chairs.

Not my lunch but pretty close.

I dined on the most delicious chicken lemon satay and the Mister feasted on the beef satay.  He ordered the pretzel sticks that were served warm and with real butter.  It was the most delicious lunch. Worth every darn calorie.

Oh yeah, the movie.  We went to see this.

Anybody shocked?  I didn't think so.  The plot is loosely based on a Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid theme.  Lots of shooting and chasing.  I will say that I think Marky-Mark and Denzel created great chemistry.

And this, dear friends is where my fear of flying story comes in.  Turbulence in a first class seat is no longer my cryptonite.  

And the same goes for a first class seat in a posh movie theater.  If I had watched this movie in a regular movie cinema, I would probably rate it a C-.  But viewing this film of ear-shattering gun fights and car chases that actually made me dizzy, it wasn't so bad.  In the comforts of my lazy boy, with my satay sauce dribbled on my chin, I give it a B.

Hope your day is first class!

This is not the Mister altho sometimes I wish it was.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. We wanted to see a movie last night - but couldn't quite bring myself to see the one you went to - you are a good wife - and the bar probably helped :-)

  2. We just got a place called CinéBistro at one of our malls that sounds like the same type of place...we will have to try it out! I have the same issue about selecting movies with my husband that you do...he goes for the "action/adventure" and I am always for the "chick flick" or "heartwarming story". I think I could enjoy a shoot 'em up movie with a comfy seat and a bar!

  3. We have Studio Movie Grills here...haven't been yet however. I am right there with ya...would much rather go first class in those comfy seats, but having a child 12 hours from home cured me last year. Whatever it took to see my baby girl! LOL (however, hubby with his long legs does generally at least upgrade us to business class) We haven't seen a movie in quite some time. Actually, I think the last one was Alvin and the Chipmunks...not sure why hubby won't go see Depspicable Me 2 and the Smurfs with me. I mean, come on, who doesn't love those little creatures? ROFL

  4. I wish we had a theater like thathere in Connecticut! We just saw Blue Jasmine...good movie!!!

    Flying first definitely spoils you for anything else...thank goodness for FF miles!

  5. Hey - I am with you - I love love love first class - not that I do it a lot - but it does make things a lot better! sandie

  6. LOL- Nothing says fearless like first class! Glad you had fun and I vote a YES for that last picture- xo Diana

  7. Popcorn used to be the incentive to get me to movies I didn't really want to see....now, it will be one of those chairs and a glass of wine!!!!!

  8. So funny! I need to try this place!

  9. Ha! I had no idea such a movie theater even existed- but its brilliant I tell ya! I've traveled first class maybe twice and definitely agree- its the way to go- the legroom alone makes it worth it :)

  10. After all the "kiddie movies" I have seen this Summer, any movie would be a treat! ;)

  11. A theater like that just opened near us. My husband doesn't love going to movies but he does love to eat and drink. This fancy-pants theater might be just the ticket (pun intended)!


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