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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Ace of Spades

Last weekend, the Mister, #2, and I found ourselves at the mall.  When you live in Texas in the summer, there's not a lot to do to escape the blistering temperatures besides staying home in your cool house, going to the mall, or finding a good movie.  #2 voted for the mall.  Shocker!
One of my favorite stores in Northpark is Kate Spade.  The first thing I laid my eyes on when I walked through the door were these shoes.  I'm not a "shoe person," but it was love at first sight!

Hellooooo Taxi!!  Do you have room for two chubby feet and one clingy bunion?!?

Love the summer colors of these!  Reminds me of watermelon.

And these are to die for!  Not only do I love the black patent leather, but if they were mine, I would call them my Krispy Kremes!

Wowzaa!!!  It's been 30 years a short while since I have worn heels this high, but I would be willing to take the plunge literally for these beauties.

Love the bows on the back!

Love these hot pink beauties, but they look a little narrow for my chubby feet. 

A purse as well as a nutritional snack.  Only Kate Spade would think of that!

Wish I had this bag when the girls were little.  If I had a dime for every time I said this phrase, I could afford to buy all pretty shoes  and get bunion surgery!

Hope you're having a great day!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Kate Spade has the sweetest shoes. I like the patent leather (I wear a pair of pumps to the office). I'm sure those TAXI flats have room for you:) bunion and all! Glad you are finding fun spots to escape the heat of summer.

  2. Love Kate Spade, and her sense of humor!! It has been ages since I've worn heels. I tend to be more a wedge kinda gal now (a little more stable). And yes, I would so buy that bag if I still had little ones!! The Taxi flats would sure come in handy in the Big Apple...you could just stick your foot in the air to hail a cab all the while juggling you loot from Bloomies! LOL

  3. OMGosh- I LOVE those TAXI shoes. I WANT them...lol I used to wear HIGH heels all the time-right through 4 pregnancies but gave it up after my ankle got inflamed. I miss heels-xo Diana

  4. I am not a shoe person but I love Kate's sense of whimsy - especially the taxi shoes! And that popcorn purse! Awesome!!

  5. I am more of a "bag" person than a shoe person but I have to agree those Taxi shoes are pretty darn cute. Would be fun to wear in NYC! I LOVE the Kate Spade store too...my daughter and I hope to visit her plaza store in Kansas City when I take her back to school next week.

  6. Okay I can't wear them - but number four - the high heeled sexy shows - love them. sandie


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