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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weddings Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  This week, I am featuring gorgeous short- and tea-length bridal dresses.  I found so many I split this post into two parts.

Ramona Keveza

WTOO Brides


This would even be great for the rehearsal dinner.

Rosa Clara
Get this girl a cheeseburger!

Dilek Hanif

House of Mooshki
Lovin' the lace.

Priscilla of Boston
Second wedding dress?

In my next life, I want to come back with her legs.


Kiko Jabotan
I wonder how easy this dress is to sit down in.

Christian Dior
OMG!  I never thought I would fall in love with the lining of a dress but I'm totally taken with this one!  Talk about a splash of "something blue."


That's it for today.  I am going to be somewhat sparse on my posting for the next couple of weeks because I am helping to get my #2 ready for her second year at college.  And, a week after that, I will be drying my tears.
I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by.  I never even had a chance to drop those 20 lbs. for swimsuit season!  Oh well, too late now...

Have a wonderful day.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Fun post - there is something about the short dresses I just love! Good luck getting your daughter organized and have a little fun while you do it :-)

  2. Katie you are AWOL.....it's Tuesday not Wednesday and where have you been since Saturday/???????/

  3. LOVE the Mooshki lace dress. So beautiful. I really love the short dresses- they are gorgeous. Hope it goes okay moving your daughter to college. The first one I cried all the way home- almost 4 hours- xo Diana

  4. Katie,
    those dresses are fantastic, I like the first one and the sweet simple one from pinterest. Enjoy the time with your daughter, I'm so glad mine went to college here in town, if she hadn't, I'd have been VERY SAD also, and you're right, time has flown by! It's almost scary how fast it's going! You just take all the time you need to recoup!!

  5. Some beautiful dresses though to me a long dress is the way to go, nice to know there are beautiful modern options. I hear you on the weight..I did lose about 10 lbs but think I have gained it back...oh oh, next summer!! Enjoy these few weeks with your daughter.

  6. Make me almost wish I was young and getting married again. You notice I said almost. I think I gained some weight back this summer, too. I am now giving myself a stern lecture and back on the healthy eating program. SIGH!!! xo Laura

  7. There are so many options these days. Back in my day.. 300 oops! I mean't 30 ;) years ago, my mom made all the decisions and the only women that would wear a short dress were perhaps ones that were on their second marriage. These are all beautiful Katie. Modern wedding attire seems to be dependent upon the venue as well as personal dress preference.. so many things to think about. Have fun with your daughter!

  8. Cute dresses. We are in the same boat. We head your way Monday! Welcome to Texas...it's 105!!! UGH. Hubs and I are going to spend a few days in Austin before heading home. The summer went by WAY too fast for me. Hope you have a safe trip up there. You, me, Christine and Vickie just need to have a Kleenex party in a couple weeks.

  9. Okay I'll take door number 1 - the first one - so regal looking. Good luck moving daughter to school and the tears. sandie


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