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Thursday, April 4, 2013


OK, now you know, I am one of those women.  I admit it.  I am addicted to watch Real Housewives.  I'm not proud of it.  I am also a fan of  Downton Abbey, if that makes any difference.  Don't judge me. Reality TV addiction is a tough thing to kick. 

All in all, I didn't think this season was RHBH's best.  It just didn't seem to have much continuity to it and it felt more staged than usual.  
But that certainly didn't stop me from watching it...

If I had to choose one housewife that I could be out of any of the RH shows, it would be Yolanda for a number of reasons.  First of all, I have often wondered what it would feel like to be one of those amazon women that everyone gawks at when she walks into a room.  Yo wears her clothes beautifully and definitely has no problem wearing the same thing two or three times (white jeans) when she knows she looks good.  

Another reason I wouldn't mind being Yo is because I am green with envy of her Hollywood lifestyle and home.  I adore her garden and her refrigerator that could fit a family of six.

And lastly, I want to be Yo because I could be as rude as I want and defend myself by telling everyone that I am like that because I am foreign.  Works for her.

The reason why I wouldn't want to be Yo is the fact she has lousy taste in men and waits on "my love" hand and foot.  That would get exhausting. If David Foster were married to me, he would consider it boot camp and move on to wife #8.

I felt Taylor was a bit of a nonentity this season.  Not a lot happening with her except she was drinking too much and lost track of  Kennedy's whereabouts for a day.  I think she was putting that "drinking thing" on so she would have some kind of story line.  
My bet is she will be gone next season faster than you can say "Jillzarin."

I tried to find a photo of Brandi "stirring the pot" or a cauldron, whichever you prefer.  She just loved to toss an oral grenade into a circle of housewives and then back off and watch everybody blow up at each other.  Just when I thought that Brandi couldn't get any worse, she drops the bomb shell that she thinks Kyle secretly wants Kim to fail in her attempts at sobriety.  OUCH!

Another point about Brandi.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that Lisa, Ken and Brandi make an odd threesome?  The 3 of them get a real kick out of each other and their menage trois.   To me, it gives me the creeps.  I'd rather kiss Giggy than Ken any day.

The best thing that happened to Lee Ann Rimes and her tarnished public image is Brandi.  She should write her a thank you note.

Oh, poor Kim.  She was definitely "on something" in Paris.  No question about that.  For being an addict, she sure takes a lot of medication.  She tries so hard to have Kyle like her as much as she likes Faye, which is a mystery in itself. 
I think it's time for Kim to leave the show and tend to her own personal issues.  After seeing her counsel Taylor, she may be able to do commercials for the Betty Ford Clinic.

The reason Kyle and Lisa were having problems this season is because I think they were both vying for the title of the Grand Dame of RHBH.

Mauricio certainly got more than his share of camera time this season.  And I think he kind of  liked it.

Kyle wants the viewers to see a calm, assured, loving wife, sister, overpriced boutique owner, and mother.  I think the camera loses focus though, and shows her as someone who feeds on attention and the spotlight.

Lisa was a much more affable person the first season.  But I think she got a whiff of fame and decided to create drama which brings on more camera time.  The renewal of the vows was the most  ridiculous circus and waste of time I've yet to see on a RH show.  And believe me, I have watched them all.

Last but not least...
the couple that gives a whole new meaning to

Is anybody shocked that these two are getting divorced?  The other housewives just couldn't believe it!?!  Doesn't say much for the intelligence of the rest of the crew.

How about that last scene that Paul and Adrienne appeared in together?  He was decked out in body paint hanging off a pathetic tree limb and she was snarling at him to get down.
Just another day in Maloof paradise.

Adrienne is now rocking Rod Stewart's son's world.  
Lucky him.

Every time Faye and Marissa were on the screen, I couldn't help but think of Cinderella's ugly step sisters.  Whenever they were at a party and a camera was in sight, they made a run for it and landed front and center in front of the lens.  These two bimbos didn't care that they had nothing to do with the argument - they put themselves smack dab in the middle of it.  It almost looked like they were auditioning... hmmmm.


BREAKING NEWS.... Rambo filed a suit against Yo's ex and Lisa's bff, Mohamed.  According to sources, Sly has accused Mo of some shoddy contractor work on his 2009 mansion.  (Wait, lemme get a tissue).  Mo swung back with a restraining order against Sly accusing him of threatening to blow his head off. 

I smell reality show!!

 Happy Friday!

Help me!!!!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. LOL! My emails to you are STILL bouncing back. :-( And, after reading a couple comments, I now know I am not the only one. Wish I could help, but I am sooo not techno savvy!

  2. I love them, too. However, I drew the line and refuse to watch Miami. I think Ken and Lisa feel paternal toward Brandi. I'm so glad Adrienne is gone. Faye Resnick makes me want to take a bath. I think Lisa's spinoff about her restaurant cheapened her. She is/was too classy for that. I could go on and on.

  3. I love Brandi, but I will admit she is a good Bravo employee and at the reunion I think Andy might have put her up to the accusation towards Kyle wanting Kim to fail - the too convenient clips of Kyle dissing Kim followed the accusation perfectly. Kyle's constant eye rolling drives me crazy and I want Yolanda's house and lemon trees :-)

  4. I love this and now I love you even more...now that I know that this too is your guilty pleasure (mine too)!

    Now lets talk this cast of characters...hehe. I feel 90% of how you do but am not a huge fan of Yolanda, I hate the way she talks down to everyone and like she is always in the know about well...everything. Just too much of a know it all, and her looks border on masculine in some ways...very "Ellen Barkinish" but shes a downright peach next to yucky gross potty mouth Brandi...ugh cannot believe shes on the show..soooo trashy!!

    Kyle is fine, Lisa is fine but agree she stirred the pot a bit too much this season and I laughed over the comments about Faye and Marissa (Marissa is particularly creepy in more ways than one) and YES the whole Lisa/Brandi/Ken dynamic VERY VERY bizarre. I am suspicious and Lisa is a fool to think that Brandi wouldn't' pull a fast one...one to hear my "conspiracy theory"....Brandi tries (and maybe successfully) to date Paul! Can you imagine....(I could with those wackos).
    Makes me really like, appreciate and value my own normal life....but it is a lot of fun. Great post..keep em coming.

  5. LOL- Thanks for the critique! I missed the entire season because of things going on here. I am always fascinated by the show but can't stand the Housewives of Atlanta...there is something wrong there-low class all the way around. I love your guilty pleasure- xo Diana

  6. I have to admit I don't watch any reality TV, but I do love Downton Abbey :)

  7. Such a good write up and I agree with it all. I do love these guilty pleasures.

  8. Yolanda's catering to her husband is a bit over the top (who does that?) I's surprised they didn't show a scene of her peeling grapes for her husband. Agree with Tina that she's a bit masculine looking, that said ~ I do find her interesting to watch and like her refrigerator and garden:) As for all the others.. what a mess. I usually catch up on this show when no one is home because my family/husband don't like the show. Like you, I'm balancing the trash out with a little D.A.:)

    Have a great weekend!


    1. oops.. That should be .. that?) I was surprised ..

  9. I agree, I think Lisa and Ken recognize Brandi needs a little parental love/support.
    Faye makes me want to retch, she is so horribly mean and toxic. I find Kyle to be a bigger "pot stirrer " than Brandi, Kyle lets Faye say mean and inapproriate things and acts surprised when the ladies wanted to leave her dinner party.

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