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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Delightful Dinner Party at Little Debbie's

Saturday evening, the Mister and I were fortunate enough to be guests at a dinner party at the home of my buddy, Little Debbie and her charming Mister.  Naturally, I slipped my camera into my purse and begged my friend to let me blog about the evening.  Knowing what a great couple Little Debbie and her Mister are, I had a feeling it was going to be an evening to remember.  And I was right (as I always am, according to the Mister). 

Little Debbie and her Mister live around the block from us.  My friend not only is always "dressed to the nines," but she also has a great eye for decorating.  Their home oozes warmth and charm.

The dining room looked beautiful with arrangements of copper colored roses and lilies.  Pure elegance.

Isn't the table gorgeous?  

Love these candles and candle holders!  The sand on the bottom is from their last vacation at the beach.  Such a sweet and sentimental touch.

This antique bench sat right in front of the french doors in the dining room.  Love the dried hydrangeas and the charming wooden antique box.

Stunning arrangements a la Little Debbie adorned her home.

I could sit in this living room forever!

Love the huge mirror behind this magnificent chest.

I adore this bed in the guest room.  If I ever get mad at the Mister I'm marching myself right down the street to my buddy's house suitcase in hand!  

I'm literally drooling over this table in the breakfast area!

Are they not the cutest couple?  Great cooks, too!  

For dinner we dined on a mouth watering roast tenderloin, roasted brussels sprouts, yummy risotto, the best crab cakes ever made (I kid you not), and a light refreshing ribbon salad of summer squash and zucchini with pine nuts.

Dessert consisted of delectable fresh berries and cream accompanied by shortbread cookies (my Mister's favorite).

Need I tell you, the Mister and I practically licked our plates!

This display of the specialty olive oils add to the charm of the kitchen.  Great gift idea, as well.

Isn't their outdoor area great?  The table and chairs reminds me so much of the one they used in the TV show Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you Little Debbie and Mister for a most scrumptious, enchanting, evening.  
It was a magical night to remember! 

Hope y'all had as great a weekend as I had!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh, Katie- What a wonderful dinner party. What a lovely couple you had as a host there and their home is just gorgeous- xo Diana

  2. I love the dinning room... I could steal everything in there!!!! The food looks so delicious! Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Looks like a wonderful get together...and yummy menu. Its all the pretty little touches that make it, don't you think. A beautiful home....

  4. What a lovely home, dinner and evening! Lifestyles of Teaxs at it's best. Do you think Little Debbie would share where she bought those pear candles on the dining room table? I love them!

    warmly, Kathleen

  5. Great looking couple! Looks like a fun time and their home is beautiful. The dinner looked delicious!

  6. What a beautiful place! Wish we had some couple friends who liked to do that sort of thing.

  7. What a gorgeous home, cute couple, and my mouth is watering. bet I can beat you to that guest room :)


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