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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Last week, my buddy, Dude called me and asked if she could do a guest post on my blog for my birthday. 

So here goes...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!

Happy 40 - something (+) to one cool, trophy wife (and now blogger) from Texas (originally Connecticut, then Illinois, Florida, California, The Woodlands, etc., etc.)

The fun for me began when we met at camp... guess who was one on my cabin mates???  So started a lifetime of friendship and LAUGHS!!  How lucky am I to be friends with one of the funniest people you'll ever meet! 

Katie the camper... in uniform -- white Peter Pan collar shirt, navy blue shorts and saddle shoes... Really??? Yes that is what we had to wear!!

Apres camp we were off to the same high school.  The carpool, Sonny & Cher, undercover dress up scams, the crushes, the proms, the laughs -- so many funny stories (actually, there's probably enough material to warrant a blog of its own)!!!  
We barely passed Geometry and French.  We were NOT part of the National Honor Society, Student Government or on the field hockey team.  
But, if there had been a "Laugh Committee", we would have been Prez and Veep!
I rate my high school experience as 20% academics and 80% laughs --- thanks to Katie!

High School days

Katie as a red head(although she truly believed she was a blonde)!!! 

The pup's name was Pepper; the only male in the family with the exception of Wild Bill, the current 95 year old patriarch.

The cool redhead in her groovy shades - she was a member of the Shade Brigade.

Typical Friday night hanging out with my bro - her hair is still red/orange (not blonde, like she insisted). 

Post college days, partying with Big John aka Daddy Dude.  He, too, is a big fan of Katie's!  Please note that the hair is now brunette!

I'm raising my glass of Chardonnay and toasting our 46 years of friendship, memories and laughter.
As we used to sing at camp...
"make new friends, but keep the old,
one is silver and the other is gold."
Happy Bday, Katie and thanks for keeping me smiling and laughing every day through your blog.

Aww... Dude, thanks for such a nice post.  Friends like you make it a lot easier to turn 40 in my mid 50's!!!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Happy Birthday Katie! I had to laugh about the "undercover dress up scams".

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you had a fabulous day celebrating!


  3. Happy Happy Birthday- How wonderful to have kept a friend all these years. What a blessing. I hope you had a fabulous day! xo Diana

  4. ps- Please tell me Dude has a blog!!!!

  5. What a sweet tribute, to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like have you shared a lifetime of wonderful memories, laughs and joys...may the best be yet to come! Hope your entire year is filled with much love, happiness and laughter:)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This is a wonderful post and I love seeing all the photos! I am wishing you a fantastic birthday celebration and an even better year! I also had blonde hair for a while there that wasn't really blonde......hehe.

  7. Happy Birthday Katie! What a great post from a lifelong friend. Here's to many more years of fun, family, friendships and fabulousness!!

  8. Happy birthday! What a fun post! Friends like Dude are gold.

  9. Happy Birthday! Isn't it grand to have a friendship that has lasted that long! I am blessed with a friend of over 50 years so I could so totally relate to this one. It's a true blessing, ain't it? I, too, lived in the Woodlands and am also a tennis player so I love to live vicariously through your blogs! Hope you and your Mister have a wonderful day and I'm sure he'll surprise you somehow for your birthday---can't wait to see that blog! Enjoy your special day.
    Jane B

  10. Happy birthday! That is such a sweet post. Love that you thought you were a blonde! My husband is the same way

  11. SO cute! Hope you are having a great birthday! Thankful for you!

  12. Wonderful Katie! Happy Birthday!!! This is a sweet tribute to you .. love the dress-up photos:)



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