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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mad Men

It's baaaack!
I have missed all of you crazy, unhappy, great looking people.  It's been too long.  You have not changed one bit.  And by the way... that's not a compliment.

Oh dapper Don... you naughty, naughty boy.  Is there any correlation between that pretty lei around your neck and the rest of your actions?  Speaking of which, are you kidding?  Sleeping with the wife of a "friend" that skied to the hospital to save a life?  Drunk and throwing up at your buddy's mother's funeral?  
With friends like you Dapper Don, who needs enemies? 

The one thing I love about this show is all the symbolism and hidden messages that are threaded loosely within the story line.  This one was by far the most obvious.
By the way, dapper Don I'm not even going to ask how you got that scab on your knee.

Sweet Megan... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DRAPER!  Walk  that skinny rear end over to ABC and audition for the part of Erica on All My Children.  If you get it, you can ditch dapper Don and you will be living on easy street forever.

What does Sylvia offer dapper Don that Megan doesn't?  

Betty... you need a theme song.  How does  "You're as Cold as Ice"
sound?  You show no love or compassion for your children and yet you chase a girl that you hardly know into the bowels of Harlem. You're married to the only nice guy in the whole darn show, and yet you have yet to smile.  

Dear sweet Roger... everybody adores you... your dear departed mother, your two ex-wives, your sweet daughter, even Susie B (my buddy).  The only one who doesn't love you is..... you.
I took Psych 101 in college.

Oh Peggy.... you have turned into a bad #$##% boss now that dapper Don is not breathing down your neck and asking you to clean up his mess.  You are smart and gaining confidence.  Quit giving your new boss the googly eyes and make a name for yourself.  I'm rooting for you!

Pete... love those sideburns and that sly smirk that you sport whenever you catch dapper Don making a fool of himself.

Is it Hump Day already?!?
Have a great one!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I have never seen Mad Men but that Mr. Rogers a looker! lol! No its not hump day yet! I'm counting the hours for Friday!

  2. I think Don has gained weight. He could have a heart attack during sex anytime now. Poor baby.

  3. My kids all watch this but would you believe I have never seen it? I love the era it is set in. xo Diana


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