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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

All About Audio Books

Hello, dear friends.  

How was your weekend?  

We entertained some new friends and some old friends for dinner on Saturday night.


I remembered to take pictures of everything except the entree, which was delish.

I was too busy shoving food in my face.

Our Miss Millie is not ready for primetime yet.  She spent the night at camp while we entertained and had a wonderful time.  We can watch her through the webcams.  No question about it, Millie loves to put on a show.  As the other dogs watch in dismay, Millie runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.

We have some company this week.  
Chowdah is staying with us while our #2 is in Chicago on business.

Millie is ecstatic!  

She hasn't taken her eyes off of Chowdah since he arrived.

Chow keeps asking me when #2 is picking him up.

For years, I have been trying to talk my good buddy, KTG, into listening to audiobooks.  I finally sent her one of my favorites.  She enjoyed it so much she asked me to send her a list of my favorites.  So I thought to myself... I don't have anything to write about next week.  This would be a great idea.

Before I begin, I want to share a couple of secrets about getting the best deals on audiobooks because they can be pricey.

First of all, if you join Audible, you get one free book a month and discounted prices on all audiobooks.  I save those credits and use them on the most expensive books.  They are like gold to me.  The Mister used one of my credits three years ago, and I haven't spoken to him since.  

After joining Audible, you are entitled to Audible Deal of the Day, which offers a specified book for under five bucks.  Many of the books are real stinkers, but I have gotten several good ones.

Also, if you are an ebook reader, have you signed up for Kindle Daily Deals?  There are deals on kindle books every day, and sometimes you can get a great buy on the audio if you buy the Kindle edition.  Here is an example.  

You can also join Kindle Unlimited, which offers tons of free ebooks and audiobooks.


One last thing concerning Amazon.  Did you know that if you are a Prime member, you can receive a free ebook on the first of every month?  You can read about First Reads here.

There is also an independent site called Chirp.  There is no membership fee, and most audiobooks are under five dollars.  I buy at least one or two a month.

And lastly, most libraries have a program where you can get audiobooks.  For instance, the Mister used to get most of his audiobooks through Boston Public Library, and he said that it was very user-friendly.  At least for him. 

Nothing is ever user-friendly for me.

I usually try to find audios that have stories with less than five characters.  Any more than that, this old brain blows a fuse.  I also like to read a book as well as listen to one.  No, not at the same time.  I found that I need to have two different genres; otherwise, I get all the characters mixed up and have a mental breakdown.  And that's not pretty.

So, KTG and anyone else interested, I have compiled a list of my favorite books that I have listened to over the years.



Until next time...

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  1. I love, love audiobooks! When our kids were little we did not have an in-vehicle video system but we listened to all the books… The absolute very, very best audio narrator was the Harry Potter series/Jim Dale. I do think the narrator makes a big difference in whether or not I enjoy listening to a book. I agree with you, though, if there are a lot of characters it is harder to keep track… Daisy Jones and the Six was impossible for me to listen to (although very well narrated) for that reason. After I read the book, though, my daughter was listening to it on a car trip and it was much easier to follow along. Thanks for all of these recommendations… I’ve only read/listen to five of them so I will be referring back often.

  2. I’ve never listened to an audio book but just retired so I would like to start. Need those tips. One question - what headset do you recommend to use? Love all your book recommendations- I only use The Peppy Empty Nester for book and show recs. A big thank you.

    1. Hi Grammie Babs... I was using earphones that were in sunglasses. I couldn't get them loud enough so I use After Shock earphones here is the link: They rest outside the ears. I can't wear the ones that go into my ears. I love them but not everyone does so try them out first. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

  3. I'm thinking of packing up and moving closer to you so I can get invited to dinner. I could be the new/old friend. Lots of good book suggestions. xo Laura

  4. I loved this post!! Your book recommendations are always so good and was glad to hear about options for less expensive books! Jenny

  5. If you end up with George, can I have Mister and the ingredients list for the appetizer skewers you served last week?? Blackberries--genius!



  8. Thank you so much for letting us know about first reads! I did not know anything about it! In February, you can get two free books. THANK YOU!

    1. Great! I've gotten some good book through it. Also, sometimes the audio is $1.99!

  9. I am loving this list! I rent audiobooks on CD through our library and listen in my car while driving my kids back and forth to school but I find I need "simpler" stories with few characters as well or I start getting them confused. Lately I've been listening to memoirs and highly recommend Rob Lowe's latest; Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I love that he narrated it too.

  10. I read both of Rob Lowe's books and LOVED them. Have a great week, Joanne.

  11. Three cheers for Rob Lowe's audiobooks, also enjoyed Katie Couric's though reviews were mixed I believe. Love nonfiction so want to check out more of yours. I'm also amazed how many books you've listened to!! Thanks for tips.

  12. Katie thank you for this. I have been meaning to join audible. I am going to share this with my readers on Sunday!

  13. Katie, so many good books! I listen to books in the car and in the background while I am baking or working. Get to the library friend, everything is free. Often times the audible books are the ones that are available because everyone is waiting for the actual book. I have Kindle Unlimited but Ive never listened to a book on it, I will have to remember to do that. I second the comment above, I want to come for dinner! I love the Misters' finger foods and snacks.

  14. Thank you for this PEN. I've been so confused by audio books. And with Audible I've had more than my fair share of ... ahem ... technical difficulties. But you've got my confidence up and I'm not going to let Audible be the boss of me. No siree ... Thanks also for the list of favorites. Wish me luck! xo

  15. Libby is a great source for audio books. Many podcasts talk about books making my TBR list longer.

  16. Thanks for all the great recs - I do enjoy an audiobook and my library has a pretty easy and user friendly service.
    Your Millie stories and pics are so fun - bless her heart she is intent on living her best life!
    Boy that dinner party looks so gourmet - well done!

  17. Hi Katie,
    I’m over here in Ft Worth …..homebound for the last couple of days. We can’t go out because of the ice. I feel sure you have the same weather..maybe worse? Audio books would be a great idea. What a super list of books. Wow your hubby certainly can put out a spread sigh…
    Stay in and stay safe….JANEY

  18. I really love audio books! I do so much driving with my kids that it gives me something to listen to (and it passes the time quicker) after I've dropped them off. My daughter moved to a closer school this year, tho and I have less time to listen to them now. Boo! I did not know about the First Day Prime! Ohhh! Good to know.


  19. I just listened to Crying in H Mart and highly recommend it. I’m checking out your earphone recommendations as I hate the in-ear options. Thanks.


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