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Friday, February 18, 2022

Reading, Watching, & Listening


Hello, dear friends.  How are things in your world?  All is well here.  The Mister took the day off, so we are getting some errands taken care of.  I'm sure there will be lunch involved.  Have I mentioned that the Mister is food-driven? 

On Wednesday, I met my buddy, Lori for lunch.  She is helping me design my new office.  As you can see, we are working with a blank slate.  Since the Mister will be retiring again soon, I want my new sanctuary done and fully equipped with a No Boys Allowed sign. 

Here is a rundown of what has kept me entertained lately.  

LOVED this!

Great audible.
The story is written by one of Anna's friends.
This is not the book that the series is based on.

Very good legal thriller.
I have read all of the author's books.
Personally, I enjoy him more than Grisham.
Thirteen is still my favorite.

Lovely story about three generations of a Cuban family.

This is a captivating story of a family dealing with the ripples of a tragedy.

The theme of this novel is the grass is always greener.
It revolves around two neighbors - one career woman and one stay-at-home mom.  Well told and enjoyable.

I just started listening to this beautifully-written book.

It tells the story of a young boy in Italy who needs a bone marrow donor and finds one in the US.  

... Marjorie's story, though full of beauty and grandeur, set in the palatial homes she built such as Mar-a-Lago, was equally marked by challenge and tumult.

This is on the top of my TBR list for historical novels.

An exhilarating novel about fast friends and fashionable revenge.

A return from the past knocks a family dangerously off-balance.

One of my favorite authors.

Three siblings.  A priceless family ring.  One legendary love story.

Yes, please!!!

Annabeth convinces her father to arrange an apprenticeship for her with the Jennings family--descendants of the creator of the famed Claddagh Ring.

This one sounds so good.  
I personally own a Claddagh Ring and have gifted each of my girls with one.

KTG... this sounds right up your alley!

... a gripping novel set in the high-stakes world of art forgery that moves across the globe.

I hope this book is as good as it sounds!

I thought this was entertaining.

I am LOVING this one.

Julia Garner shines in this role. 

This series has all the right elements to make a great TV show.
It misses its mark, though.

Premiers tonight!
I've been counting the minutes!

Until next time...

70% off sale price.

70% off sale price.

30% off one full-price item with code.

I don't even want to tell you how many navy blazers I have in my closet - varied styles and sizes.  This one may be joining the crew. 

I also have a thing for crisp white shirts.

30-50% off entire site.

My #2 has a couple of these and they look so cute on her.
Not to be outdone, I ordered a few for moi.


Good deal and great reviews.

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  1. Love the No Boys Alive idea. More to add to my reading list. SIGH!! xo Laura

  2. I hadn't heard of many of those books, and now they are all on my tbr. I'm going to check out The Cleaning lady - sounds like a nice change from all the historical drama we're watching right now. I can't wait to see your plans for the office. have a wonderful weekend!

  3. We started watching Cleaning Lady but I somehow got sidetracked after a few espisodes, may need to go back. The Woman in the House....a sort of parody on the Woman in the Window movie? My girls thought so, and said I might like it. If you haven't watched Reacher, you simply MUST! OMG, Tom Cruise was such a dweeb for Jack Reacher, but Alan Ritchson....magnificent! Love the asymmetrical button turtleneck! Fun times designing your own space! I'm still fleshing mine out - need a rug and my eyes cross looking for the right one.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Always enjoy your book recommendations!


  6. Someday I'll get Amazon Prime -- just for Mrs. Maisel!

  7. Love these book recommendations! And the Kristen Bell show looks fun too. Thanks, Katie.

  8. I always appreciate your book and TV recommendations. In fact, I read The Maid after your recommendation. I loved it. I'm almost finished with the Netflix series, Inventing Anna. I finished the first season of Kristen Bell's series. There will be a season 2. Yay!
    Karen B.

  9. You always find the best looking/sounding books to read and share!

  10. OMG my comment deleted.
    Okay there is a new preppy in my life. Shameless plug for the Weekend Edit tomorrow.I bet you know of him! Okay, so how much time do you have before the mister is home permanently. Your office is huge. At first I thought you were in front of garage doors with crown moulding. I thought maybe it was a Texas thing because you guys don't have basements, right? Happy Weekend! laura

  11. I have bookmarked this post because I see a few books I need to add to my list. Looking forward to seeing your new office, I am sure it will be fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend Katie.

  12. You got that right Katie ~ I LOOOve all things Irish and The Lady of Galway Manor looks perfect as I gear up for March 17th! Rarely do I look at book reviews/ratings because you have NEVER steered me wrong. Uh oh...The Mister is retiring ??? Just started The Maid and naturally I'm loving it!
    Happy weekend KTG☘️

  13. Thanks for the book recommendations, I've order several free samples for my kindle!
    Happy reading and watching!

  14. I saw the trailer for The Woman in the House... oooh creepy! And now I'm curious to know how it ends! Such cute clothes. I just had a few things delivered last week. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear them.

  15. I've wondered about Ms. Maisel. May have to check it out when I finish Sweet Magnolias. I can't wait to see your office, I'm sure it will be magnificent! Happy week!

  16. Pinning this for the book suggestions and shows too. I finished the Woman in the House (such a long title). I really liked it and thought Kristen Bell did a great job in the role!


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