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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Reading, Watching, & Listening


Hello, dear friends.  How was your weekend?  Ours was fairly busy.  We went over to a friend's house for a fun Happy Hour.  The weather was lovely, so we sat outside on the patio.

I spent too many hours trying to put on Millie's Halloween costume.  Have you ever tried to put a dress on a puppy?

I've had fewer struggles with my girls when they were teenagers.

Take my word for it... not fun.

I did a little outside decorating.

It's a lot faster at this house than it was at the last one.

And I got some quality reading time in while Millie fulfilled her quota of staring time.

“a powerfully evocative story of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit” 

One of my favorite authors has done it again.
The storyline is so unique and absolutely captivating.  As with all of Picoult's books, I fell in love with the characters and never wanted the book to end.  

An enchanting novel about fate, second chances, and hope, lost and found

I enjoyed every page of this beautifully written Boston-based novel. 
The narration was spectacular.

... a captivating historical mystery, infused with romance, that links the lives of three women across a century - two deep in the past, one in the present - to the doomed passenger liner, RMS Lusitania.

Great storytelling by three gifted writers.

 An irresistible, suspenseful novel about four women who marry into an elegant, prosperous Italian family and then must take charge of the family’s business when their husbands are forced to leave them during the war.

This book was like a breath of fresh air.  Great plot and unforgettable characters made for a captivating read.

Wayland Maynard is just eight years old when he sees his father kill himself, finds a note that reads I am not who you think I am, and is left reeling with grief and shock.

This one was okay.

It all starts with a promise from a stranger: 
We’ll take care of everything.

A fast-moving thriller that kept my attention until the bitter end. 


If your mother was missing, would you tell the police? Even if the most obvious suspect was your father?

I know that I am in the minority here, but I think Liane Moriarty's writing is way overrated.  The story never hooked me.  Also, the narrator's voice and over-dramatic reading were like nails on a chalkboard to me.

When Lux McAllister and her boyfriend, Nico, are hired to sail two women to a remote island in the South Pacific, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Okay book, but it dragged on too long for me.

Stephen Aston is getting married again. The only problem is, he's still married to his first wife, even though she is in a care facility for dementia. But he'll take care of that easily, by divorcing her - even if his adult daughters protest. 

I'm reading this gem of a page-turner right now.
Sally Hepworth never lets me down.

"They’re lying," my little stepson whispers, his blue eyes shining with tears as I tuck him into bed for the first time. "They think I’ve forgotten, but I remember everything. I know my mummy is still alive."

I'm listening to this one right now.
Pretty good, but a bit predictable.

Katie's book comes out today!  I am a huge fan of hers.  I'm curious to see if all the negative publicity is all hype.  This is the next one up for my listening pleasure.
Did you know I went to Katie's show?
You can read it all about it here.

The past may seem the safest place to be... but it is the most dangerous time to be alive...

 More than a thriller, it’s an action-packed, globe-spanning drama set in the present day.

The Mister can't wait for this one to come out.

 Patchett ponders this truth in these wise essays that afford a fresh and intimate look into her mind and heart.

Another one of my favorite authors.
I ordered a couple of copies to use as hostess gifts.  

A journey into war, but not one she’ll take alone…

A perceptive and powerful debut of identity and belonging—of a young woman determined to be seen.

The overdue restoration of Catherine Dior's extraordinary life, from her brother's muse to Holocaust survivor.

The perfect family? Or the perfect lie?

 A love song of a story about starting over and second chances.

Another favorite author of mine.

 A masterful new collection of short stories.

A“race-to-the-finish family drama.”

A deeply moving, life-affirming novel about residents in a small Connecticut town facing everyday fears and desires.

Sign me up for this one!

I was kind of disappointed with this season.

This show took my breath away!
I smell Emmys...

I love this cast of characters.
I miss Delilah, though.

 Will he or won't he?

Best season and cast yet!

The season was hijacked by Erica's drama.

Pure entertainment!

What an exciting season!
Who are your favorite characters?
Mine are Roman and Cousin Greg. 

We haven't finished it yet, but I heard that it ends with a bombshell. 

Sista & Co.'s book comes out today!
I am giving away two books.
To enter, answer the question below in the comment section.

If you could ask one famous person to join you at your Thanksgiving table, who would it be and why? 

Until next time...

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  1. One person? That's tough, but maybe Bethany Frankel (I think we could be BFFs) We would have lots to talk about and I already have a list of second choice would be Sonja Morgan (we would have lots to 'drink' about).....and the list goes Congrats to your sista - how exciting!

  2. Ina Garten. I love all her recipes, and have all her cookbooks. She always looks like she's having fun. I love how down to earth she is.

  3. Thanks again for the recommendations. I agree with you about many emotions!! I read the book, Emily's House and enjoyed it. It is about Emily Dickinson and her Irish maid. How exciting for your sister and her sons!! A guest I would enjoy having at my Thanksgiving table is Patricia Heaton. I have enjoyed her as an actress since she was the gynecologist on 30 something!!

  4. I would invite Matthew McConaughey. No explanation necessary! :)

  5. Haha! I'm not actually unknown - well I mean to Matthew, I am but anyway... - just in case you need it for anything. :)

  6. Elenor Roosevelt , because I’d love to know all the back stories of that time!
    I think she’d be a gracious guest and not fussy eater too!😁

  7. I would invite Diane Keaton. I would love to discuss her book “The House that Pinterest Built”.

  8. I would invite George W Bush. I'd love to hear more about his life and how he leaned on his faith through 9/11.

  9. I'd invite Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Love their designs and they are both so charming.

  10. I would invite Thomas Jefferson and ask him to bring that macaroni and cheese and some of his wine.
    Regarding New Amsterdam, I like all the characters except for Veronica but the storyline is getting ridiculous.

  11. Reese Witherspoon --- with the hopes she brings a fun southern dish and a fabulous hostess gift!

  12. Agree with you regarding The Maid, mind opening.

    I would need to invite two people to Thanksgiving, Jan Karon/Mitford Series and Louise Penny/Gamache Series. Two of my favorite authors. Would love to live in either town and interact with the characters in each.

  13. Sista's book looks great; congrats to her! And, thank you for all of the new reading suggestions to add to my list. I'd choose Dolly Parton; I admire her for her grit and down-to-earth personality, her generosity, and of course her amazing voice.

    1. Yes, Dolly, was trying to think of someone…good idea!

  14. Can't wait to read some of those books. I would invite Daniel Craig because I saw the latest Bond movie and will miss him as Bond. Congratulations to your sister on her book!

  15. Andrew Cotter...with Mabel and Olive.

  16. I would invite Jennifer Garner. She is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. We could visit about her children, building homes and cooking. It would be a fun time.

  17. My dad, I miss him so much. I would introduce him to his great grandchildren and he would be so surprised to see we have triplets in the family. I would talk with him about life in the early morning hours before the sun comes up, just like we use to do.

  18. I always love your books and video posts! I must get that Ann Patchett!

  19. I would invite my grandparents who have been going for many years now. Love all of these books, I see several that are new to me and many that I have read. It is funny because I do not watch tv but whenever you post one of these roundups I see one or two things I should be watching. Thank you for sharing.

  20. You didn't say dead or alive, so I am going with Jackie Kennedy. I think it is fascinating how she spun the whole Camelot story and made it a thing to add even more luster to her husband's legacy.

  21. Although not famous in the way you were looking for I would invite my dear mom who is no longer with us.
    She was famous for her recipes part, particularly her Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes. We replicate them every year to keep her close to us. My mom was a generous and gracious hostess, and this year I would invite her to just sit and take in the beauty of the traditions and the family she created.

  22. I like your flower pot!
    I'd invite Ina Garten's model friend TR over for Thanksgiving (and I'd make a reservation at a restaurant for my family).

  23. Ina Garten! I would love for her to whip us up some cocktails and talk about her favorite recipes!

  24. Louise Beavers. I want her to tell me everything! She was a standard in those earlier films.


  25. I would invite Ina Garten, and hope she’d cook! Wow, congratulations to your sister and her sons. I agree with you about Maid. ♥️♥️♥️

  26. No need for famous people here. My grandmother! To hear her gentle voice and smell White Shoulders perfume. The very best pies and cornbread dressing. I think she would be happy to see her family. I miss her every day.

  27. It would be you and we could talk about where to buy cute ponchos!

  28. Oh my goodness, you read a lot! Appreciate all the recommendations and witticisms. Happy Halloween to you and yours! Dolly Parton at the table, inspired by another reader. I’m going to pose this question to friends and family.

  29. Thank you for all the recommendations. I have heard enough so-so reviews of the Liane book that I took it off my TBR list. Can't wait to watch the new season of Succession!

  30. If I could ask one historical person to eat at our thanksgiving table it would be Amelia Earhart. The stories she would tell would be awe inspiring. My daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughter could learn a lot from this lady.

  31. Looks like you read some great books this month!

  32. Thank you for the books and movies/series recommendations! I would invite Diana Gabaldon. I'm a huge fan and am looking forward to her new book in the Outlander series, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Home.

  33. Really enjoyed Maid. At one point I thought they have done a great job casting Andie McDowell’s daughter and decided to google her. I was surprised to find out she is her real life daughter.

    I’ve also watched some of You.

    Haven’t read any of the books but will keep them in mind.

  34. Another vote for Ina! Her recipes never fail. She seems so genuine and warm on TV. I would love to spend some time with her!

    I loved Maid!

  35. It would have to be the Mister. Of course we would hope he would cook us the Thanksgiving Day feast as well. Your posts of his food has had me drooling many times.

  36. I’d invite Barack Obama (I hope he’d bring Michelle). I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be president but I think he wanted to do it for the right reasons. I’d love to hear more about it.

  37. Millie is adorable in her costume! Outlander book 9!!!!! Thank you for posting that! I pre-ordered it and can't wait! Thank you! I really like New Amsterdam. Another fun post, Katie. Thank you! xo

  38. Sisata's BOOK arrived today ~ it's incredibly beautiful and loving and filled with so much eye candy that I made myself put it down so I have something to look forward to each day! Will be giving her adorable aprons as early Christmas presents. I'd invite Ellie, my 1 of a kind mother, so she could share with my girls everything she knew about cooking and life! (I didn't pay attention to the cooking part like I should have) I love your suggestions, thanks! KTG

  39. I would love to have lunch with my friend, Melinda. I love that our favorite book ever is Beach Music by Patrick Conroy. I imagine our views on so many things are similar. I think a Non Reading Book Club for someone who loves to read, would fit into her world as well. As Red says in Shawshank Redemption, “Sometimes, I just miss my friend.”

  40. I'd invite Michele Obama because I bet she could tell
    some stories her husband couldn't! Though I sure wouldn't want to take her away from her family on Thanksgiving, so a drink or tea anytime over the holidays would be completely fine!

  41. I'll go with Ina Garten too. I love her show, her books, and her beautiful home in the Hamptons.

  42. I always save your list of worthwhile books to read. I always agree after I read a book you've recommended.
    I would invite Willie Geist. He is one of favorite interviewers and seems like a genuine nice guy.

  43. I always wanted to my my idol Lucille Ball.

  44. And why?? sorry too fast with the enter button, cause I Love Lucy!!!

  45. I am the unknown/Rosellen Siebenthal

  46. I really enjoyed The Glass Ocean, too. So many great ideas for Thanksgiving guests - I think I'd go with Ina Garten too.

  47. I would ask Matthew McConaughey because my entire family would enjoy his stories and that smile! All day long with a slice of pie!

  48. Please do NOT prompt me to buy another book, girl! Mst of my purchases are your fault1
    I've heard great things about Maid. I don't have a lot of time for television watching on top of reading, writing, and listening to podcasts. Still, you are always an inspiration to do more. ❤️


  49. You keep me in the entertainment no my dear friend! Although I must say, we are watching both of those shows I love Max and Helen on the Instagram but I hope he does not go to Europe! We too are disappointing with Goliath, in fact, I was so disappointed we stop watching it, LOL! So excited for Wish You Were Here by Jodie P. And too funny, Roman and cousin Greg are my favorites as well!

  50. I would ask Katie Clooney. I never get tired of her stories, which by the way, are getting better as she approaches the age of 50! She loves chardonny, as do I. She keeps me laughing - which is good for the soul!

  51. That one famous person would have to be Nancy Meyers! Hear about movies past and hopefully she would slip and tell me she has another in the works!!!! Also would pick her brain on decor. Her sets are always the best.

  52. Jennifer Garner, would love to sit and chat with her.

  53. Katharine Hepburn! I would love to hear her stories!

  54. Melissa McCarthy.....or Dolly Parton. So many good suggestions here!

  55. I'm with you and LOVE Katie Couric, so in celebration of her book (that I received this week yay), I am going to say Katie. She seems like she would be a really good time.


  57. I think I might invite Mohammed Ali just to hear his humor and learn more about his commitment to his ideals. I put his money and mind where his heart was.
    I hope Gobble gets to make it to our Thanksgiving table since we're gathering together again, finally!

  58. Paul McCartney. So talented and interesting.


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