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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

My Favorite Wardrobe Item

Hello, dear friends.  Did you have a good weekend?  I could sum ours up in a few words:  too much eating and not enough exercise.  Now you know it was good. 

My girls tell me that I talk too much about the weather here.  I can't help myself.  To call our Fall weather spectacular would be an understatement.  We took advantage of it by spending a lot of time reading out on the patio.

Today I am going to talk about a subject very close to my heart.

The almighty poncho.

The first time I wore a poncho that comes to mind was in 2005.  We were invited to a Halloween party, and naturally, I put off finding a costume party until the last minute.  

While pulling my hair out thinking of a costume, the News came on airing a story about Martha Stewart leaving prison.  As soon as I saw what she was wearing, a brilliant idea was born.  Now all I needed to do was find a poncho.

I found a knitted one similar to Martha's at Marshalls.  That evening,  I donned my poncho and topped it off with an ankle monitor made out of construction paper.


Martha would have been mortified if she had ever caught a glimpse of me. 

That night opened my eyes to the perks of the poncho.  First of all, it was very warm.  Secondly, and most importantly, my poncho hid a multitude of sins.  It was long enough to cover the postpartum baby fat that I held on to for twelve years, as well as camouflaged my generous Kardashian derriere.  

Not only was it a miracle,

it was a Halloween miracle.

Through the years, I have been a tenacious advocate of the poncho.  I eventually broadened my horizons by branching out to capes.  By the way, I got the above little number at a steal during an ongoing Christmas sale at J Crew a few years ago. 

Every time I wear it, the Mister tells me that I look like a character from Call The Midwife.

The Mister believes the old adage... 
the more you tell the joke, the funnier it gets. 

Bring on the ponchos!

It's reversible!
Like getting two for one!

I learned something while researching this post.
I had never heard the term ruana, have you?
To me, the ruana is a poncho wannabe.
It makes a great statement, though.

Great price on cashmere.
5 stars across the board!

This is what they call a poncho sweater.
Good news: it's on sale.

Wool and cashmere.
Several colors.


Tons of color combos.

A poncho is a great way to dress up a pair of jeans.

I can tell this lovely lady shares my enthusiasm.
Maybe we could start a poncho club.


So cute and great price.

Another benefit of ponchos?
They are sized Small, Medium, and Large.
And some are one-size covers fits all.

As much as I love this one, I couldn't wear it because Millie would bite off all fringe. 
Puppies are so much fun!


This is what is known as a pricey poncho.

I smell a Halloween costume idea brewing...

Chances are, if you wear this to a Halloween party, they won't care who you are trying to be!

What about you?


Yay or Nay?

Until next time...

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  1. Yes! I just purchased a pretty poncho at JJill. It's gray and white......so cute! I so enjoy reading your blog from Indiana! Happy Tuesday!

    1. I have two from J Jill that I bought a couple of years ago. Thanks for telling me about the one you bought. Really cute! I added it to the post. Have a wonderful week. PS... Teachers are the best!!

  2. Wish you had included your Christmas Tree Skirt poncho!

  3. You've rounded up some really cute ones! I need to pull mine out for the season! Fall is the perfect time to wear them.

  4. Adding ponchos to my wardrobe list. Btw, this post reminds me of your infamous Christmas tree skirt poncho story!!

    1. Hi Kristen.. you are not the first one to mention that!! Hope you have a great week!

  5. OMG, I LOVE ponchos...on everyone else! I see my tall friends in theirs and I want to immediately go shopping to find one that fits my munchkin shortness. I try them on and I look like I'm wearing a bed blanket. I'm waiting on one I ordered from JCrew that is sweater weight and looks like it is shorter then most. Here's to hoping.
    In my next life, I'm coming back in a 5'9" body with long arms and legs!!

    1. I want to get in on that 5'9" pipe dream with you... Have a great week.

  6. Hi, Katie,

    I purchased the two toned Melifluos poncho upon your recommendation from a previous post. It was supposed to go with me to Spain last year but Covid-19 cancelled that plan. Now I wear it around the house since I am always freezing. Looks much better than an afghan.

    1. You go Cookie! Ponchos are great for travel. I took two to NYC a couple of years ago for a long weekend in December and I just layered my clothes. And I didn't have to wear/carry a bulky winter coat. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Katie, I LOVE ponchos! I think they look fabulous and stylish and as you say hid a multitude of issues, not to mention they are super comfy.

    I am off to check out a few of these.

  8. A nice lightweight poncho is made by Kerisma. I accidentally left mine in Napa a week ago. I’m so sad. Perfect for the temperature there. Will reorder through their site. The store in Wheaton doesn’t carry that brand anymore

  9. I love ponchos too! I have several, from summer weight to blanket weight. They're awesome. These are some great ones.

  10. I actually bought a ruins last year at the Nordstrom anni sale but haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it but temps are dropping and I plan on giving it a whirl this week.
    Laughed out loud reading your post.

  11. You found some great ponchos for us! I love them for all the same reasons you mentioned! LOL Going back to check out a couple of these! Thanks Katie! xo

  12. I need to update my wardrobe with a new poncho! A couple of these caught my eye, I'm going back through and hope they are still available! Thanks Katie, you always have great suggestions..........

  13. Yay, love a poncho and you've found some really cute ones!

  14. I have worn ponchos throughout the years and my favorites are the cashmere ones in my closet and one from Zara which is a block colored one in neutrals. I REALLY love the cable knit one you shared from Etsy and that pumpkin one, but so many pretty ones!
    My dad must have also beleived in the adage of telling jokes more often... We got so used to hearing stories, my siblings and I would sing in Unison, "Heard it"!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  15. Oh, Martha...knitting away in prison, always making the best of everything.

    I am totally interested in ponchos again thanks to your post. I have a simple black knit with a fur collar for a downtown wedding a year ago. So perfect to wear over a dress if it's valet parking, otherwise you need a down puffer coat here in the Midwest! Pure elegance.

    I love that first chunky knit from Etsy. Do you find their shipping costs too high? I was looking at a leather purse and the shipping was almost half the cost. Definitely taking a good look at these. Thanks, Katie!❤️

    Jane x

  16. Gosh, ponchos sure have changed over the years. These are gorgeous! I don't think I will ever wear a poncho again though. They were popular when I was growing up and the last time I wore one was in Jr high. Not a good time of life for me. :) But these are stunning. I may have to rethink them...

  17. Just read the lovely article about your sister and nephews in the October issue of American Essence magazine. Congratulations to them on their new book!

  18. I keep wanting to want to wear ponchos but haven't yet. I've tried on many but I am not sold on them. I am more inspired to try again seeing all the ones you shared :)

  19. I love ponchos too, and you have found some great one. We have a lot of poncho winter weather in Atlanta. xo Laura

  20. I've had a couple of ponchos but have just never "loved" them. But, after this post, I may order a couple of these and try again. Chicos has lots of the ruanas but I've never bought one of them either. I like the sweater poncho and am about to go check it out. Happy weekend Katie!

  21. I will take one of each, LOL! Actually, I saw a couple in there that I own, LOL! Ponchos are just the epitome of class and that’s why you look so amazing in them dear Katie! Have a great weekend!


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