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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Prime Time

Hello, dear friends.  Did you have a good weekend?  Ours was very relaxing.  The weather has been picture-perfect so we spent a lot of time out on the patio.  

Friday evening, we had some neighbors over for a happy hour.  The Mister whipped up some delicious snacks for us to nosh on.

Mouth-watering lamb chops

(my fave)

Grilled pears, prosciutto, roasted cauliflower, cheeses, and pistachios 

Spicy shrimp, slaw, and andouille sausages

Today, I am joining my friend, Tanya, who is hosting Prime Purchases.  It is my favorite link-up because I love to see what other bloggers are buying on Amazon.  I always walk away with a few extra items in my cart.

Here are some things that I bought this month.

I bought two of these for my doors.

I picked up one of these because it looked like it would be flattering.
I'll keep you posted.

I ordered a couple more of these lightweight sweatshirts to wear around the house.

We have gone through three of these retractable leashes.
Hopefully, this one will last.

We've worked into the extreme chewing toys.
Better this than my wrist.

I bought more of these cat leashes for my feisty puppy. 
I keep one on her all day so that I have a ghost of a chance of catching her.

This is filed under why didn't I think of this?
It is a bully stick holder.

Millie loves her bully sticks, but she needs leverage to keep them in place.  This holder works out better than my foot.

I've been using this for years since my Derm suggested it.
Best bang for the buck.

Lots of bloggers have talked about how great this reasonable primer is.
They were right. 
My makeup goes on so smoothly.

Another blogger fave.
This is a quarter of the price of the Sunday Riley brand and is just as good.

I am still wearing shorts in this Texas weather.

The last box I bought of this tint was a year and a half ago.
This does wonders for those random grey eyebrow hairs.

Another great product for touch-ups days before my next color treatment.

I have a cut-out in my shower for all of my miracle products.
Now, I give Millie a shower after a hard day at camp. I need a shelf for her beauty products, as well.

My shower cap is about 30 years old.
I decided that I needed a new one.
Who knew there was such an assortment on Amazon?
I picked up a few as stocking stuffers.

The Mister's Orders

The Mister calls this his air fryer's best friend.

I guess we got rid of all of our trays in the last move.
Two for the price of one!


Quote from the Mister:
You would need one of these, too, if you were married to Katie.

That Mister, he's a regular Jerry Seinfeld.

He loves these things.

We must have 30 pairs of scissors in the house, and I can never find one of them.

The Mr. grills veggies every Sunday so that we can eat them all week.

The Mister wanted me to tell you that he enjoyed both of these books this month.

I am reading Good As Dead and listening to The Godmothers and thoroughly enjoying both of them.

Until next time...

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  1. You are NOT good for what ails me at all!:o)) I always add a couple of things to my cart after stopping by your post. I have used the Jergens for years and love it and I also use Affresh. Good stuff! Now, off to check out a couple of your other finds.

  2. Good morning Katie! No one on the planet makes food look so 💗 enticing as the Mister’s! I can never get enough photos of his gorgeous food or your fabulous table settings, keep them coming! Hanging onto every word you write about Millie as we’ve moved up from spring to this winter for getting a puppy…😳 KTG

  3. How lucky your neighbors are to have a chef move in next door. Thanks for all the shopping ideas and for linking up to Prime Purchases!

  4. I don't know how you stay so trim with such an amazing cook in the house!

  5. I just got affresh for my diswasher, did you know you are supposed to clean it once a month?? I sure didn't! I need to get some for the disposal. Mister's apps look divine, I love grilled lamb "lollipops" as we call them...your neighbors will be back often!

  6. Wow love the close ups and descriptions of the food. My guy is a wonderful cook and grill master though presentation isn't top of list! Gray eyebrow hairs, thought I was the only one, brilliant! And the root touch up I need to move on, I've been using root touch up dye kits over the counter and I get the worst allergic reaction/itchy eyes/skin that I forget about until I use it again in a few months!!?? Usually right before I take a vacation too. Ugh! Great thought (thanks for listening)...I need EVERYTHING with pockets or I lose my phone in the house. Thank you!!

  7. Always fun, Katie!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  8. Great shares - thank you! The mock turtleneck reminds me of one from JJill I have from several yrs ago, and a lot less expensive!

  9. We love those stainless steel grill pans!

  10. Will the Mister Master tell us exactly how to prepare these treats? What a perfect assortment of beauty and taste ❤️

  11. So many great finds!!!! I cannot wait to get a few of these, the shower cap and the duck fat are already in my cart~!

  12. My dog loves those bully sticks too! I think we need to get him a holder! Great idea!

  13. Hi Katie! I love your blog! I have been following for a few years now and laughing all the way!! LOL! I went back to the good old dictionary and looked up the word snack. Yogurt is a a SNACK!!!! What the Mister prepared was a 5 star meal!!!!! LOL!! is the deal.....I take yard duty of picking up after the pups for 2 months if you will lend me your amazing chef the Mister for just one week!!! LOL!! Deal? Have a beautiful day Katie and I will see you in the next one! Hugs! :)

    1. Hi Linda... it's a deal. I'll have my people call your people.

  14. I agree with Lea, it is not always good to visit your Prime posts because it ends up costing me. This time I bought 2 of the corner units for my guest shower. I hadn't seen them before (hadn't even thought to look) so now I will have them tomorrow. I really like the crew neck sweater, but am holding off on that for now.

  15. So many great finds! What a great idea for the bully sticks! Rosie struggles with them and it's especially hard when they get smaller. Enjoy your week!

  16. My favorite post of the month girlfriend! I am here for all this Amazon amazingness! Your front doors look great! And I’m so glad you had a sweet little happy hour, the food was indeed mouthwatering!

  17. Always love your Amazon tips and can find 1 or 2 or more items that I need! Thanks! That food makes me soooooo hungry! Happy Friday Eve!

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