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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Scenes from a Christmas Market

Hello, dear friends.  It's here, at last.  As of tonight, no more political ads.  Bring back the Viagra and Cialis!! 

Last weekend, we spent a few hours at our first annual Christmas Market.  The Mister could barely sleep the night before; he was so excited.  

Aren't these pretty?

This lovely lady is Marie Foley who owns a fabulous shop in beautiful Concord named Revolutionary Concord which is holding a huge sale from 11/9 to 11/15.

These birdseed wreaths are a great idea for a hostess gift.

These are wine bottle hurricane lanterns by Word Couture.  They feature inspirational sayings as well as they take custom orders.  

I'd like to be in charge getting the supplies together for these lamps!

If you were in the market for gourmet dog snacks or sweet smelling candles, this was the place to be last weekend.

hmmm... I took a pass on this one.

I got a kick out of this one!

The Ultimate Martini Infusion Jars.

Darling bags!

These ladies were so much fun.  The lady in the middle is the founder of  Effie's, which was named after her grandmother. 

Have you tried these?  They are delish.  

This handsome gent wins the Husband of the Year award.  When I complimented him on the taste and packaging of Muddy Mary's, he promptly gave all the credit to his wife.

How many WW points do you think are in these whoopie pies?

These Hot Chocolate Balls were a big hit and a great idea.

I love all the Jingle Nog ornaments.

The Mister was in charge of the restaurant choice for the day.  He chose Committee, which has a Mediterranean flair.  Both the food and service were great.

Our "coolness" factor went up about 10 points the minute we walked in the door.  We fit right in with the groovy millennials.  

Until next time...

A public service announcement 
from Chowdah & Chili:

You know what day it is.
Get out there and take care of business.

*  Designer wardrobe by Beemie @ A Milkman's Daughter

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. You guys know how to do election day! I want to go to the Christmas market with you. That's wonderful. Love the little bags with Fenway, Boston, etc. on them. Oh, gee! I love it all!

  2. How fun!!! And fattening, I feel like I gained 10 pounds just reading this post, lol. Looks like a fun fun day.....let the holidays begin!

  3. What a fun place to visit! Love so many or the things here but that peanut butter poo is pretty gross, I think. Not that I couldn't close my eyes and eat it, you understand.

    Tell those pupsters that I took care of MY business. xo Diana

  4. Oh my goodness, I love markets like this!! Those Whoopie Pies look to die for! I may have to check into that Muddy Mary's as a stocking stuffer for my husband. It sounds like a fun & unique gift! Hope you're having a great week so far!

  5. Looks like it was a lot of fun, lots of good stuff!

  6. The Christmas Market is right up my alley...if the Mister can't sleep maybe we should take some presure off him and make it a girls weekend...I used to go to Spree in Raliegh, NC much like the Christmas Market. As far as your two hooligans, they looked "mahh..velous", best dressed for Election Day on the South Sho-ah.

  7. That market has some really great stuff! And those whoopie pies are some of the most "filled" I have seen. My son would love those hot chocolate balls. -Jenn

  8. When I see you in December, we'all swing over to Revolutionary Concord.--Niki

  9. Ahhhh, I miss Boston so much! I am looking forward to the holiday events in my area, it begins on Thursday with a chocolate event :-)

  10. The market looked like it was so much fun. So many great vendors.
    Funny post as usual. Thank you for blogging!

  11. Oh Wow!!! I'm going to go back to the links and do some shopping..such cute stuff!!
    And I would SO wear that headpiece!!!

  12. This looks like so much fun, Katie! I hope we can find some good things like this to do in the next few weeks before the 'stress' steps in. Gosh...how I hate that word!

    Thanks for sharing these great pics!


  13. No Christmas markets here as yet. Love the cute ornament of Santa driving the 50s car. '-)

  14. Nice pictures from Christmas festival..

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  15. Katie, I would love this market ~~ I'm always up for shopping! I love the mussel shell tree and Jingle Nog ornaments are one of my favorite companies. Thanks for the window shopping! Linda

  16. Fun Christmas market! Lots of great goodies! Hoping to go to a holiday craft fair this Saturday!

  17. Love, love, love Committee! I always recommend it when folks as for restaurant suggestions.

  18. I love a good Christmas market and look forward to one here in Decatur later this month. The ladies of Central Methodist Church do a great job at offering foods and crafts of all sorts.

  19. Oh Christmas markets can be so fun! I used to attend one in Charlotte but after a while the fun did wear off a bit. Perhaps it was the psychotic shoppers who thought they were at the mall instead of a market event. Hmmm?


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