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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A House Tour & Luncheon on the Cape

Hello, dear friends.  Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?  I know I am, but then again, I don't have to do anything.  Life is good when you are married to a former chef.

I am very excited about writing this post.  There are moments in my life that I wish that I could freeze in time, dip into a pot of gold and place them on my charm bracelet.  This particular Saturday afternoon is one of them.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of the fabulous Sudbury Sweethearts, Laurie.  She told me that every Fall she hosts a luncheon at her summer home on the Cape for her Sistas and college friends.  The Queen of the Sudbury Sweethearts, Mary, who introduced me to such a lovely group of  neighborhood ladies was due to be in attendance, as well.  Laurie informed me that the ladies all read my blog and wanted to meet me and she was kind enough to ask me to join them.  I didn't even give it a second thought before I said: YES! YES! YES!  

So, last Saturday, I drove to Laurie's gorgeous waterfront home.  After meeting the charming ladies, I begged asked Laurie if I could do a post on her home as well as the lovely afternoon.  She agreed, so fasten your seatbelts, friends, this is going to be a heavenly ride.

Laurie and her Mister built this house about six years ago.  Originally, a small ranch home sat on this lot.

Laurie personally chose every paint color, piece of furniture, and accessory for her magnificent home.  The area rugs alone are spectacular - I wish that I had taken more photos of them.  

Sky view.

The table was breathtaking.  I felt like I was in a Diane Keaton movie chatting it up with all my cool friends.

An exquisite centerpiece complimented the stunning table.

This cozy den is right off the kitchen. 

A couple of darling alcoves.

Laurie's Mister told her that you can't have a beach house without an outdoor shower. 

Pretty window looking out on the front door.

The master bedroom and sitting room.

The view from the master bedroom terrace.

I couldn't wait to get home to show the Mister pics of this gorgeous kitchen.

A sumptuous apple cider sangria was the signature cocktail of the day.  

The ladies pointed out that Laurie purposely used a black-and-white-check table runner and a cute little lobstah to pay homage to Preppy Empty Nester.  On the left side of the screen, you will see the most delicious boeregs ala Liz.  I could have eaten the whole plate, but I didn't want to ruin my reputation with my new friends.  
And I'm glad I didn't because the lunch began with a luscious clam chowdah ala Lisa.  

The lunch concluded with a divine custard ala Jan and Todd English and plenty of mouth-watering cookies, cake, whoopie pies and yummy mummy brownies.

After lunch, we all sat here in this delightful living room, gazing out at the water, and discussed every Bravo show known to man.

 I'm sure Andy Cohen's ears were ringing. 

Every time I think of that magical day on the Cape, I can't help but smile.  Thank you, Laurie and lovely ladies, for an afternoon that I will never forget.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.  There are many things that I am thankful for this year.  My readers are in my top 5. 
By the way - you come waaaay before Photoshop and Spanx.  I appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my silly little blog, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Until next time...

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  1. Wow, it does look like a Diane Keaton movie set. What a lovely experience! I could sit and take in that view for hours. Gorgeous table too! Thanks for taking us along on your magical afternoon.
    Happy Thanksgiving~ Grateful that we have become friends.

  2. Wow! I love that the view is the star and the decor compliments it so beautifully. Happy Thanksgiving Katie - enjoy your girls!

  3. What a delightful day you must have had - and what a lovely home. In my dreams I live in a similar home (well more like a cottage) overlooking the ocean! Isn't it fun to meet our readers? I recently met a few and it's so much fun to hear how loyal they are!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. And you know what they say...a day at the beach is better than a day...anywhere! Gorgeous home of course! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Including the pups! Sheila

  5. What fun, Katie. The house is gorgeous but the best part of all is hanging out with the girls like that. The food looks scrumptious, too. Love that place!!!! xo Diana

  6. Beautiful home, and it seems as if the company was delightful as well!

  7. This is so great. What warmth and fun. And what a beautiful home she has -- how in the world does she keep it clean (even if she has "people!") Beautiful. And the luncheon looks like tasty-to-die-for! I can tell you had a marvelous time and isn't that what it's all about?

  8. Katie,
    Perfect description... Diane Keaton movie set. A beautiful home in a beautiful setting for an incredible lunch with friends from your blog.... Thank you for giving us a peek into your delightful day.


  9. Just started reading your blog -thoroughly enjoy it...from the western part of the state (Berkshires). Happy Thanksgiving !

  10. What an idyllic setting with you as the star in that lovely home! I went back and read the first Sudbury Sweethearts also - what a humbling experience to be invited among readers and to become friends! I love it.

  11. Oh my word -- what a lovely home and get-together! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet girls and Mister (and the pups!).

  12. Beautiful Cape Cod Home....I love the check tablecloth with lobster in your honor. I am looking for a rug just like the one in her sitting room. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. I think one of YOUR READERS came from this HOUSE to MEET ME in WELLFLEET this past SUMMER???
    Could that BE?!!
    LUCKY YOU!OFF I go to LA CUCINA to START the MESS before the BIG day!

  14. You are right about the home. It is so pretty. Loved that you shared it with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Her home is phenomenal and so picturesque! You ladies are adorable and it must've been such an amazing day! I hope you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving day full of all the things you love!

  16. A beautiful home with awesome ocean views. Another enjoyable post from Cape Cod. You are fortunate to live so close. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. looks like an amazing time, delicious food, gorgeous setting and great friends!

  18. Picture perfect! She must be a lovely host! Beautiful views and such an elegant luncheon! Wonderful that you shared this Katie! Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

  19. It is always a delight to read your blog, and I would have found it difficult to leave that gorgeous house on the water. Would they even notice if I just sat in that huge kitchen drinking coffee and looking out the windows? Wow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Katie. Make sure Chili and Chowder get the drumsticks (before cooking them). :-))) xo

  20. Katie

    When I looked at the picture of the girlfriends, I was transported and thought to myself, "That could be me with my friends." That's was is so nice about your blog, it is always a situation that I can relate to. (How do you spell relatable?)

    Have a great holiday.


    1. Bobbie... that's the nicest compliment I have ever received! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. what is so nice---poor editing on this end. B

  22. My dearest Katie
    I just want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving, and to your sweet dogs. I hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Im hoping and pray you will forgive my absence, due to ill health for some time these past months
    I have thought of you, and missed you so much my dear
    I am so touched to read your words today..for I am truly thankful that we even met

    I will email in the next days my dear.

    Enjoy the special holiday with your family
    With my fond love, always
    Sally xx

  23. I pretty much live for house tours! LOVE this home and that AMAZING kitchen! Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful time too. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well! Cheers!

  24. You were definitely hanging out with the cool girls that day! What a beautiful home in every way. So glad you shared this one. :)

  25. Katie,
    This was so enjoyable, good girlfriends are like a suit of armor!
    This home-fabulous!

  26. Why do you blog? Such an annoying question. However, a key answer is in your post. The opportunity to meet such fabulous people. And yes, I, too, felt as if I was in a Diane Keaton flick. Surely Jack Nicholson will wander down the hall looking for the kitchen ... and his reading glasses ...


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