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Sunday, June 21, 2015

House Tour and Shopping

Hello dear friends.  Happy Father's Day to all of the great Dads out there.  It's a rainy, cool day here in the Northeast.  I can't complain because I can almost here my beloved hydrangeas giggling with joy out in the yard.

This post chronicles my day in Osterville with my partner in crime, Anne.  We lucked out with a gorgeous, sunny day.  As with all my posts on different towns, here is your geography lesson.  Osterville is located on the south side of Barnstable on Nantucket Sound.  It was originally named Oysterville because it was the center for harvesting wild oysters.

 I hope you read the last paragraph carefully, because there just may be a pop quiz.  And I'm not raising the curve this time.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Show House allowed no photos.  To me, that's like having a birthday party and not getting any presents. 

It's too bad because the house did not disappoint.  It featured plenty of color, stunning furniture, and  alluring wall covering choices.

As Anne and I were waiting for the shuttle, we spotted this cute little guy across the street.  He's a lot quieter than Chowdah.

After the Show House tour, Anne and I ventured into town to do some serious power shopping and lunching.

I found this guy to be a little stuck up.  I asked him nicely twice for directions, and yet he chose to ignore me. 

You know I can't take pics of a classic New England town without at least one pretty church.

We stopped by this darling boutique, details and goods.  One of Anne's dearest friends owns it.

This lovely lady is Marion Martignetti, proprietor of details and goods.  I had heard so much about Marion from Anne and all the lovely ladies in the needlepoint group.  I felt like I was meeting a  legend.  She lives up to her legacy - she is a ball of fire with exquisite taste and sincerely enjoys helping people choose just the right items to add to their wardrobes.

These fabulous necklaces are designed by Clara Williams Co.

Love these Cape Cod necklaces.

I have a sweet spot for chunky beads.  
I like my jewelry to match my thighs.

I never met a bangle that I didn't like!

Love this dress and necklace.  How I long for those 5 minutes of my life when I could wear horizontal stripes.

Marion carries fabulous clothes lines, among them, Julie Brown Designs. 

Have I told you that I practically live in linen all summer long?

For a cool summer evening.  Anne has one of these and she looks fab in it.

Fabulous accessories.  The good thing about accessories is no matter how many LBs I put on, they still fit.

You can even pick up a cute hostess gift!

So if you're lucky enough to visit beautiful Osterville, stop by details and goods and tell Marion that Katie sent you!

After power shopping, Anne and I stopped by Crisp and had a fabulous lunch.  The summer lovin' flatbread is scrumptious!

Life is pretty darn good when you have a great buddy and an exciting adventure!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I am taking a few weeks off to attend another week of Supermodel/Trophy Wife Camp.  This year I've been promoted to counselor.  It ain't easy being me.  
See you mid July!

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Love following all of your adventures through the NE! Hope you have a great time at camp...can't wait to hear all about it! Jean

  2. My mom says I need more large necklaces. I think it's a burn, but I've decided to embrace the directive! Love the store -- wish she'd come to Dallas!

  3. Osterville is a lovely Cape town with a central location - so many cute shops too. I like the stars and stripes tote bag - perfect for the Fourth! Look forward to hearing from you in mid-July!

  4. Such a beautiful area! Take care at camp, and we'll look forward to your return!

  5. What a lovely town! Fabulous shops too. Enjoy your time away at TW Camp!!

  6. Love the items in the shop...enjoy Super Model Trophy Wife Camp...no need to send a post card because we know you will find a great way to write about it later.

  7. Love the items in the shop...enjoy Super Model Trophy Wife Camp...no need to send a post card because we know you will find a great way to write about it later.

  8. Would love to get a peek inside the showhouse - know it was great, but the shopping looked amazing…love the necklaces! Enjoy your time off - it's exhausting when you're a supermodel/trophy wife…enjoy!!

  9. Yes, I'd like a peek inside the showhouse too, but I'm all into power shopping as well. We'll miss you while you are away but will be right here waiting for your return. Blessings!

  10. You always do the most fun things, especially "trophy wife camp" ;) I can't wait to hear ALL about it! xoxo

  11. Oh boy would I have gotten into trouble in that store!! I can't believe they didn't allow pictures of the show house! How do they expect to get any publicity!!

  12. I'M GLAD you considered taking photos of the show house any way! This is my idea of a dream day.

  13. What a cute little town - I'll have to add it to my need-to-visit-in-New-England list! I hate it when showhouses won't let you take pics :(

  14. What a great little town and that shop is fabulous! I really love that picture of you and your GF, too. Hope you enjoy your time away and come back the perfect trophy wife. xo Diana

  15. What a fun day, a little behind on my blog reading but better late than never, love your pictures and talk about awesome retail therapy...hope you walked away with some goodies:) Hope your well and having a great week.

  16. Have fun at camp! I see some great necklaces...but which one? I can narrow it down to two. But do I call? hmmm. I am trying to be really good on the shopping front these days. Sheila

  17. Looks like a fun shop! Love those bangles and that Union Jack tote. I'd buy that for sure (if the price was right!) lol. Have a great time at TW camp. :-) I love New England, your photos, and your blog. Always fun.

  18. Love all those stores and I love linen now too with these darn hot flashes!! xo K

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  20. Katie, I love everything, those linen tunics and shifts are so great as is everything!
    Too bad I am not a trophy wife any more!! Play matchmaker, have been a widow too long!

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