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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Delightful Way to See Boston

Hello dear friends.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Ours was busy and packed with empty nester fun.  The Mister took Friday off.  Our #2 gave us a luncheon cruise in Beantown as a  Christmas gift.  When she gave it to us in frigid December, I didn't think it would ever be warm enough to get on a boat.   We lucked out with a sailor's delight kind of day.

We took the ferry into Boston and a cab to the dock.  Here, the Mister is choosing some treats to spoil his bride rotten.

And the Mister did not disappoint.  I feasted on a breakfast fit for a queen.

On our way, I spotted this little beauty.

We arrived at what would be our home away from home for two hours, Spirit of Boston.

Just in case there were rough seas ahead, I spied my apres cruise refuge.

We arrived early and enjoyed a little libation before setting sail. 

We feasted on a beautiful buffet and the wait service was attentive and hospitable.  

The boat was brimming with great music and a dance floor downstairs.  I could sense the Mister's excitement.

Full bar stocked with liquid courage for those who were shy to approach that dance floor.

This is the Mister's look that says, "ok, one picture and then concentrate on taking pictures of the scenery." 

It was a delightful way for the Mister to drool over some boats and for me to see the city.

After arriving home, I picked some peonies that just bloomed.

And played some ball with these two characters.

Thanks, #2 for the wonderful gift.  The only thing that was missing was you (and your sister). 

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a perfect gift for you and the Mister! I love Boston...especially when it's warm! Glad you had fun!
    I just read your home reveal post...so beautiful! I think you could be a designer in addition to being a trophy wife!

  2. What a nice gift and Boston harbor really is beautiful!

  3. I remember this well Katie....it's a lovely way to see the harbor and what a marvelous gift from your daughter...y'all look so great!

  4. That is so cool and what a great way to enjoy the sunshiny day! By the way…love your peony! Wish I could grow them.

  5. What a great gift, Katie. Looks like you had the perfect day for it. xo Laura

  6. Creative thinking daughter, indeed! I love fun excursions like this, and I have enjoyed my trips to Boston. It's time I go back!

    If your ears are burning, it's because I was talking about you on my blog today. Have a happy week!

  7. Okay, I don't know what is going on, but "Unknown" above is me - Leslie Anne @ Fairhope Supply Co.

  8. Love the hairy pilot of the boat!! What a fun day! Boston is wonderful anyway, but to have the boat trip is even better. We once stayed at the Marriott Longwharf (way more $ than our usual cheap accommodations) and did the historical tour and New England Aquarium. I'll have to say the Aquarium was the best part for me. What a wonderful gift your daughter gave you. When does your Mister pick up his new yacht? :-))

  9. So loved seeing my city of birth from the harbor. Your number 2 knows how to give a great gift.

  10. What a fun way to spend a part of your lovely weekend. Beautiful scenery and good food and entertainment certainly equals a good time. Happy week!

  11. Nothing says "lunch" for me like cocktails, a dance floor and the open seas. What a fun Christmas gift and an enjoyable way to spend Friday afternoon.

  12. What a fabulous day and what a sweet gift from your daughter! You two always make me smile - the Mister is SUCH a good sport. I am happy you are practicing getting your sea legs! ;) Hope you are having a great week, my dear! xoxo

  13. What a lovely way to spend the day - and a perfect way to get ready for your cruise! I've seen that Godzilla boat in the Harbor and always think, "No, thank you!" The Spirit of Boston looks like much more fun!

  14. Oh my, what a great time! Thanks for sharing. Peonys are my favorite!


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