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Monday, June 8, 2015

In Search of the Ultimate Cosmetic Bag

Good morning dear readers.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  The Mister and I had a very relaxed one.  

We went to see another movie.  Being the ultimate fan of the TV show, the Mister was eagerly awaiting the opening of this one.

For those of you who have never seen the TV show, don't waste your time or money on this flick.  And for those of you who enjoyed the TV show, don't bother wasting your hard-earned dough on a theater ticket - wait and watch it at home.  If you have an aversion to the "f-word" this is definitely not the way you want to spend two hours of your life.


I am searching for the perfect travel cosmetic bag.  These are a few that I am considering.

Trish McEvoy Make Up Planner
Portable Make Up Vanity
This portable make up vanity description intrigues me.

Pottery Barn
This one is on sale.

Container Store
This one is on sale too.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade



This one is flat so it takes up less space.  Don't know how flat it would be after I shoved all of my junk into it!  This one is also on sale.

Jon Hart
This one can be monogrammed.

When I graduated from college, I worked part time for Lord & Taylor.  We had to carry designated clear plastic purses for security reasons.  Everyone complained except me.  It was the first and last time that I could actually find something in my purse.  This one may be the one for me!

Personally Polka Dots


And for those who like to travel in true style, both of these vintage bags are on sale.

Christian Dior


Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. The Emme Bag is my absolute favorite...it packs up quite small so it fits easily into your suitcase. It is basic black so not nearly as fun as those you have shown here, but it is SO practical. Happy packing!! xoxo

  2. The clear bag is genius! I had a flight attendant tell me once to use a zip-lock bag for all my toiletries, etc. . . It really does make it easy, but alas . . . I feel like a bag lady! This would "chic-up" my travel style quite a bit!

    Thanks for the tip, and happy new-week to you!

  3. Thanks for the movie review, I really wanted to see this but will wait. I loved the TV show, Lloyd, Mrs. Ari, the car etc… The make up planner/vanity sounds interesting. I'm looking for a new one as well, I have 2 smaller ones but the older I get the larger my arsenal is. I'm like you and always trying something new, and then I give my sister or daughters my rejects. I had not heard of Glossybox but I just signed up! ;) Finally, your ex, George was in town last week. Brought his new wife home to Cincinnati. He still looks really good. Have a great week Katie!

  4. Whoa! The Christian Dior and Farfetch must come packed with all the expensive cosmetics one needs for the rest of one's life, right?? And Farfetch looks too much like a picnic basket. I'd go with the Shany, cuz I'm all for transparency. I like McEvoy because I love to say the name. BUT, you can throw out all the cosmetic bags and give me the dog. I'd take that one any time! :-)

  5. I was so dissapointed to read the reviews of Entourage and your review clinched it - I loved the show, but I think I will pass on the movie. Happy Monday Katie :-)

  6. I purchased new Vera Bradley cosmetic cases before our trip to Hawaii, and love them. Everything stays organized and they don't take up much room. And, I love the fact that once there I can hang the one and easily get to things.

  7. I remember that you could always identify the L&T salespeople in Northbrook Court with their clear plastic purses.

    I love my full-size Travelon Independence Toiletry Kit for non-airplane travel. I can throw in my everyday full-size products and go. It has a waterproof lining, plenty of compartments and straps, and room for everything. It holds ALL of my FULL-SIZE bottles standing up to avoid spills (shampoo, make-up remover, contact solution, lotion, oversize jars), round brush, toothpaste, razor, ETC - and it stores everything with easy access once you arrive at your destination. I bought it on e-bags. It fits standing up in my duffle-style carryon bag (once again ensuring that nothing spills). For my make-up and related items, I prefer the zip-around-top style like the Nordstrom or Etsy bag with a larger flat bottom for easy viewing of my smaller items and to allow fragile items like eyeshadows to lie flat. I always prefer a nylon exterior for easy clean-up and because the bathroom counters are often wet.

  8. I want one too!!!!! Seriously, this morning I was just cussing the bag I have and wishing I had something better. Going now to look at every one you mentioned.....thanks for doing the hard part for me!!!

  9. I had the Trish makeup bag and didn't like it one bit. Everything was always covered with "cosmic dust" and the mirror was useless to actually see anything with, especially with my aged eyes. The Kate Spades look perfect, although I have no idea what the insides are like. I''ll google and see.

  10. Hmm..those last two are tempting, but I guess in some cases (ha-ha) the cost of travel is probably cheaper than the case. Love the one from the container store.

  11. I like pretty, colorful, and monogrammed makeup bags. But sometimes it's very dark down in the bag and looking for what I want is a pain. I've been using a Hefty brand zip-lock bag for a long time now (for any cosmetics I carry in my purse and for travel) and love how it works for me (water-proof, cosmetics are easily visible, easy slide/zip to open and close, etc.) Let us know which you choose.

  12. Check out the beetle bags in India Hicks new line. Patricia Van Essche is a representative for the line and you can order through her. I'm not sure of the size but it is so cute that if I needed more room I might just order two of them! I am going to be debuting their Duchess of Windsor bag for my upcoming trip and think I'm going to love it! Or just pick up one of those last two and you know you'll be traveling in style!

  13. After searching far and wide for the perfect travel cosmetic bag, this is the one I chose and I absolutely love it! Happy shopping!!

  14. thanks for the tip on saving my money on the money. I was almost going, now I'll watch the TV show because I've never seen it. I will do you a favor and let you know to skip San Andreas movie. So Far Fetched! I am from just North of San Fran and lived in SF for a while and I could not find anyone by telling them to meet me at Koit Tower, let alone when the place is all tore up. Save your money and watch it on video.

  15. I would love an excuse for a new makeup bag, or better yet...acrylic drawers for home! Right now, I am using the freebie bag that Estee Lauder gave away with one of their "buy-a-lot-get-a-little" promotions. It serves my purpose right now, and it is a pretty floral color.

    A TV show I have stared watching is "Aquarius," and I love it. If you like history and crime shows set in the backdrop of 1967 California, you will love it. It may or may not have everyone's favorite psycho criminal Charles Mason in it.

  16. Too bad about the Entourage movie, but thanks for the warning. I never think to look on Etsy for something like a cosmetic bag. Brilliant but too many choices!!!

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