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Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Just Wild About Etsy: Pillow Talk

Good morning, dear friends.  Just checking in quickly because I am still on nurse duty.  This bug has really knocked the Mister on his rear end!  He had the flu shot but that didn't seem to make a difference.  Don't tell him, but I'm going to try to sneak out for some retail therapy today.  This home bound thing isn't working for me.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the work begins on the house today to fix all the storm damage.  Chowdah isn't happy unless he is smack dab in the middle of things.  

Today is all about pillows. 

Burlap & Blossoms



Black Metal Royalty

This has sorority girl written all over it.

xt designs

Wow!  Wish this were true for me!

The Pillow Fight

The Pillow People

For love polka dots
For the ring bearer.


I need one of these to get thru the long nights listening to the Mister's moaning and groaning.

Sweet Tea Southern Tea
2 for $25

Great price!  

Heart and Home Store

I bet any college girl would be delighted to see one of these in her Easter basket! 


Custom made of your pooch!

Hope your Monday feels like a Friday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie,
    My husband is threatening to buy a magic pillow......which we are in hopes will cure the snoring that is going on around here. lol. Hope your Mr. is on the mend. In hopes that your nursing skills rank right up there with your comic relief. I am a bad Nurse. I don't like germs or sickness. Happy Monday!

  2. Those are all cute pillows! Hope the Mr. gets better soon...and I hope YOU don't get "it". xo Diana

  3. Great selection of pillows. You can be my personal shopper any day. I'll send you my credit card later. Ha!
    Hope Mister feels better soon. I've never been a fan of the flu shot, but maybe it eased the severity of his illness just a bit.

  4. So sorry he is still under the weather. And sorry for you...as I know my Mister turns into the neediest baby when he is sick. Love all the pillow goodness. I just might have to pick up a new one.

  5. Pretty pillows! Coincidentally I spent hours yesterday looking at custom pillow covers on etsy - so many choices! Many sellers will send you free fabric samples. (Ebay has great prices on down-feather pillow inserts - half the price of Calico Corners).
    Hope your home repairs go quickly and smoothly.

  6. Katie,
    what a great selection of pillows! I think I've figured out that I have a pillow obsession, can't seem to have enough! Am now trying to go cold turkey to cure the habit, so far so good! I admit I'm not a good nurse either, hope he's better soon and that you stay well!

  7. love your picks especially the monogram :) hope the mister gets better. we too had the flu vaccine, the mist, and got the flu. the hubs said they were really off this year on their picks for the vaccine...hope next year is better. hope your retail therapy revitalized you :)

  8. Love the idea of a cute monogrammed pillow in my girls Easter basket :-)

  9. Oh, being a caregiver is such a tough, tough job. Thankfully it sounds as though yours will likely be short-lived. At least I hope so! Love all the pillows and am in the market for quite a few for our new home. Happy new week to you!

  10. Hope the Mister feels better soon. It's hard on everyone when "they" are sick. I love that you are highlighting all these Etsy shops. I get lost on that site.

  11. So sorry the Mister is under the weather, but what a great nurse he has! I love Etsy and like pinterest, I can get lost for hours looking at all of the images. Great pillows!!

    HOPE he mends soon...............

  13. Darn you, Pretty Empty Nester! My newly adopted plan for thrift was just blown by this post. Jumped immediately to Etsy and ordered darling monogramed pillow cases from Sweet Tea Southern Bee. Hoping my Mister will be out-of-town when UPS arrives with this fabulous - yet reasonably priced - acquisition.

  14. Juliet - think how much money you're saving!! Enjoy your pillows!

  15. I do hope the Mister is on the mend...my husband also got a flu shot and ended up sicker this year than ever before! I adore your pillow choices! Good luck with the home repairs...I have the same issues to deal with when I get home from Florida. Happy St. Patrick's Day, my dear!! xoxo

  16. I think the comment about loose fitting pants means that the owner has gained weight, so she is wearing stretch pants so she can be comfortable -- and yes, this is personal, current experience talking, Katie! My Chico's Travelers pants are getting a lot of use lately...

  17. Happy St Patrick's Day to you, my dear. I love the pillows... I have been looking for a new pop for my white couch. Thank you for sending down that lovely rabbit hole! No decisions yet...
    I hope the Mr is doing better. Maybe a nice Jameson would help?

    1. Hi Cheryl... I think the Jameson would help.... me!

  18. Hello my dear Katie
    I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Top of the evening to you and I hope you are celebrating, I am sorry I haven't been around very much lately but I am thinking of you and smiling...It is my Mom's family that were originally from Ireland but Daddy's favourite song was Danny Boy.

    Much love and I will be back soon
    Sally xxx

    1. Hi Sally! And happy St. Paddy's Day to you a little late. I miss hearing from you. Enjoy your week!

  19. Hope the Mister is feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to hear all about your Saturday adventure!!


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