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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A New Friend & A Dose of Downton

Hello dear friends.  It is snowing like crazy here and I don't even care.  Why do I not care?  Because I made a new friend yesterday.  

I told you that my buddy Dude winters in Naples, Florida.  Yeah, I know, I feel sorry for her, too.  She just recently wrote a post about the Farmer's Market.  Well, she knows a few ladies from her hometown who are also fortunate enough to spend time spend in Naples.  One of the ladies that she met not only lives near me, but also reads my blog.  Small world!  Anne was kind enough to write me a note and we met for lunch.  

Three hours later, as the kitchen staff was about to throw us out, we left on our own free will.  It was amazing how much we had in common - from schooling to friends.  It was a positively delightful afternoon and I look forward to many more.

Blogging has brought wonderful people and opportunities into my life and for that, I am eternally grateful.

If you are a Downton fan, did you watch the finale yet?  No one I know except Vicki watched it on Sunday night.  If you have not watched it yet and plan to, STOP HERE!  Sorry, I don't mean to shout, but I don't want to spoil anything for you.

I thought that it was the best finale yet.  So many loose ends were tied up.  

I adore these two characters.  I am so happy that Julian Fellowes wrote romantic story lines for both of them.  So unexpected!

Well, most of the loose ends were tied up.  Not sure I am entirely clear on what exactly happened with this situation, but I am glad to put the Mr. Green story line behind us.  I thought it went on way too long.

Very happy that Lord Grantham finally figured out the parentage of Marigold.  I can't help but chuckle that Mary is the only family member in the dark on this subject.  A side note - I think Marigold is the cutest name.

Mary... will you pleeeeeeeze be nicer to Edith next season?  

I really warmed up to Rose during the season.  At first I thought she was an empty-headed seat filler at the dinner table, but I have changed my mind.  I love Atticus too!  It looks like they are not going to be in the show too much next season, if at all, because they are off to America. 

TOM, DON'T LEAVE ME!!  I'm hoping one of my favorite characters changes his mind about America, and decides to stay at the Abbey.  But Tom, if you do come to America, you can stay with us.

I did not see this one coming, but I am delighted that it happened.  Such a sweet scene.  

And here's a little Downton scoop.  Guess who is expected to visit the set next week to watch the filming of Season 6?

Maybe she can teach Mary to be nicer to her sister.

And I leave you with this picture that one of my favorite readers, Gina, snapped while in California.

Yup, that's my ex crying on Randy Gerber's shoulder. 

Hope you make a new friend today!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I had to stop because I haven't watched it yet...but I am glad you met and made a new friend. What fun! xo Diana

  2. It snowed 5" here last night, and I am sick of winter! I know; I am a baby. It will be 60 this weekend. Praise the Lord.

    Speaking of babies, Mary can start being nicer to Edith when Edith stops being such a put-upon baby. I will say that she is better than at first. I hope to see Edith grow more into her own next season; she seemed to really start to figure out her role in the last two episodes. While I love Mary, I do think she needs to reign in her snarkiness.

    Finally! Carson and Mrs. Hughes get a clue. Loved it. I would love to have a Carson in my house.

    I heard a rumor that Allen Leech was cast for another season...we'll see.

    The best line in the finale,: "She'll love him forever if he will let her." Said by Lord Grantham about Lady Rose after Rose saves her father-in-law's hindend from being humilated by his mistress and child.

    I think I may be the only person who loves it when Thomas gets on a mission. He and Lady Mary should team up to take out uppity butlers more often. Seriously funny!

    The whole Green storyline needs to go away. I am over it. Bates and Anna need to get happy and be content.

    And, of course, the Dowager Countess cannot be beat!!

    1. Perhaps Lori, we could share Carson. Six months at your place, six months here in the south. I'm even willing to share with Katie if she so desires!

    2. You got it because then on our "off six months," we can have the Dowager to keep us in line.

    3. Wait a minute! Can I get on Carson's calender as well? Bronco Mom and Lori - we can all have four months each. Lori, I love Thomas as well. He makes for some great TV watching! Hope you both have a great weekend!

  3. I matched Carson with Mrs. Hughes a long time ago, being the expert matchmaker that I am!

    The Anna and Bates characters are wonderful, but I'm so sick of the tiresome storyline. It seems like the writers are trying to think of every single controversial thing in our society and somehow work it into fitting in with the 1920's. Now Anna suddenly reveals being abused as a child and slashing her stepfather? We've had the race issues, out-of-wedlock issue, war issue, "Thomas" issues, women in the workplace issues, infidelity issues and now the mixed religion issue.

    I Suwannee, it's like an old-fashioned Jerry Springer show! Can't they just all sit around and have tea and pithy conversation?

  4. I must say I have been a bad girl following DA I try to when I can but somehow the timing is always off for me and it just doesn't work out. One day I will learn all about tivo'ing.
    So nice that you met a new friend..isn't it amazing how blogging brings together so many wonderful people....seriously it makes me realize the world is a great place afterall:)
    Anywho, you are not alone we too are getting bamboozled with more snow too, another 7-8" and counting..but does it really matter anymore? 1 foot or 2...its all the same. I just cannot WAIT FOR SPRING...WOO HOO!

  5. About 10" of new snow outside my door...school closed again tomorrow...can't wait for the lessons I plan around the 4th of July. It is great to find a new friend...I love it when I discover connections to people I meet for the first time.
    Like you, loved the Downton finale...especially the Carson/Hughes engagement...tears in my eyes. Atticus is fabulous for many reasons...one of which is, it is the name of one of my favorite literary characters...Atticus Finch.

    Have a wonderful evening...I am hoping to catch up on some RHO wherever tomorrow.

  6. I absolutely loved the Downton Abbey season finale. I'm also ready for Bates and Anna to be happy, have a baby, or something other than the Mr. Green storyline. I'm so glad they resolved the issue this season. I was afraid they would carry it on into next season. I love that everyone has figured out and knows Marigold's parentage except Mary. Mary really should be nicer to her sister, but maybe she would if Edith would just get on with it and slap her (just kidding)!
    I do like what Lord Grantham told Atticus' father about Rose after she saved him.
    My favorite scene, however, was Carson's proposal to Mrs. Hughes. I could see their relationship developing (remember at the end of last season they walked hand in hand into the ocean waves). But, the proposal this season was definitely a shocker for me. Well, I'd better stop now. I could go on and on about the story line. I love Downton Abbey. Can you believe the ringtone for my iPhone is the opening Downton Abbey theme music (lol)?!

    1. I didn't even know that a Downton Abbey ringtone was available. Do you mind if I copy you? Have a great weekend, Karen.

    2. Oh, by all means, Katie. I think you'll like the ringtone. (I also have the CD of the original music.) You have a wonderful weekend, also!

  7. Thank you, Katie!! Ditto to all. Afraid to read the Downton part - just bought the series on Amazon so I'll go through it at my own speed. And then we'll talk. And talk. And talk.

    1. Yes! I hope that you enjoy the show as much I did. Have a great weekend!

  8. Have you gone snow blind yet? I seriously feel like I am living in a black and white movie! And what fun we have ahead with the great thaw of 2015...I think I will be wearing my Bean boots until May!

    I loved this entire season of Downton...it was a treat to see all the older people falling in love!! Have a wonderful weekend, my dear! xoxo

  9. Oh Downton Abbey, sigh, I could not believe it when the announcer said Season 6 coming in 2016...seems like forever away! Well, on to House of Cards I suppose! Hope you have a wonderful weekend up there in all that snow.

  10. I adore Downton Abbey! I really hate that next season will be Maggie Smith's last one, but she explained that it was only logical because given the time span portrayed by now she would have to be at least 110 years old. The best moment for me was in the first season when they were seated at dinner and Matthew mentioned having free time on the weekend and she said, "What is a weekend?" Anyone else wonder where they are going with Thomas Barrow's character? He seems to be growing a heart.

  11. Katie, I always chuckle when I read your posts;) DA.. love it and have not yet see the final episode........ can't wait. Yep, blogging opens up so many doors. It's amazing that regardless of distance, we seem to connect and share commonalities. Re/ that continuous snow, I guess the best remedy is to leave for a vacation to a warmer place if possible? We've had so much sunshine and no snow .. we will pay for that this summer with try river beds and brush fires. Next year Mother Nature will turn on us .. I just know we are in for it.

  12. I want to meet you for lunch in a cafe and chat for hours! How fun! Blogging opens so many doors and creates connections, doesn't it? I had a feeling we have the same "ex" and now there is proof. When George Clooney's name and my husband's Scott showed up on my blog cloud tag-with the same number of mentions-I knew I had to cool things off. ;) LOL!
    Happy Weekend, Katie!!
    xx, Heather

  13. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................should I be worried or jealous????? New friend indeed!!!!! RUTH

  14. Yay to new friends!!! I'm certainly happy that we connected through blog land! I loved the DA finale which I finally watched yesterday during nap time. I loved so many of the story lines from Carson & Mrs. Hughes to Mosely as PI finding Mr. Bate's alibi to Rose coming into her own and melting the cold heart of her new father-in-law. I felt like there were no gratuitously nasty or tragic episodes as there have been in some other finales. It was nice to have most everything and most everybody be happy. i know, I'm such a sap.

  15. Yes...a new friend ! Love Downton! Cannot wait until it begins again! I had a hunch about Carson and Mrs.Hughes. Sweet! Anna and Bates, let's resolve that. Enough. Ha!

  16. I'm behind reading posts. Obviously. I am not sure the Mr. Green thing is tied up completely. I hope so, but I suspect there is another piece to the puzzle. Also, I feel like Mary might have a little more admiration for Edith when she discovers her secret. I am a big fan of Kate. She's adorable.


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