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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Entertaining Gadgets You Can't Live Without

Good morning, dear friends.  We are expecting a rainy, grey weekend.  No complaining here.  You don't have to shovel rain.

Speaking of complaining, the Mister has a horrible cold.  He is not a good patient.  Every time he sniffs or coughs it is immediately followed by a miserable moan and groan.  He is now on hold for MD Live, which is included in our insurance plan.  No lines or appointments, you call a number and you speak to a real live Doctor who listens to your symptoms.  In the Mister's case, in monotonous detail.  Hopefully, the doctor will throw in a prescription for Xanax, so we all can enjoy our weekend. 

Yesterday morning I spent my usual eleven o'clock hour with my buddies, Hoda and Crazy Lee. They had their wandering time-filler correspondent, Sissy, displaying some great new gadgets for entertaining.  So this is where I got the idea for this groundbreaking post.   

This is one of the contraptions that Sissy displayed.  It seemed a little labor-intensive for my tastes, but not everybody is a lazy couch potato like me.  Essentially, with a little elbow grease, and a lot of vodka, you can turn your fruit into a keg. 

For the college student who is no longer interested in seeing Peeps in his/her Easter basket.  You will be the coolest parents in town!

Is this a purse or a life line?  I could have used one of these when the girls were little and I had to sit through dreary PTA meetings.

For the tailgater that wants to make a statement - a viking horn to sip your brew.  Shoulder strap included.

Everyone will want to be friends with your college kid if he/she  finds this beer pong set in their care package.

A pi bowl for the mathematician in your life.  This would not apply to our family.

Serving cheese on your yacht?  Have I got the cheese platter for you!

For someone like me who wants to make sure my piece is as big as Sista's, a cake slice marker set.  A great peace maker for a family.  No pun intended.

A bread carving board that catches all the crumbs.  This would feed all of the Mister's OCD tendencies.

If the party is on the dull side, bring these guys along and watch the party begin. 

And if that doesn't do the trick, you can always play twirl your glasses.

All of these fabulous gift ideas can be found on Uncommon Goods.  I have not been compensated and all my empty thoughts are my own.

Any favorite gadgets that you want to share?

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I had to chuckle about your hubby moaning and groaning after a cough, etc. I hear you! And your puppy is darling...and might like to meet my furbaby, Mikey, an eleven year old golden who is featured on my blog from time to time. I call all dogs "puppy" no matter their age. Sheila

  2. Oh my, if we lived closer together we could set up a sick ward for the husbands. My husband went to Doc yesterday...he is fully medicated and life here has improved...tomorrow he will run the Shamrock 5K...

    The gadgets seem like great gifts...I could use the wine purse at faculty meetings...however I do still need my job so getting fired is not an option right now.

    I also find humor in the Pi bowl...I teach math twice a day so anything to make it funny is good for me.

  3. Men are the absolute worst patients!! I can so relate to that one. Loving all the gadgets, and I am right there with the mister on the bread crumb catcher!! LOL

  4. I would love to have the pi bowl so I could PRETEND I'm not too pretty to do math. As for the Mister, I hope he feels better. If Moonpie gets sniffles he takes the day off from work, reclines on the sofa under his blankie, and throws us into debt watching On Demand movies. He is a retired Navy Chief. (You would think that would have toughened him up a bit.) I would love to see just one man have to carry a child for nine months and then give birth to it.

  5. If there is anything worse than a man with a cold, I haven't seen it. I am thinking that you might want to buy him one of those viking horns, fill it up and then serve his drinks in those last glasses. Watching those for awhile will definitely give him something to moan about. LOL
    xo Laura

  6. Love the cake cutter guides. That is just too cleaver and may have to have those. Wishing your moaning, groaning husband a quick recovery. Happy weekend!

  7. Enjoyed your commentary on the gadgets. Laugh out loud funny, as usual! We had a grey, rainy day yesterday in NJ, but no complaining here. I'll take anything above freezing.

  8. Hoping the mister is on the mend. I get their catalog in the mail and am always entertained with the contents. Wonder who thinks up those things!

  9. I will own that cheeseboard by end of day!! Is it so wrong that I want all of those gadgets???!!!!!
    And read my comment on last post.....ok girl. Spit it out!!!

  10. I love these kind of gadgets! Enjoy your Sunday :-)

  11. These are all so much fun, I love them! Great gift ideas too for my sons and husbands bdays coming up within the next few months. I hear you on when "they" get sick..argh! The worst patients because we know NO ONE gets sick like they do lol. Hope he's on the mend soon.........enjoy your Sunday!!

  12. Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite catalogs. Who knew that there were so many gadgets that I couldn't live without?!?! Hope the Mister is feeling better!


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