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Monday, March 23, 2015

AC Squared

Hello dear friends!  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  We spent some time on Saturday at a quarry picking out bricks for our patio.   Who knew there were so many types of bricks?  The Mister was enthralled.  Me, not so much.  I'll never get that hour back.

After lunch, we went home and got all prettied up for my two boyfriends, Andy and Anderson.  We hit the big city early and enjoyed 'tails and 'doeuvres at the W Hotel, which was across the street from the theater.  We had the perfect seat in the lounge.  We wrangled a table right by the window and dead center amongst all the groovy clientele.  I call this People Watching Paradise.

Drinking alert!!!

Notice the dude in the background.  Little does the Mister know that I'm going to buy that exact outfit for him.  He will be the biggest "hit" at Easter Mass!

I was glad to see the Medical Center was so close in the event I suffer from heart palpitations by being in the company of my 2 ACs.

Let the palpitations begin...

My middle name is VIP!

The theater is breathtaking.

Other cutting-edge VIPs.

We were asked to submit questions.  Guess which one they used...

It's showtime....

We lucked out and had a box all to ourselves.  The Mister warned me not to hang over the railing attempting to get attention.  

I was pretty good most of the night.

The hot seats.

The evening began with some background clips.  My The 2 ACs walked out and the crowd went AC crazy.  Andy began the evening by interviewing Anderson about everything from growing up as a Vanderbilt to his news coverage of Katrina.  Anderson then proceeded to grill Andy about the housewives and also announced the "drinking alert." Every time Andy name dropped it was time to take a sip of your cocktail.

I wish I could tell you that I had a big scoop and learned something that I didn't already know about my two favorite guys.  But I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I never miss an episode of Watch What Happens Live.  

It was a great evening and very entertaining.  The two ACs really know how to show a girl a good time!

Happy Monday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. So glad they didn't disappoint. And, instead of the green eyed monster, I'm truly happy you had the opportunity to see your men. Also, kuddos to The Mister for being such a good sport - really thought Sister would accompany you.

  2. A fun night out! The Wang Theatre is lovely (just wish the seating was more spacious). Tell me that Andy C. addressed your Brandi question and spilled the beans that this is her last season (of immature, impetuous, trouble-making craziness).

    1. Paige, I wish I could answer yes to your question. We will have to remain in suspense.

  3. What a totally fun evening! And you are right, the theater is stunning!

  4. So happy to hear you had a wonderful time with your boys!

  5. Green with envy girlfriend!!! SO FUN!! And I wanna know how u scored VIP tickets??? You so shoulda snuck backstage to their dressing room!!!! My gal pals die when I do that stuff! Hahaha.

  6. Oh hope they bring their comedy gold south!
    Can't wait get to my computer to look at that theatre. Architecture looks grand on my phone!

  7. Oh how very exciting! Love them both! That HAD to be a really fun evening!!!

  8. Oh my gosh- that is a show I would have enjoyed too! So fun to read and your humor has me giggling all the way. I would never put those two together in my head- but now seeing this- its classic!

  9. I am so jealous! I would love to see AC2!! Do you think it was worth the cost of a ticket? I could swing down to Atlanta for their show in June! Please give us more details on what they talked about! So fun!

  10. How fun, and thank you ( I know I speak for thousands) about asking them to get rid of Brandi! I bet they were a hoot and a big kudos to the mister for going along with oyu and your shenanigans...fun fun fun!

  11. I haven't been to the Wang since it had a different name (can't remember it was in the 70's)...Nutcracker, Boston Ballet...anyway what a fabulous night...with three fab guys (2 AC's and the Mister)...can't wait to see him in the Easter outfit.

  12. You always do such fun things, wish I could tag along sometime. And, our new guest suite will be open to you anytime you would like to visit NE Louisiana. I promise you a good time. Happy week!

  13. The entire evening looks like perfection!! I'm living vicariously thru your blog!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. That's It????????????????????

  15. You are so lucky the Mister went with you! DH would NEVER sit thru an evening with AC2. He would, however, drop me off at the theatre. ; ) Hugs, Dawn

  16. Oh I do hope your two ACs will be coming soon to a city near me. Off to check on that right now! Looks like the Mister is fully recovered - excellent!

  17. What a great night! The format sounds great with each interviewing the other. Your hubby is a good sport, but I'm sure the dinner and drinks at the W put him in a good mood :-)

  18. So glad that you and the Mister enjoyed the ACs' show! I'm going to see if there are still tickets available for the Chicago show on 5/16. Anderson Cooper spoke at my nephew's graduation from Tulane some years ago. He was awesome. And of course Andy...My favorite TV executive ever! I saw the WWHL episode with Bethanny and CAN NOT WAIT for RHONY!

  19. Talk about turning up the AC! :) Will you let us know which question they answered? We're on pins and needles!
    C + C

  20. How much fun! Beautiful theater, VIP entrance, sipping cocktails, watching those two - priceless!


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