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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tree Skirt Update by Dude

My buddy, Dude called me this morning. I was sitting in the car in the pouring rain outside Loew's while the Mister was inside doing a very serious study of commodes. I have had my "fill" of commodes with this house.  Our new very old house was built in the 1890, and the toilets haven't been replaced since.  The Mister keeps telling me it's part of the "charm."

Ours should look this good!

Anyway, back to Dude.  Poor thing.  Not only is she is tall, skinny and has the legs of a Rockette, the poor girl is stuck in her winter home in Naples, Florida for two months.  "How's the weather?" I asked as my teeth chattered.  "Kind of chilly," she answered and then told me the temps were in the 60's.   I warned her not to forget her sunscreen and to wear a sweater on the golf course.   I then gazed down at my puffer coat, and 2 layers of fleece I have been featuring since I arrived on the East Coast 8 weeks ago. It's no wonder I have difficulty getting in and out of a car.  

This would be me if she had grey roots and frosting on her chin. 

So Dude told me that she has an update on her tree skirt post.  If you missed her first post, you can find it here.

Yes, I wore my tree skirt this holiday season and I loved it!!! I think that it deserves a name of it's own, so"skape" it is!! The SKAPE  made it's debut at a party, then Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Various comments included, "Oh, I read the blog, hysterical....wait, you're actually WEARING it?"I repeatedly replied, "YES and proud of it!!" Some people mentioned how much they like my wrap, having no idea that it was actually a tree skirt ......

Yeah, I look this good in hot pink pants too!  I'm not putting my picture on because I don't want to make Dude feel fat.

Happy Monday!

First dog to wear a "skape."

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I just keep in mind that when Texas is so stinkin' hot we can't stand it, you will be out of that puffer coat and enjoying a milder summer.

  2. I feel for ya girlfriend! 60 is balmy, anything less awful!!!

  3. Oh my god...SO funny!!!

    I hope you had a great weekend...at least the sun came out a bit today! xoxo

  4. Ah, you're not missing a thing in Naples--it's my hometown that is now way over grown. Boston is going to be fabulous!

  5. I can always count on you for a great laugh!! Love this....too funny that she wore it, good for her! Hey she might start a new fashion revolution! Hope its warming up..here its just getting colder and colder....cannot wait for spring!

  6. I feel for you I have an 200+ year old farmhouse and those toilets..ugh.. my hubby didn't think they were so charming though! Lol, and Dude is the best!
    Enjoy the charm while it lasts!!! Karolyn

  7. Bahaha!!!! That Dude is one funny girl. I'm just not sure how she manages to get through that terrible life she is leading, though. xoxo Laura

  8. Arrived 2 weeks ago (from further down Rt. 3) so I know it's hard to believe 60 can feel cold BUT if you have cotton pants and shirt on plus sandels, it does feel cold!
    Dude is hysterical and those legs go on forever! Jealous at 5'4"!

  9. Dude really is a funny gal! Life is too short to be serious all the time!!!


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