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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One More Boston Post

A day late and a dollar short.  The story of my life.  Here are some photos that I took weeks ago when we spent the day in Boston and did some apres Christmas shopping.  Yup, four years of French 1 and I can still throw those french words around like I am a true Parisian.  Mdme. D'Auriac would be proud. or not.  

Loved all the decorations around the city.  

No more jewelry gifts for moi this year!  Toilets, shovels, sinks, and light fixtures filled my Christmas list.

We took the girls here for lunch.  Very groovy place.  I forget how to say "groovy" in French.  All I know is my girls love it when I say it in English!!

J'adore Bloody Marys!!  What a great surprise it was to see this comprehensive menu!  #2 is holding the menu.  This is the only photo I have of her that day.  Every one I took was deleted by you-know-who because she thought she looked "fat."  
Girls are so much fun...

It was positively delish!!!

My sweet #2.

The Mister takes his ordering tres seriously.  He considers ordering from a menu a competitive sport.  One bite into my meal and he will declare to me and anyone else who is fortunate enough to be in listening distance that his entree is better than mine.  I answer with a typical eye roll that I borrowed from #1.

C'est moi!  

The Mister is such a bad influence on me.  He practically had to drag me into this place.

The hardest part is making a choice of which one to choose!

I think they have to work on the logistics a little more to ease the long lines.  The guy with his back to us is in charge of making special coffee drinks and wrapping the cupcakes in the pretty pink boxes.  The poor guy had 3 speeds... slow, slower, and let's just take a nap.  

Love the bedazzled mixer!!

And the sweet packaging!

Can you tell how much I love this dollop of deliciousness? The Mister is getting ready to tell me his cupcake is better than mine.  I prepare for my eye roll ... the only exercise I've gotten in weeks.

I ordered the peanut butter and fudge cupcake because I was on a diet.  I know it's hard to believe - but I have consumed a lot of cupcakes in my life.  
This one, by far was tres delicious!  
And only 80 calories!!!  heehee

Hope your day is filled with all sweetness and no calories!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Loved the tour! In all the years hubby's home office was there, I never got there (busy with the girls). Putting it on my bucket list, will let know when we arrive! LOL
    #2 looks so much like you...gorgeous blue eyes. And girlfriend, you do NOT look like you have been eating cupcakes. Must be that long walk to your mailbox!! LOL

  2. Such a beautiful day in a beautiful city! I love that the cupcakes are a "reasonable" size. Some of them are so big that I have to exercise some non-existent self control to stop munching halfway through. Maybe the clerk's slow speed is a ploy to give customers time to pick more flavors to add to their order! Stay warm and dry!

  3. thanks for the tour of Boston shopping. Your daughter's look like cuties. Good luck with the house.

  4. I think is my favorite post of yours ever, Katie! lol So much fun- I loved the "tour" and the eye-rolling (which I have seen so many times in my life that I understand it completely). xo Diana

  5. What fun, Katie!! We were on vacation a couple years ago and had the chance to enjoy cupcakes at the Georgetown location, I remember the very loooong line but so worth it! : )

  6. I sure do wish I could throw around some french words.

    My daughter (flight attendant) is dating a guy born and bred in Boston. She spent a few days there over the holidays and loved it.

    I can definitely relate to girls deleting photos!

    Cannot wait to see the house.

  7. OK anyone who orders peanut butter "diet" cupcakes is someone I am destined to be buddies with. MY favorite combination in the entire world...and we know its always dietetic right? LOL....fun post, Boston never gets old and its gorgeous about the holidays. Love Stephanie's, when my son was in college there we use to go often, great lunch and breakfast place!

  8. We were "stranded" in Boston for a day the first week of January having caught the train down from snowy Maine in order to get a flight back to the sunny south! I loved the holiday decorations so much - especially all the urns with pretty logs surrounded by greenery - did you notice? I wish I could have met you for a cupcake!!

  9. I could use a bloody mary right now!! love the Boston posts!!!

  10. Love your Boston posts. So nice of you to bring me along for the ride :)

  11. So so pretty! I am the same way as the mister when it comes to ordering.

  12. Look at you with that coral lipstick eating a cupcake. Darling! I love your new home town. Fab pics!
    xx, Heather

  13. I have never gotten to Boston although my son lived there a year when he went to school. It looks like so much fun! And I love those cupcakes just like the pooch!


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