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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Updates & Lunch at the Beach

If you are wondering how things are going with  me, the next few pictures may answer your question.

 The Mister thinks I am having an affair with the cable man since Comcast has been here so much.  I am NOT kidding... they have been here at least 4 times a week since we moved in.   

The former owners left us this just in case we didn't know how freezing cold it is every day.

Don't ask...

I've seen Dana and Curtis, my trustee "can do" electricians as much as the cable guys.  

On with the good news...

Last Thursday, I was invited to an evening with about 20 other neighborhood ladies for a gourmet club.  The ladies could not have been warmer or more gracious to me.  I had forgotten how difficult it can be being the newbie, but these wonderful ladies made my transition much easier.

Friday night, the Mister and I went to a party with a black/white theme.  I was delighted because about 99 percent of my winter wardrobe is "slimming" black.

Over the weekend, we went to a great little restaurant on the water.  The one thing I missed in Texas was the water.  So I asked one of the many wonderful guys who have been working on my house about beach side restaurants .  I'm trying to put together a list of places my girls will enjoy when they come home for Spring Break.   

Bridgwaye is a casual restaurant on the beach that was built before the American Revolution. It had great food, delightful service, and pretty views.  I'm sure this place rocks in the summer when the temps are warmer than zero.

The Mister kept drooling over all the darn boats.  I had to remind him that he should be ogling me - not the stupid boats.  If an eye roll means "yes, you're right dear" then I guess he understands.

I had the chicken satay lettuce wraps that were delish!  I'm on a diet so I only ate half of the carrots and lettuce.

Hope you're staying warm!

Little Miss Margo Burke featuring her new running suit.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh you poor thing! It's 32 in McKinney today and I thought we were cold. Your post warmed me right up. That beachfront cafe sure looks good. Summer is just around the corner, right?

  2. That restaurant looks fantastic even in the dead of winter, I love lettuce wraps!! Sounds like your new neighbors are so welcoming and that's a great way to get acclimated, glad that things are settling in....enjoy, good luck and mostly STAY WARM!

  3. LOL- What does the cable guy look like that you are having the torrid (I added that part) affair with? Just wonderin'.....
    Love the restaurant and I am so happy the neighborhood "took you in". That doesn't always happen. xo Diana

  4. You are too funny! Oh the joy of renovating a home..it will be fabulous when its done!!!

  5. Oy. We did so many renovations on one house we had that I swore we needed to put the contractor and his men in our family Christmas card picture! Good luck!

  6. Lettuce wraps are yummy! Glad you got out to have a little fun;) The cable guys.. oh don't get me started. We are getting ready to downsize (no one knows yet;) and will be building.. oh dear.. I'll be totally grey by the end of the experience. Hope the temps go up a bit!! When it gets in the teens I get sassy.

  7. Cable guys AND electricians...my you are adventurous!!! LOL What a fun place to eat, and yes, probably packed in warmer months. The lettuce wraps look delicious. And, right now my little miss would love one of those running suits, or even a snowsuit!!

  8. The restaurant looks like it will become your hangout as soon as it warms up! You will love living near the beach!

  9. Great plan to scope out all the beach restaurants in the off season so you will have your favorites all picked out by the time summer comes! And summer will come...eventually!


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