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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Room Reveal Blog Central

Hi everyone.  Didn't realize I published this one.  Hadn't even written the text yet.  Getting old really stinks.

As you can figure out, the first photos are the "before" pictures.  

My #2 virtually unpacked and put all my things in just the right spot while I was working on another room.

Got the rug at my favorite Homegoods.

Also got the table at Homegoods.

My #1's self portrait from high school.

#2 made this in ceramics in high school.

#2 gave this to me.  Just love it.

The B family gave this to us 22 years ago when the Mister and I moved to California.  It has made it through six moves.

Every time I look at this poster I think of how much I loved living in The Woodlands and the wonderful friends we made.

KTG gave me the above paper weight when I started my blog.

She gave me this darling candy dish this Christmas.  I fill it with Caltrate chews - the candy for busy, fun women over 50 30.

KTG and her our mama, Miss Ellie.

My much older Sista and me.

This is holy toile.  Ann F., a wonderful lady that I have known all my life wrote me the sweetest note when I started my blog.  It lifted my spirits and inspires me to write.  

Needlepoint pillow of my high school.

Dude, Mary H. and I met in NYC a few years ago.  This is a remembrance of a great day.

That's it for Blog Central.

Have a great week!

Sista's babies... George Clooney and Max

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a fabulous room. Love the accent wall, and the rug is gorgeous!!

  2. So cozy with all your favorite things! I love and want that rug :-)

  3. what a cool place to blog from. love all the art and pictures. :)

  4. If this room is any indication of the rest of your new home it's going to be MAGNIFICENT !
    You have a vision!

  5. I love how personal your "blogging" space is! That is so important for inspiration. Love the CSH pillow!

    I can't wait for the rest of the reveal! Hope you are staying warm! xoxo

  6. What an inspiring space! Your daughter did an amazing job in your bookshelves and I absolutely love the shade of blue you painted it. Fabulous rug too! It's nice to be surrounded by all of your special keepsakes...love it!

  7. Love your chick room (as my DH wold say)! I can not wait to see the rest of your home; it looks like my dream home.
    Dawn : )
    PS HomeGoods is my favorite too!

  8. I knew that your new home - would be HOME - before you even moved there - you are just that wonderful kind of gal. Very pretty. sandie

  9. GREAT post- and it the room looks great. You have some wonderful mementos of special people and times in your life! I love it! xo Diana

  10. Love it...and love how you are filling it with such special keepsakes...that's where it all goes down! I am feeling the love and of course the mega talent that almost cannot be contained:)

  11. What a lovely home office! Do you mind sharing what paint color you used? So pretty!

  12. Nice rug from Home Goods! I need to go in there more often:) I like all the family memorabilia. The self-ie is so cute!

  13. Oh wow. I love the Blue. It looks amazing. I am very sentimental. I keep precious thing from my children and sisters. I love the personal touches. What great art. I love the personal and special space.

  14. Soo pretty! I love the blue. Will you come organize my shelves? ;)

  15. The needlepoint pillow of your high school is precious. My high school was an ugly modern building. I always wanted to go to a high school like Rydell High on Grease!

  16. Love your before and after. Your command central is inspiring.

  17. That space is huge. Love all the pictures. I am such a sucker for a dog shot. Really fun.

  18. The room looks beautiful - and so filled with love and inspiration! I bet it is a fabulous place to craft your blog posts. Thanks for sharing the pics!


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