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Monday, January 27, 2014

Dude & Aerin Lauder

My buddy Dude is back with a report from out in the field.  For those who are new to my blog, Dude is Vice President of Paparazzi and Celebrity Sightings for the Preppy Empty Nester Corporation.  I sense that Dude is on the fast track in this ever growing corporation.


Katie has sent me out on the road on assignment ( I just hope I get my travel expenses reimbursed in a timely fashion....)  I  attended  (with a friend, Sharon S.) a personal appearance by Aerin Lauder (Estee's granddaughter) promoting her lifestyle line  "Aerin" which includes furniture, beauty , home accessories and a beautiful coffee table book. It was held at Clive Daniel in Naples, Florida.

The book has  gorgeous photographs 

Aerin's grandmother (Estée) had always told her treat  gold as a neutral....so take note of the touches gold throughout these photos ....

Burled walnut and brass coffee table

Set of gold nesting tables

Gold lamp

Gold leaf dish

Gold lamp base....

Sharon and Aerin

Aerin and your correspondent at the scene...

Thanks Dude, great job.  You can keep your job for another week.  Aerin didn't ask about me - did she?  I used to work for her Grandmother at Lord and Taylor Northbrook for a couple of years after college. I was a legend in my own mind... 

Thanks again for another great report, Dude.  

Hope your day is filled with gorgeous things!

They took this of me when I worked at Lord & Taylor.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie you are just adorable! You always manage to put a smile on my face! : )

  2. Loved this post Katie. I'm an ex Lauderett myself. Working for Lauder were some of the best years of my professional life!

  3. What a fun post. Love learning about her new line. And, now I too will treat gold as a neutral.

  4. Gold is so neutral as to be non existent in my life. I think Dude should send you some of that warm weather before you pay her :)

    xo Laura

  5. SHe as go such great style!! I would love to do lunch with her and DUDE!!

  6. I worked for Estee Lauder all through college and loved it! I still use many of their products. I have been sad to see the way the company, under Aerin's guidance, has discontinued some of their best (old) products and are seemingly going in a different direction. They are targeting younger clients and the products aren't really compatable with our(aging) skin. I will always miss Eyzone. It was a mini eye lift in a jar. Of course, they discontinued my foundation......I always receiced compliments on my skin. So, Miss Aerin, please think if your grandmother and stop discontinuting the oldies but goodies!

  7. Those gold nesting tables are fabulous! Dude did a fantastic job, as always! My oldest and dearest friend is an exec with Estee Lauder so I'm a loyal fan of the company. Plus I sometimes get surprise gifts full of samples!

  8. How fun! Dude does get around doesn't she but I can imagine the sadness Aerin felt knowing you were not able to join her. In fact that must explain the picture of Aerin, looking a little sad at her desk where its marked "Sharon and Aerin" upon her finding out you weren't going. Hope you are staying warm. Are you happy you moved up north yet? LOL.

  9. Gold is classic and never goes out of style;) She's right on about that! I have Aerin's book and enjoyed reading it. Your friend Dude sounds like she's lots of fun ~ great photos!!


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