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Monday, September 23, 2013


Last night was one of my two favorite nights in TV Land.  The Emmy's!!!  My other favorite night is the Golden Globes.  Just goes to show you how active my social life is as an empty nester.

NPH did his usual fantabulous job as Emcee with a little help from his friends.  

One of the skits included hosts of Emmy's past.

On with the fashion.  Some comments have been included by my buddy, Dude.
Just as a footnote... as I am judging these gorgeous dresses, it is only fair that I disclose my wardrobe for the evening.  I am dressed in a pair of snug Target shorts and a 2006 Old Navy  4th of July T-shirt.

Guiliana Rancic
Dude and I agreed... a home run for Guiliana.  Wish she would eat a hamburger, tho.

Kelly Osborne
What woman in her right mind wants grey hair?

Julia Louis Dreyfus
As far as I'm concerned, I would give my vote to JLD for President in this one.

Christina Hendricks
This lady sure knows how to work her curves in this one.

Tina Fey
Gorgeous color and great dress. 

Amy Poehler
Although she is one of my favorite funny ladies, this dress did not make me smile.  BTW, she did a cute little skit with her buddy Tina heckling NPH.  It's probably on youtube.

Rose Byrne
This bridesmaid is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  I thought she looked positively radiant.  My only disappointment is that she lightened her hair.  I think she looks better as a brunette.

Claire Danes
I'm not crazy about her dress.  I think it washes her out and I would bet that she is the only flat chested woman in Hollywood. 
Dude disagreed and loved the dress.

Emmy Rossum
Beautiful girl - great dress.

Zooey Deshanel

Heidi Klum
She looks like something from Star Wars.

Anna Chlumsky
Cute girl - not such a cute dress. 

Julie Bowen
The Mister and Dude did not like this dress.  I thought it was beautiful - I don't think I could walk in it though.

Sophia Vergara
Va-va-voom in her Vera red!!!

Carrie Underwood
Pretty - love the color.

Elizabeth Moss
I'm mad for her show but not so much for the dress.

Michelle Dockery
Another gorgeous girl.  The dress - not so much.

Padma Lakshmi

Anna Farris
She looks like a parakeet.

Julianne Hough
I think Ryan should reconsider after seeing Julianne in this dress.

Kate Mara
Another rising young beauty.  Dress didn't do it for me.

Amanda Peet
Dude thought she looked like Morticia from the Adams Family.

Edie Falco
Dude's favorite of the night!

Kerry Washington
No scandal with this one! I love it.
Dude thought she looked like a wedding cake.

Allison Williams
My winner of the night!  maybe because I have a teeny tiny crush on her daddy!!

Which one was your favorite?

May your day be filled with stars!!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Fun post! I only caught part of it then fell asleep....lets face it, the fun is the before the show anyway!! Thanks for the recap...agree with most of what you said! Here is my take- (not that i am opinionated or anything lol)
    Not loving Carries purple dress and have seen her look better,Giuliana needs to eat, way way too thin and Kelly's hair, ewh! Agree Claire's dress was a washout and her flat chest was not attractive in that dress. Sofia always look goddess like and Zooey in that blue stunned. Heidi, what was she thinking??? Your comment on Anna too funny..but so true!
    Loved Kerry W. dress, she always wows on the red carpet. So I think my blue ribbon goes to Kerry!

  2. I too love watching to see all the dresses. I think Claire's dress was the worst. Wrong color, wrong fit, and with that gosh awful bright red lipstick...she looked like a ghost. Totally loved the dress Carrie sang in, but not her rendition of the Beatles. And yes, Heidi looks like an alien. her, but she has gotten too skinny and chisled looking.

  3. Katie I missed the Emmy's last night - so thanks for taking time to be the fashion police for me. Most of those dresses were beautiful. And I pick Carrie Underwood!! Thanks. sandie

  4. I think you guys did an amazing Fashion Police. Can't wait to hear what Joan has to say!

  5. I loved Guiliana's dress and gave her snaps for wearing something with a pattern but agree that a hamburger is in order. I actually loved Claire Danes' dress but absolutely not on her. Claire's dress on Kerry Washington? I bet it would look much, much better. Anna Ferris also had bad hair..just a rough night for her. Dude was right with the Amanda Peet/Morticia analogy. My favorite of the night was Zooey Dashanel - beautiful color, beautiful neckline, beautiful detail at the waist and a surprising side slit that was perfect!
    Excellent recap, Katie! This was fun!!

  6. How fun to "watch" it with your far away friend! I had to look up who Allison William's father is - interesting :-)

  7. wow u have rly good style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r my fashion icon, KC ;) LOL <3 luv ya girl


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