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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Always A Bridesmaid...

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!

By the time I became a bride, I had been in eleven weddings.  That's right, eleven.  By the ninth wedding, my poor departed mother's knees were raw from all the novenas that she said for a future unknown son-in-law.  She gave all the credit to Saint Jude who eventually found the poor, unsuspecting Mister and plopped him right in front of my desk when he was interviewing with my boss for a job.  By the way, St. Jude is the patron saint of "hopeless causes."  Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mom.  Anyway, the Mister landed the job and also happened to take home the biggest prize of all... moi. 

I love all of my friends that gave me the opportunity to be in their weddings very much.  Even though they told me the biggest lie in the universe.... "you can wear your bridesmaid dress again" - I forgive them.  If I showed up at a function in one of my bridesmaid's dresses I would be asked all night "where's the wedding?"  

Here I am at my friend, Maura's wedding being escorted by her very handsome brother, or as I like to refer to him, "the one who got away."  By the way, our matching hairstyles were purely coincidental.
Now do you understand why St. Jude was brought in to save the day?

So, I have scoured the Internet for short bridesmaid dresses that definitely can be worn again.  By the way, if I looked as good as these models do in these dresses, I would wear them every chance I get!
Lovin' the color.

This one comes in about 12 other colors.  I do like the pistachio though.

Tres elegant!
Great rehearsal dinner dress for the bride, too!
This girl looks mad that the bride is getting married and not her... I can identify.

Pretty for a Fall wedding.
Great idea to have different style dresses in the same color.  Not every one looks good in the same dress.  Although, I have a few tall, skinny friends that can wear anything. not that I'm jealous or anything....

Love the style and the navy for a winter wedding.

Great color.

How come I never looked this cute as a bridesmaid?

Happy hump day!!

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Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I laughed out loud at the St. Jude story. Hilarious!
    These dresses are so beautiful. The bridesmaid dresses I wore ended up in the "dress up box" for my daughter when she was young. When it was time for her wedding, she selected a color and each of the bridesmaids picked a style that suited them. It worked very well and everyone looked comfortable and beautiful!

  2. So many beautiful choices. Hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the Pistachio colored dress! Love the idea of different dresses, same color. And, hubby and I met the same way!

  3. You are a stinker. It was hard to pick - you have some great choices and different colors. I had to go back a couple of times. You must have a lot of friends - 11 times! Well I like number 2 - because I want to look like that. And I like the black one with the bow tied....Very nice. sandie

  4. Oh- I don't know-You under stated yourself there- I think you were a pretty darned cute bridesmaid! And...NO ONE ever wears those old bridesmaid dresses again. NO ONE! lol I hope you made EVERYONE of those gals that stood up for you be a bridesmaid in YOUR wedding!

    I love the pistachio one and the simple one with the ruffle around the bottom. xo Diana

  5. I love the navy dress with that sweet bow. I might have to try all of these dresses on since I will need a dress for the Arlington Catholic Charity Ball before I know it. Maybe I should start praying to St Jude?

  6. These are all so pretty - I love the trend of wearing different styles in the same color. It adds a lot of interest and is fun for the girls too. I love these posts :-)

  7. Boy they have come a long way from the hideous burgundy velvet concoction I had to last was misery, first because I look horrible in burgundy and ugh velvet in Oct? Many beauties here.....hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  8. Katie,
    all your choices are fabulous, so different from the ones worn way back then! A couple of them are similar to the one Kate picked for her girls, the color she chose is persimmon orange. It's getting down to the wire for us!

  9. Wow! Things have changed over the years. Weddings and Babies.. Not to get off topic but my friend was planning to attend a "gender reveal" party for an expectant mother! Bridesmaids party on for months with the bride-to-be and the outfits required for all the events seem to go way beyond just the bridesmaid dress! Gorgeous colors and styles Katie:)

  10. What great choices...I love how brides seem to have become more practical with the dresses. You looked adorable in the pic, despite the classic 1980's dress (I had a few of those too).

  11. Beautiful dresses! I had to LOL because I was "always a bride, never a bridesmaid"...I was due with babies on the dates of the weddings I was asked to be in, and I am re-married so I had two weddings. Would definitely pick being bride over bridesmaid tho! I have seen some lovely bridesmaid dresses in J Crew as well when looking for sorority formal dresses...a little pricy tho....but the colors are gorgeous.

  12. Not many brides chose such great looking dresses for the other women in the wedding. Maybe that's why they're so horrible most of the time.

  13. one post! I am getting married in a few weeks and I thought I was over looking at wedding blogs until I came across yours. Also check Bridal Dresses, they also have beautiful collection.


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