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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Always A Bridesmaid... Part 2

First of all, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments and great suggestions on wonderful places to live around the Boston area.  

The Mister has a conference call with the relo company tomorrow AM.  Thursday evening, we meet with the lucky guy who is going to be our realtor for our Texas house.  The poor guy.  He doesn't know what he's in for!

And then the fun begins.  Constant vacuuming, dusting, no more of yesterday's clothes on the closet floor.  Being ready at a moment's notice to jump in the car, Gypsy in tow after hiding her bed and dog bowls, and shoving everything else under the couch or into random closets and drawers.     

I can't complain though.  It is a lot less difficult to have your house on the market when you don't have little children at home.  The last time we moved, the girls were little and they would develop a look of terror in their eyes whenever the phone rang.  They knew what came next.  Their lunatic of a Mommy would start running around in circles throwing toys, dogs, dinners - in closets and under the beds.  But  my favorite place to shove things was the washing machine and dryer.  Hours later I would wonder where I put the nutritional dinner of Hot Pockets that the girls were in the midst of consuming.  Then it would dawn on me - the pockets were in the washer with the wet clothes.  

Anyway, on with Adorable Jonathon's favorite feature - Wedding Wednesdays.  These are some photos of formal bridesmaid dresses.

Weddington Way

Love the color and the style.

How beautiful would this be at Christmas time?

Very attractive.  Neckline looks like it might be itchy tho.


Love the color and style.  Would look great on anyone who is 6 ft or taller.


Very sophisticated.

Gorgeous and elegant.

The Knot

Another elegant one.

Pretty peplum!

the knot

Love the color. Not so sure the style would look good on everybody.

Looks like she's making eyes at the groom.  Pretty dress, tho.

She looks mad that the bride got married before her.  I know the feeling.

house of brides

Great simple style that would look great on any body type.  Even height-challenged, round ones like moi. 

Winter wedding?

Once Wed

I think that the bride should be pretty nervous having her bridesmaids showing up in this little number...

How does everybody like the new look of my blog?  My #1 designed it for me out of the kindness of her heart and a promise from her old mama to buy her a new pair of frye boots.

Hope y'all have a wonderful hump day!

He looks as excited as the Mister did on our wedding day.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Love the dresses and the look of your new blog, very very darling. Love that little lobster.

  2. So sad to see you move. I always thought we might run in to each other in McKinney. As far as dresses, I love the last 3.

  3. Well I was too much in shock and denial to comment on your last post, but these pretty dresses cheered me up a tad! I am so happy for both of you and many thanks to you for being such a role model in marriage. I am glad we started as pen pals since our in person visits will be less frequent! :o)

  4. I had to laugh at the antics. We moved quite often when I was growing up and so remember my mother running franticly through the house (4 kids, 2-3 dogs, 3-4 cats). Love the dresses. And, the new blog design is awesome!!

  5. Love your new blog design! The little lobster is adorable and the perfect touch!

    I'm suspect your home will sell quickly because you have fabulous taste and I'm sure it's just beautiful. My favorite part of moving is cleaning out the clutter...forces me to get more organized!

    The dresses are gorgeous...I love winter weddings with the jewel toned pretty!

  6. Hi Katie...I love the new look for the blog and the dresses, too. For those of us WAY past our bridesmaid days, these would also make gorgeous mother of the bride dresses.

    Can't wait to hear more about Boston! xoxo

  7. Love the new look to your was worth buying the boots! lol I loved that green one and you are right- it would be perfect for a Christmas wedding.

    Good luck house hunting. Poor girl- xo Diana

  8. I think it must be awesome to have a daughter be able to design such a great header! Boston and lobster!
    I like the two dressed - they are the same - but different colors.
    And good luck on your move and selling the house. It does help there are no kids there. I bet it sells fast.

  9. I love the dresses and love the new blog design. Well done #1! Your description of what it is like to sell your house had me laughing and remembering the ridiculous lengths I went to in those circumstances. You are right, it is so much easier with no kids at home but the last time we were selling we still had our two old and prone to barfing cats. Every time the realtor came to show the house I loaded the two cats (not an easy task, it was exactly like herding cats!) and their litter box in the back of my SUV. Insanity! Here's hoping your house sells on day one after a vigorous bidding war. Good luck!

  10. Look what happens when I go on a little vacation. You plan a move to Boston without me. Must go back and read. xo Laura
    P.S. The new look is worth the boots :)

  11. Katie

    Remember the perfect thing to do when the phone rings is grab a glass of wine and then make your move. It seems you handle it a bit better !

    Can't wait to see what trouble you and Dude now get into since you will be so much closer. I see plenty of invitations for you to go with her. Try to enjoy this new path as much as you can.


  12. Love the new look - the lobster is the perfect touch! We had a wonderful trip to Boston this summer, what a great city. Good luck with the move!


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