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Sunday, August 26, 2012

#1 Flees the Nest - Take 2

We went to visit our #1 this weekend and took her out to lunch so she could advise her sis the easiest way to obtain a fake ID say goodbye to her little sis and wish her luck in college.  Her charming  house is coming together nicely and she is very proud of it. 

The kitchen is all white with an adorable black and white backsplash.  I bought her dessert and dinner plates at my favorite store, Homegoods to match. Everything but the price screamed MacKenzie Childs!

#1 was very proud of herself for snatching up this table and chairs on Craig's list for $100.00 of her own money! One small step towards Independence Day!!!  Book the cruise Mister!!!

What, no dirty dishes in the sink?  Dishwasher empty?  This can't be my kid's house! By the way, #2 and I made her valances in our sewing class.

Nothing like a little 2 Buck Chuck to "class up" my girl's nest.
And even a beautiful Semillon which was our holiday gift to friends and neighbors ten years ago was found fermenting next to the 2 Buck Chuck.
Our girl stashing all the goodies we brought her.  Her favorite meal?
Quakes & Cool Whip!
Bon Appetit Numero Uno!
The cute little living room with the nice big TV.
Looks like a Real Housewives marathon is on.  I know my girl is going to get a lot of studying done this weekend!
Cozy little corner for our #1 girl to get some studying done or a great place for her to contemplate her future.
The Mister "eagerly" awaiting his Honey-Do list. Now the Mister gets two lists every week!  

So we left our #1 girl with her tummy full, eagerly looking forward to buckle down and finish studying the rest of the Real Housewives marathon.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous (including Gypsy)! Love #1's house- and that kitchen is perfect! I've heard empty nesting gets easier with time;)

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