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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#1 Flees the Nest

Our #1 couldn't wait to begin her junior (we're hoping - we haven't counted the credits lately) year in college.  She was so excited to see all of her friends and to enjoy her "freedom" again, but most importantly, she couldn't wait to move into her first  house.  Our girl and two of her sorority sistas are renting the cutest little house in Fort Worth.

Needless to say, #1 spent most of her free time this summer surfing the Internet for great, inexpensive ways to decorate her casa.  Suddenly, my girl started taking an interest in all my decorative accents in our house that she normally wouldn't notice or even mention.  "Hey Mom, are you using that blue pot over  there?" she would ask.  I would then look over and respond, "You mean the new one on the kitchen table with the hydrangeas in it?"  I used to get uptight about when she would "borrow" my make up or an occasional pair of earrings, but now I have to worry about my tupperware and pottery?  

So without further adieu... I present the boudoir of my very proud #1.

She decided on shades of grey - which hopefully will not be the theme of this room.  One of the advantages of  having a bird flee the nest is you can purge the stuff you have been wanting to get rid of for years.  This furniture was in our guest room and was originally shades of mahogany.  The Mister and #1 and #2  (actually, mostly the Mister) stained the furniture and distressed it.  It looks a lot better in person. And the best part....I get to buy new furniture in the guestroom! 

 #1 has always harbored an affinity for reflective objects or in other words...she likes to look at herself in the mirror a lot.

 The room is a mixture of Pottery Barn, Homegoods, and the Mister's elbow grease.

Light bulb moment!  #1 didn't realize that new lamps don't come with light bulbs!
#2 and I took a sewing class with Miss Glenda and made this pillow.  #1 was pretty darn impressed!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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